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Category Component
Type Neutral Metal Alloy
Total Value 30030 Units.png
Updated Pathfinder

Magmox is a neutral metal alloy, a product used in manufacturing.

Game description[]

Highly prized and lustrous alloy. Popular with traders of all known primary galactic races.

Easily recognized by its bright red glow and strong magnetic field.


Magmox cannot be crafted.

Original formula:

SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon x30 + Substance.fuel.uncommon1.png Thamium9 x300 + Substance.fuel.rare1.png Plutonium x300 → Product.metallic.5.png Magmox


  • The only use known for Magmox is trading.

Additional information[]

  • It appears that Magmox is often available for trade/sale from Korvax entities of the Scholar and Interface type.
  • Atlas Rises - the formula for this resource changed, and it was renamed to Magno-Gold