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Location Terrestrial
Type Genus
Description Many forms, move by bouncing
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Lok are a genus in No Man's Sky.


Lok is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky, commonly referred to as "blobs".

They come in many shapes and forms. Some of these forms include: plant-like Lok (ferns and cacti), squid/octopus-like Lok, worm-like Lok, and rarely snake-like Lok. They are considered rare spawns, but can in some cases be the main species of entire ecosystems.

Defining Characteristics[]

Lok species are easily recognizable.

  • Often (especially the smaller ones) present with two variants of the species, one of which may features vestigial arms, a hood, or antennae instead of eyes.
  • No recognizable legs (except for crustacean-like variant, which has leg-like tendrils beneath it).
  • Moves by bouncing/jumping around.

Major Variants[]

  • Colony - A multi-headed bouncing blob where each head may feature its own facial characteristics. Also known as a "goober hydra."
  • Plant - A sentient plant like bouncing blob that may resemble a living pineapple at times.
  • Squid - A sentient bouncing blob that consists of a head with a neck mounted on a legs less torso.
  • Blobby - A sentient bouncing blob that features a clearly visibly facial structure.
  • Worm-like - A sentient bouncing blob that features multiple body mounted eyes and a vertical ingestion chute at the top.
  • Large Blob - A sentient semi half spherical bouncing blob with little visible appendages.
  • Large Blob Tendrilled - A sentient semi half spherical bouncing blob with visible appendages.
  • Lesser Meadow Crab - A sentient bouncing blob that features a crustacean-like shell mounted on a large number of leg appendages.

Additional information[]

They produce Sticky 'Honey' when fed with their preferred bait.


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