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The subject of this article is from the Orbital update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 May, 2024.
Mineral Extractor
Mineral Extractor
Category Base Building
Type Power Distribution Module
Power usage 50
Updated Orbital

Mineral Extractor is a base building product.

Summary[ | ]

Indium farm with extractors

Vertical Indium farm with extractors

Mineral Extractor is a base building product that can be used to automatically harvest minerals.

Game description[ | ]

An automated mineral harvester. Determine a Deep-Level Mineral Deposit site with the Surveying upgrade for the Analysis Visor. Mineral extraction rates and produced minerals will vary from site to site.

Requires power to function. Connect to Supply Depots with Supply Pipes to allow collection from more convenient sites.

Source[ | ]

The blueprint can be obtained from the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly, costing 10 Salvaged Data to unlock.

Build[ | ]

Mineral Extractor can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Additional information[ | ]

NmsBase MineralExtractorWild

Mineral Extractor in use

  • Available minerals for extraction vary from planet to planet and biome to biome.
  • Every extractor can store 250 units of minerals.
  • Every mineral extractor cycle produces 250 units of minerals for the extraction network.
  • The building continues to produce minerals while the game is not running. Supply depots can hold this automatic harvest.

Deposits are structured within typical No Man's Sky class definitions. Class describes the deposit density. The deposit density determines the extraction rate per hour for each Mineral Extractor deployed.

Class Max Density Observed Output of Extractor
C 40% 225-250
B 60% 350-370
A 80% 500
S 100% 610

Diminishing Returns[ | ]

Connecting several mineral extractors to the same extraction network has two effects:

  • on the one hand, the cycle time will be reduced, meaning the network will gain 250 units of minerals at more regular intervals
  • on the other hand, the extraction rate of every mineral extractor in the network will be decreased slightly

The effect is small enough that the total network extraction rate increases overall, but the increase for every additional extractor is reduced. This is true even when ignoring the differing mineral densities below each extractor, such that the extraction rate is not simply multiplicative.

This effect can be overcome by splitting the extractors into several extraction networks. The trade-off here is increased cycle time (the player will receive resources less regularly, but the amount received each cycle would be greater) and less convenient resource collection (the player will have to collect resources from several supply depots, rather than being able to collect everything from a single location).

In order to split the extractors up into several networks, both the mineral extractors and the supply depots must be spaced sufficiently far apart; extractors or supply depots that are too close will automatically merge into a single extraction network, even without connecting them via supply pipes. Supply depots can be spaced trivially, but spacing out mineral extractors would cause them to be on less dense areas of the deposit, decreasing the extraction rate. Fortunately, this can also be overcome; it is possible to stack mineral extractors vertically without any penalty to the extraction rate, either by placing them directly on top of each other or by building a simple structure to support them, and the vertical distance introduced this way is sufficient to create a separate extraction network. The extraction rates for each vertical layer (with each layer comprising a single extraction network) are all independent, but should all be approximately equal due to occupying the same area of the deposit. The total extraction rate for the farm is then simply the extraction rate of one layer multiplied by the number of layers. This is often a huge increase in resource output when compared with simple farms.

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Release history[ | ]

  • Beyond - Added as a base building product.
  • Origins - mineral extractors returns grow less the more are placed in one location (diminishing returns).

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