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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.
MS Uedat XIX
MS Uedat XIX
Galaxy Euclid
Region Abikov Anomaly
Star system (ESS) Ropinoka VIII
Galactic coords 0CE8:007A:031D:0003
Portal glyphs 0003FBB1E4E9
Type Freighter
Subtype Derelict
Class C
Claimed by Euclidean Scholar's Society
Discovered by Edgarsoft
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Release Desolation

MS Uedat XIX is a derelict freighter in No Man's Sky.


The MS Uedat XIX is a procedurally generated Derelict Freighter in the No Man's Sky universe.


This freighter is located at the (ESS) Ropinoka VIII star system of the Abikov Anomaly region in the Euclid galaxy.


This Derelict Freighter can be found as a random Space Encounter and through the use of a Emergency Broadcast Receiver or with less chance, an Anomaly Detector.

Additional information[]

This Trade Clipper freighter was owned by The Red Hoods and was in transit to deliver a Classified Cargo. Using the on-board terminal at the Engineering Core a random C-Class Salvaged Fleet Unit can be recovered.


Logo Euclidean Scholar's Society.png

This derelict freighter was found in the area of operations of the Euclidean Scholar's Society. Our scholars are exploring this entire region and all the gathered info can be found on its main page: Abikov Anomaly.