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NmsPlanet Two Moons System

Planet with two moons

A moon is an astronomical body.

Summary[ | ]


Dots around a planet indicate moons

A moon is an astronomical body and a natural satellite of a planet. It can be landed on, and treated in the same way as a planet.

Moons occur in fewer numbers in the galaxies than planets do, with the maximum orbiting a specific planet being two. This limits a system's maximum moons to four, as only six stellar objects are generated in any particular star system.

In the Discoveries menu, moons are indicated with the DUI MOON icon.

Known moons[ | ]

For a list of known moons, see the Moons category page.

Three moons were recognized in the pre-release videos:

Additional Information[ | ]

  • The rules for orbit gravity have been modified to allow moons to orbit closer to their planets than the laws of Newtonian physics would normally allow.
  • Moons are waterless.
  • Moons are usually about 1/6 the size of the planet they orbit.
  • All moons have an Outer Atmosphere (can be reached by base building) which leads directly to the Space around the moon.

Maintenance[ | ]

The following list displays moons that are likely to be using the Planet infobox instead of the Moon infobox.

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