Localised Earth Elements (the spelling I the same as in the data base) are Minerals that are found in specific biomes across the Galaxy. These minerals are needed for the planting of crops and the manufacture of some technologies.


Some of the Elements can be found in large veins that can be infinitely harvested with the use of a Automated Mining Unit. While other can only be found in trace amounts, such as Uranium.

Elements can be converted into each other with a Refiner through the Environmental Element Transfer operation.

Locations and uses

Element Biome Crop Found in a vein?
Ammonia Toxic Fungal Cluster No
Dioxite Frozen Frost Wort Yes
Paraffinium Tropical ? Yes
Phosphorus Scorched Solar Vine Yes
Pyrite Desert Echinocactus ?
Uranium Radioactive Gamma Weed No
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