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The subject of this article is from the Expeditions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 1 June, 2021.
Lochic IX
Lochic IX
Galaxy Euclid
Region Exhuan
Star system Mariner-Urtraali
Moon(s) 0
Galactic coords 0432:0078:0D52:0001
Terrain Continental
Biome Toxic - Miasmatic
Weather Corrosive Storms
Resources Na, NH3, Cu , Ml
Sentinels Intermittent
Flora Generous
Fauna Full
Claimed by Vy'Kea Furniture Company
Discovered by cjohnson
Game Mode Normal
Updated Expeditions

Lochic IX is a planet in No Man's Sky.


Lochic IX is a planet in the Mariner-Urtraali star system of the No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[]

All Current: Lochic IX


By explorer cjohnson during (17-Feb-2019). It was explored and a claim documented by Vy'Kea Furniture Company.

Planet type[]

This planet type is Toxic.


The terrain is mainly rocky/hilly. It features continental land masses. This world features large land masses separated by oceans and seas.

Environment Conditions[]

The surface has corrosive storms weather conditions. The weather conditions are extreme.

Environ Temp Radiation Toxicity Notes
Daytime 19.7°C 1.4 Rad 106.3 Tox
Night Time 3.7°C 1.4 Rad 106.3 Tox
Storm DayTime 19.7°C 1.4 Rad 114.3 Tox
Storm Night Time -3.7°C 1.4 Rad 114.3 Tox


There are no moons.

Documented Bases[]

No documented bases have been found in the database.

Documented Multi-Tool Sites[]

No documented Multi-tools have been found in the database.

Notable locations / Waypoints[]

Sequence Latitude Longitude POI Type Area Name Notes
01 -12.43 -32.06 Crashed Freighter A Wreck of the Utsudo VI See gallery.
02 -11.78 -31.78 Observatory A, Shelter A Eeigw Station Isaac-Stho Ocular Array. See gallery
03 -10.80 -32.82 Minor Settlement A Zebar Enclave Site NY2/U/CD8. Marked with a yellow Save Beacon. Also has a Communications Station and an Exocraft Summoning Station. Class B 8 slot Multi-tool found here. See gallery
04 +35.10 -31.12 Ruins Site A The Figonnes-Nihun Fragment Plaque found here.
05 +36.78 -30.99 Minor Settlement B TBD Repository S/H/FI2/J. Class S 10 slot Multi-tool found here. See gallery.
06 +36.81 -31.01 Floating Crystals TBD See gallery
07 +36.83 -30.85 Ruins Site B TBD Artifact Fragment can be found here. See gallery
08 +81.91 -162.03 Ruins Site C Remnants of Quysa Plaque found here. See gallery


13 species of fauna are currently known to exist. The following table identifies those catalogued (which may include extinct fauna):

Name Genus Height Weight DiscoveredOn Game release
B. Indiriehoe Ungulatis 1.4 109.2 Visions
F. Chalknokus Anastomus 0.6 39.9 Visions
H. Dinosubytii Ungulatis 5.9 280.1 Visions
H. Xenoeionium Ungulatis 1.4 63.5 Visions
O. Singtuyteum Ungulatis 1.4 101.5 Visions
R. Gerbilimnoe Tetraceris 1.0 61.6 Visions
Z. Beettioe Tetraceris 0.9 53.2 Visions

Note: Fauna prior to Origins era are extinct.


Sentinel activity is classified as: Intermittent.PLANETDATA.SENTINELS.png

Planetary Resources[]

Primary Resources[]

The following resources can be found here:

Raw Ingredients[]

The following Raw Ingredients can be found here:

Special Items[]

Additional Information[]

  • Documentation based on a site survey conducted during (3-Apr-2021) by a research team from CELAB Galactic Industries.


Expeditions Era Survey[]

Pre-Expeditions Era Survey[]


Notable Locations[]

Crashed Freighter A[]

Observatory A[]

Minor Settlement A[]

Ruins Site A[]

Minor Settlement B[]

Floating Crystals=[]

Ruins Site B[]

Ruins Site C[]