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The subject of this article is from the Adrift update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 16 July, 2024.

List of Expeditions is an overview page.

Summary[ | ]

The List of Expeditions page provides a description of the current and past community expeditions under No Man Sky's Expedition mode.

List of Expeditions[ | ]

Number Decal Expedition Title Start Date End Date Brief description
1 SPECIAL.EXPEDITION.DECAL01 The Pioneers 2021-03-31 2021-05-16 Pioneers is focused on challenging players to complete an impressive variety of tasks across the galaxy, ranging from finding ancient artifacts to travelling through black holes, rewarding them with a gold-covered ship from long ago.
2 PATCH.EXPEDITION.2 Beachhead 2021-05-17 2021-05-31 Crossover event with Mass Effect, awarding the SSV Normandy SR1
3 PATCH.EXPEDITION.3 Cartographers 2021-09-08

(redux: 2023-12-22)

(redux: 2023-12-29)
Cartographers is focused primarily on deep exploration of a single planet. This season places all expeditioners on the toxic world of Gisto Major, where their bespoke starship will require specialist attention to repair and launch into space.
4 NmsMisc Expedition4Patch Emergence 2021-10-20 2021-11-22 Emergence is focused primarily on deep exploration of a single planet and related sandworms. This season places all expeditioners on the planet Wasan, a barren world ravaged by dust storms and infested with Titan Worms.


(redux: 2022-11-24)

(redux: 2022-12-08)
Exobiology is focused primarily on discovering and interacting with the strange and varied alien creatures inhabiting the universe. This season places all expeditioners on a lonely star system devoid of wildlife, but with a towering bipedal creature companion to accompany them.


(redux: 2022-12-08)

(redux: 2022-12-22)
The Blighted aligns with the piratical theme of the Outlaws release. Travellers will follow the trail of a pirate faction known as The Blight and their mysterious treasure, gathering clues and decrypting milestones.


(redux: 2022-12-22)

(redux: 2023-01-05)
Leviathan traps Travellers inside a time loop, and offers a taste of roguelike gameplay. Difficulty is tuned to survival mode settings, and every death means a reset of the loop.
8 PATCH.EXPEDITION.8 Polestar 2022-07-27 2022-09-11 Polestar offers travellers the chance to embark on an interstellar cruise. Repair the freighter’s unique technology, uncover its mysterious past, and journey across the galaxy at its helm.
9 PATCH.EXPEDITION.9 Utopia 2023-02-22

(redux: 2023-12-08)

(redux: 2023-12-15)
Utopia introduces the Utopia Foundation and challenges players to work together and rebuild a solar system.
10 PATCH.EXPEDITION.10 Singularity 2023-06-08

(redux: 2023-12-15)

(redux: 2023-12-22)
Singularity is focused on the history and origin of the Harmonic Camps in a mystery that touches upon artificial intelligence, the will to exist, and the very nature of what it means to be alive.
11 PATCH.EXPEDITION.11 Voyagers 2023-08-31

(redux: 2023-12-29)

(redux: 2024-01-08)
Voyagers is a relaxing journey of exploration, encouraging Travellers to seek out remarkable worlds, reach planetary summits and oceanbeds, and catalogue their findings.
12 PATCH.EXPEDITION.12 Omega 2024-02-15 2024-03-18 All participating Travellers begin a journey together on the beautiful planet Nafut Gamma, and plot a course through the galaxy. Explore, build, fight, and more through a diverse set of milestones, and unpick the threads of a mystery involving the past, the present, and what could be…
13 PATCH.EXPEDITION.13 Adrift 2024-05-29 2024-07-15 Step into an empty universe, where you will find yourself surrounded by other Travellers… yet somehow still alone. The galaxy has been abandoned. There is no life to be seen anywhere – no aliens, no operational space stations, none of the usual network of shops and buildings.

Though everyone will awaken on the desolate, worm-infested planet Iapezuk, you will not be together in the usual sense. The boundaries between realities have thickened. Communication is consumed by static. Even the usually-bustling Space Anomaly is eerily silent.

In this forsaken universe, deprived of support from merchants and traders, self-reliance is more critical than ever. Survive a spread of repair, exploration, and combat challenges – and meditate upon the darkness of deep space.

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