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Korvax Convergence Cube
Korvax Convergence Cube
Category Curiosity
Type Trade commodity
Total Value 13,063.0 Units.png
Updated Endurance

Korvax Convergence Cube is a curiosity.


Korvax Convergence Cube is a curiosity of Korvax origin and one of the trade commodities.

Game description[]

Device used by the Korvax for the storage of historical and cultural information.


  • It can be found in Damaged Containers or as monolith rewards.
  • It can be purchased from NPCs at Trading Posts.
  • It is a possible reward from frigate expeditions.
  • It is a possible trade from wandering traders you encounter while using the Pulse Engine.
  • It can be given by a Korvax space station exploration guild envoy, if you have a sufficient exploration guild rank.
  • It can be sold by landed NPC pilots


Korvax Convergence Cube is used as an ingredient for crafting the following products:

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