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The subject of this article is from the Crossplay update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 16 July, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Korvax Ascendancy
Korvax Ascendancy
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Alpha
Region Atkastr Band
Capital system KAscendancy Sol
Capital planet Korvaxu
Coordinates 063D:0081:0133:0037
Port system Ewcasta
Portal Glyphs 203702934E3E
Size Standard-R
Type Military, Governmental
Founded by melechdaviid
Federation member No
Platform PC
Release Crossplay

Korvax Ascendancy is a civilized space community.


Korvax Ascendancy is a Civilized space community.

It is located in the Inakes Nebula and Atkastr Band regions of the Euclid galaxy.


Our mission is to act as a small civilisation in said regions.


The civilization first started when the planet of Crom, now Korvaxu, was found by me, melechdaviid.

We are allies with Wild Space.

Naming Guidelines[]

Members are encouraged to name planets/moons with whatever they want, as long as it isn't derogatory. The systems must have KA as a prefix, and must only be in the Atkastr Band or Inakes Nebula.


If you want to join, you should ask InsertFurmanism on Reddit, or, alternatively, join our Discord chat.


Our census page can be found at Census - Korvax Ascendancy.

Systems Discovered[]

The following systems have been discovered:

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Didactus IV Atkastr Band Fuel generation Korvax 4 PC Visions
Egaeon Atkastr Band Material fusion Korvax 3 PC Visions
Ektaval Atkastr Band Technology Korvax 2 PC Visions
Ewcasta Atkastr Band Technology Korvax 4 2 PC Visions
KA Agurja-Azu Atkastr Band Yellow Mercantile Korvax 2 1 PC Visions
KA Allotted Residential System Atkastr Band Yellow Korvax 4 1 PC Visions
KA Atkastr Atkastr Band Blue Shipping Korvax 4 1 PC Visions
KA Bielde-Nokay Atkastr Band Green Data unavailable Uncharted 2 PC Visions
KA Bloodred Atkastr Band Black Hole Industrial Vy'keen 2 0 PC Visions
KA Diazus-Teka Atkastr Band Yellow Trading Vy'keen 1 0 PC Visions
KA Eromya Atkastr Band Yellow Power generation Vy'keen 3 0 PC Visions
KA Kifordu Atkastr Band Yellow Trading Gek 1 0 PC Visions
KA Lachess-Bagh Atkastr Band Yellow Manufacturing Korvax 2 2 PC Visions
KA Mabled Atkastr Band Commercial Vy'keen 5 0 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Geytheod Atkastr Band Yellow Technology Gek 3 2 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Ileenbri Atkastr Band Yellow Shipping Gek 4 1 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Wuleycitya Atkastr Band Yellow Scientific Korvax 4 2 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Xicost Atkastr Band Shipping Vy'keen 3 PC Visions
KA Tavalap-Fal Atkastr Band Blue Data unavailable Uncharted 2 0 PC Visions
KA Vieracyc Atkastr Band Experimental Vy'keen 3 PC Visions
KA Beytz Inakes Nebula Yellow Shipping Korvax 3 0 PC Visions
KA Eanugh-Uru Inakes Nebula Yellow Shipping Korvax 1 0 PC Visions
KA Gakharka XII Inakes Nebula Blue Fuel generation Korvax Abandoned 2 0 PC Visions
KA Howago-Reduen VII Inakes Nebula Yellow Alchemical Gek 3 0 PC Visions
KA Iying-Oku Inakes Nebula Yellow Alchemical Gek 1 0 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Hunjinz Inakes Nebula Yellow Minerals Gek 6 0 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Lakambor Inakes Nebula Yellow Alchemical Korvax 3 0 PC Visions
KA Mariner-Meyang Inakes Nebula Yellow Industrial Korvax 6 0 PC Visions
KA Ouchen XVIII Inakes Nebula Yellow Shipping Korvax 1 0 PC Visions
KA Ueya-Serene Inakes Nebula Yellow Technology Korvax 5 PC Visions
KA Xayangs Inakes Nebula Yellow Technology Vy'keen 2 0 PC Visions
KA Zaozheji Inakes Nebula Yellow Experimental Vy'keen 1 0 PC Visions
KAscendancy Sol Inakes Nebula Yellow Manufacturing Korvax 3 1 PC Visions

The following systems are available for settlement:

  • KA Agurja-Azu
  • KA Beytz
  • KA Bielde-Nokay – (Uncharted system))
  • KA Diazus-Teka
  • KA Eanugh-Uru
  • KA Eromya
  • KA Gakharka XII – (Abandoned system)
  • KA Howago-Reduen VII
  • KA Iying-Oku
  • KA Kifordu
  • KA Lachess-Bagh
  • KA Mabled
  • KA Mariner-Geytheod
  • KA Mariner-Hunjinz
  • KA Mariner-Lakambor
  • KA Mariner-Meyang
  • KA Mariner-Xicost
  • KA Ouchen XVIII
  • KA Zaozheji



Rules for this civilization include:

  • No Harassment
  • No spamming
  • Do not seize a system without contacting me, InsertFurmanism, first. All things must go through their particular channels.