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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.
Mod Warning

Mods is a page on Game Modding.


The PC version of No Man's Sky can be modded to change features, and add in game assets.

Installing Mods[]

Follow these steps to install mods.

  1. Browse to No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS.
  2. Delete or rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file.
  3. Create a folder named MODS.
  4. Place mod .pak files into the MODS folder (they have to be in the folder itself and not in any subfolder).
  5. Start the game and wait for the splash screen to disappear.
  6. If done correctly the game will display a warning just before displaying the selection of saved games.
The warning will be the same as the one in the screen shot shown above.

Load Order[]

No Man's Sky does not have configurable load order to decide which mod will load after another. It relies on some sort of alphabetical order: when more than one mods modify the same files, the mod that loads last wins.

Files that started with these characters will be sorted with this order.[1]


So, for example, a mod named:

  • ==UserInterfaceOverhaul.pak will load after --UIimprovements.pak
  • baseBuildingImprovements.pak will load after BaseBuildingSubtleChange.pak
  • zzzzWeatherOverhaul.pak will load after WeatherVariations.pak
  • __spacecombatoverhaul.pak will load after all these.

Mod Download Sites[]