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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
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NmsMechanics Languages

Separate languages are spoken by each of the five alien races.

Summary[ | ]

Freighter writing

Writing found on a freighter (Endurance). The writing means: In case of gravity or pressure loss follow emergency procedures

There are five spoken languages in No Man's Sky:

Language Conversation Research
Korvax Research
Gek Research
Vy'keen Research
Atlas Research
Autophage Research

Details of intonation and pronunciation are not yet known.

While the written language of the game is English, it is written using a different alphabet. Most of it has been decrypted.

Learning methods[ | ]

Words in the language of the Atlas can be learned as a reward for solving the puzzle of an Alien Monolith.

All words learned from a given language are learned in a fixed order, which can be found on a language page.

New words for a language are awarded either on request from an NPC, as a reward from a puzzle, from an Alien Plaque, or from Knowledge Stones.

Alien Ruins method[ | ]

Search for Alien Ruins (not plaques). While all Alien sites offer languages, the Alien Ruins typically have a sizable amount (2-5) of Knowledge Stones nearby in addition to the three that can be found on the Ruins themselves. This method can lead to learning 6-9 words per ruin.

Additional information[ | ]

As of Echoes 4.43, there are currently 3,778 unique word groups in the game files.

The game files specify that there are a total of 4,753 words: 1,142 Gek, 1,080 Korvax, 1,146 Vy'keen, 1,124 Autophage, and 261 Atlas, but you cannot learn each word in each faction's language.

After learning all possible words, you can see a total of 3,778 word groups in your save: 918 Gek, 856 Korvax, 928 Vy'keen, 889 Autophage, and 222 Atlas words.

This correlation (and the discrepancy between word groups and speechtable entries) can simply be explained by the fact that one word group contains multiple words. For example, if you learn the Korvax word for "is", you get the words for "is", "are", "was", and "were". These individual words are listed as distinct entries in the game files, but share the same word group, by which they are unlocked in the save file.