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The subject of this article is from the Crossplay update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 16 July, 2020.

Mission Progression is a visual chart page.


There are a number of missions in No Man's Sky that proceed in a specific order. The chart below details the steps required, and in which order.

Mission Progression[]

The order that the missions progress:
Ghosts In The Machine Expanding The Base Scientific Research Weapons Research Agricultural Research Exocraft Research
Holo Terminus
Space Station
Create a Base
[Mission is on pause until noted point] Hire an Overseer
Build Construction Terminal for Glass BP
Base Computer Archives Prepare Chromatic Metal
Keep Checking Base Computer for new blueprints.

They are on a 90 minute cool-down timer.

Storage Container 0

Save Point

Teleport Receiver

Neural Stimulator (not Personal Forcefield)

Advanced Mining Laser

Appearance Modifier

Medium Refiner

Oxygen Harvester

Roamer Geobay

Landing Pad

[Awards B-Class Life Support Module if technology already known]

Build Science Terminal Build Science Terminal
Harvest Nanites from Abandoned Building
Speak to Overseer for Storage Containers 1-9 BP
[Microprocessors needed] Hire Korvax Scientist
Get Acid & Lubricant BP
Start Microprocessor Mission
Ghosts In The Machine can now advance. Recommend completing all of these missions before doing so though.
[Microprocessors needed] Harvest Marrow Bulb & Cobalt from Caves
Get Microprocessor & Large Refiner BP
Remove Korvax Core
Create Microprocessor
Kill Sentinels for Pugneum
6 hour cool-down:

Sends you to abandoned buildings.

Various base building technologies (x10)

[Awards C-Class Cyclotron Ballista Module if technology already known]

Build Weapons Terminal Build Weapons Terminal
[Won't advance until Armorer Hired] Take Core to a Transmission Tower
Hire Vy'keen Armourer
Reinsert Core into Scientist
Gather Solanium [90 minute cool-down]
24 hour cool-down (repeatable):

3x salvaged technology

Build Agricultural Terminal Build Agricultural Terminal
[Circuit Boards required to advance] Talk to Armorer
Shut down Manufacturing Facility
Hire a Farmer from Gek Space Station
Talk to Armorer for Cadmium Drive BP Do below missions as & when you can:

(Also awarded Venom Urchin & Albumen Pearl Orb)

Destroy Space Sentinels
Confirm with Armorer
Find missing Pirate
Talk to Armorer for Starshield Battery BP
Destroy Depot
Talk to Armorer for Plasma Launcher BP
Find Vy'Keen Dagger x2
Give to Armorer for Phase Beam BP
Talk again for Cyclotron Ballista & Infra-Knife BP
Destroy Sentinel forces coming in waves
Turn in for Combat Scope BP
Gather research from an Observatory [Repeats random Multi-tool offer every 24 hours]
Talk to Scientist for Living Glass & Beacon BP
Construct Beacon
Talk for Atmosphere Harvester & Auto Miner BP
Scan 4 creatures for Unstable Gel BP
Create Ion Batteries for Poly Fibre BP
[90 Minute Cool-down timer]
Take core to a Monolith
Return for Circuit Board BP [Repeats mission to give random plant]

[First time awards NipNip BP]

[Further times award Delicate Flora]

Collect Korvax Convergence Cube from Factory
Return for Heat Capacitor & Liquid Explosive BP
Give Circuit Board for Trade Terminal BP [Repeats discovery data for Nanites]
[Gravitino Ball required to advance]
Give Gravitino Ball for Conflict Scanner
Harvest 100 Mordite for Geology Cannon & Exocraft Terminal BP
Build Exocraft Terminal Build Exocraft Terminal
[Repeats Overseer's Tour (Take photo for Lost Artifact)] Hire an Exocraft Technician from a Vy’Keen Space Station
Build Roamer Geobay
Talk to technician for Exocraft Signal Boost BP
Build Exocraft Signal Booster
Talk to technician for Mounted Cannon BP
Build Mounted Cannon
(Go to depot & kill Sentinels for Pugneum & Gold)
Hand in Gold for Acceleration Module BP
Build Acceleration Module
Reach terminal in time for Exocraft Mining Laser BP
Talk to Technician & tell truth or lie
Build Mining Laser
Talk to Technician for the Nomad Geobay BP
Give Magnetised Ferrite for Advanced Signal Booster BP
Build Advanced Signal Booster
Talk to Technician for cannon upgrade module
Go to Abandoned Building & collect Nanite Clusters
Give Nanite Clusters for exocraft boost module
Get to Monolith in time
Talk to Technician for Colossus Geobay BP
Build Colossus Geobay
Talk to Technician for Mining Laser Upgrade Sigma
Build Upgrade Sigma
Go to Abandoned Building & collect Nanite Clusters
Give Nanite Clusters for Signal Booster Tau
[game now incorrectly asks you to build nomad geobay]
Build Signal Booster Tau
Talk to Technician for acceleration upgrade module
[Repeats timed go to location missions]

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