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The subject of this article is from the Frontiers update.
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Separate languages are spoken by each of the four alien races.


There are four spoken languages total in No Man's Sky:

Language Conversation Research
Korvax Research
Gek Research
Vy'keen Research
Atlas Research

Details of intonation and pronunciation are not yet known; details of written language are not yet confirmed.

Learning methods[]

Words in the language of the Atlas can be learned as a reward for solving the puzzle of an Alien Monolith.

All words learned from a given language are learned in a fixed order, which can be found on a language page.

New words for a language are awarded either on request from an NPC, as a reward from a puzzle, from an Alien Plaque, or from Knowledge Stones.

Alien Ruins method[]

Search for Alien Ruins (not plaques). While all Alien sites offer languages, the Alien Ruins typically have a sizable amount (2-5) of Knowledge Stones nearby in addition to the three that can be found on the Ruins themselves. This method can lead to learning 6-9 words per ruin.

Additional information[]

There are currently 2,575 words to learn in the game: 784 Gek, 773 Korvax, 797 Vy'keen, and 222 Atlas.