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Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing Facility
Category Inhabited Outpost
Type Puzzle location
Updated Prisms

Manufacturing Facility is a Point of Interest.


Manufacturing Facilities are random discoverable planetary locations. Generally, each facility is locked by a reinforced steel door that the player will have to break through, which will alarm sentinels when attempted. Inside the facility is a terminal with which the player may interact. Interacting with the terminal will present a problem, and a list of possible solutions. As of version 1.37, the rewards for choosing the right solutions are the same as rewards from Operations Centres, but Manufacturing Facilities have a much higher chance to offer product blueprint rewards (or Nanite Clusters if the player has already learned all product recipes obtainable from either location type).

Beyond has provided a new method for unlocking blueprints. When the player solves the puzzle, they will receive Factory Override Unit (it is unknown if the amount depends on the correct solution or not) and immediately a panel will open up (see the gallery). It shows the possible blueprints that can be unlocked, from which the player can freely choose.

Before Beyond, they could also be discovered by using Navigation Data with a Signal Booster and selecting the option Scan Secure Frequencies. Since Beyond, Navigation Data can be exchanged for Planetary Chart at a Cartographer aboard a Space Station. One of the Planetary Chart types may provide directions to secure sites (Manufacturing Facilities, Operations Centres or Depots).


Additional Information[]

  • Each facility in a standard star system is locked by a reinforced steel door that players will have to break through. To break through the reinforced steel door more efficiently, they may find it helpful to use an upgraded Plasma Launcher or Geology Cannon or destroy it in a starship.
  • In abandoned systems, special variants generate which do not have reinforced doors.
  • Like most Points of Interest, Manufacturing Facilities do not generate in uncharted systems.
  • Manufacturing Facilities tend to generate singly. However, there is a low chance that they will instead generate as part of a camp.


Interacting with the terminal may have a negative or positive impact on your standing with the alien race that operates the facility. However, it is possible to, in some cases, pick a wrong answer and receive no reward, but still affect your standing with the alien faction.

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