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Monolith is a Point of Interest in No Man's Sky.


Monoliths are a Point of Interest in No Man's Sky. They are large alien structures appearing in multiple forms, usually with two to three Knowledge Stones around a platform. [1]

Interacting with the monolith at the platform will bring up a problem with a list of solutions. Selecting the correct response, based on the advice of the monolith, will result in one or multiple rewards. The player can have a better understanding of the problem if they have enough language vocabulary to understand some of the prefacing translated alien dialogue.

The types of rewards are as follows:

  • Increased alien vocabulary (of the dominant alien entity within the Star System or the Atlas language)
  • Increased standing with faction
  • Recharging of health
  • Repairing of broken technology
  • Faction-specific rare items (Korvax Casing, Gek Relic, Vy'keen Effigy)
  • Blueprints
  • Multi-tools

If the wrong solution was selected, the player may be punished by receiving damage or decreased standing with the faction.

Monoliths can be located by using an Exocraft Signal Booster Upgrade Tau, Signal Booster, or found by random searching.


Cool monolith found on Core Relay, Anya

It is possible to locate portals by giving a monolith a specific curiosity that matches the faction of the system. For example:

This can occur at a monolith in the second interaction with a monolith. After successfully completing a first interaction, it will be possible to have a second interaction, during which the monolith will provide an option to supply one of these above items, depending on the faction that is in the system. Once given, the monolith will provide the location of a Portal on the planet.

Monolith Types[]

There are many styles and varieties of monoliths, including the following:

  • Monolith Type 01 - Tapered square column with engraved obelisk and various circular designs on sides and back.
  • Monolith Type 02 - Tapered column with circular "eye" near the top and cylinders in a groove at the very top.
  • Monolith Type 03 - Square column with dividing slot and circular design on multiple sides.
  • Monolith Type 04 - Square column with circular hole near top.
  • Monolith Type 05 - Half-circle column with one flat front and rounded back, circular centre-piece either hollow or filled, inclined top.
  • Monolith Type 06 - Thin rectangular column with rounded top and circular designs near the top.
  • Monolith Type 07 - Spherical monolith with indented circular "eye".
  • Monolith Type 08 - Flat triangular base with rounded cutout and suspended sphere.
  • Monolith Type 09 - Cuboid monolith with circular features running front-to-back, potential rotating cylinders inside circular features.
  • Monolith Type 10 - Floating elongated diamond with potential diamond or circular holes through the depth of the structure.
  • Monolith Type 11 - Elongated octahedron with circular indentation near top. Long end of diamond points toward the ground.
  • Monolith Type 12 - Inverted triangular pyramid with potential circular indentations near the top.
  • Monolith Type 13 - Floating diamond shaped structure with potential central "eye".
  • Monolith Type 14 - Triangular column with inclined top.
  • Monolith Type 15 - Triangular pyramid with potential circular tunnel near top and various decorations or "pieces" attached.
  • Monolith Type 16 - Triangular column with flat top and potential circular hole near the top.
  • Monolith Type 17 - Triangular column with inclined top and obelisk engraving in front.