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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.
Planet with two moons

A moon is an astronomical body.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Dots around a planet indicate moons

A moon is an astronomical body and a natural satellite of a planet. It can be landed on, and treated in the same way as a planet.

Moons occur in fewer numbers in the galaxies than planets do, with the maximum orbiting a specific planet being two. This limits a system's maximum moons to four as only six stellar objects are generated in any particular star system.

In the Discoveries menu, moons are indicated with the DUI MOON.png icon.

Known moons[edit | edit source]

For a list of known moons, see the Moons category page.

Three moons were recognized in the pre-release videos:

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • The rules for orbit gravity have been modified to allow moons to orbit closer to their planets than the laws of Newtonian physics would normally allow.
  • When creating a new page for a moon, use the Moon option from the list of pre-load templates.
  • Moons however are pangean in nature with regards to biomes.
  • Moons are usually about 1/6 the size of the planet they orbit.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

The following list displays moons that are likely to be using the Planet infobox instead of the Moon infobox.

Planet Civilized Game release
Ciyteedh-Lunaz Atlas Rises
Clade Atlas Rises
Climpell-Rawzaa Atlas Rises
Corman Atlas Rises
Corymere-Glavorth Atlas Rises
Crockman's Center Crib Visions
Darkwine Beyond
Deadwood Atlas Rises
Delinsing Pathfinder
Demon's Furnace Visions
Demon's Glow Visions
Devstar-Waporth Atlas Rises
Divardte Sumer Atlas Rises
Dizetone Pathfinder
Doplanthold - Emeril Release
Dovovatl Pathfinder
Dudockpo U28 Visions
Dundee Atlas Rises
Eapoteus B46 Visions
Eccanit Visions
Egneno Delta NEXT
Elonica-Primas Atlas Rises
Elreidslu Sotsk Foundation
Elvenus Moon Atlas Rises
Epiphany Atlas Rises
Eptorpi NEXT
Eterndo Sigma Beyond
Eurizma-Yagano Atlas Rises
Everyawnder Pathfinder
Evesole-Spheec Atlas Rises
Exsiwyll-Runuke Atlas Rises
Fafritelmark-Uav Foundation
Fantsuzobli Atlas Rises
Farikin I Atlas Rises
Farikin II Atlas Rises
Fascile Atlas Rises
Fenquha-Hanim Atlas Rises
Fermi Pathfinder
Ficering Pathfinder
Filtonit NEXT
Gaqoilariare Atlas Rises
Gepusional Moga Pathfinder
Germeyer Moon Atlas Rises
Geyazho-7 Gisheyev Atlas Rises
Gliyc Gamma Beyond
Golanol Atlas Rises
Gotap NEXT
Gray Pain Visions
Green Mound ExoMech
Groenmaan Pathfinder
Grusal XVII Visions
Hagharidar-Aga Kisa Atlas Rises
Happy Mine Pathfinder
Harad Pathfinder
Harist Gamma Beyond
Heron Pathfinder
Hexatallic Atlas Rises
Hexervatory Atlas Rises
Hiburyd Beta Visions
Higashu Moon Atlas Rises
Himannis NEXT
Hinn Visions
Hiosakuchihi Atlas Rises
Husk Atlas Rises
Icronsu Pathfinder
Icylimy Prime Atlas Rises
Icymin Prime Atlas Rises
Idiushu Beta Visions
Iftalia Visions
Ilkleybu Living Ship
Ilongoqungo Pathfinder
Ilusius Gamma Visions
Imbragai JE939 Atlas Rises
Impseseningd Foundation
Inweihezhou Atlas Rises
Isquerrana Tetky Atlas Rises
Ivogurusla-6 Dogda Atlas Rises
Jericho Pathfinder
Johioph SA39 Atlas Rises
Jokuju Pathfinder
Joleskjolluro Pathfinder
Journal:Illerhas 1 Beyond
Journal:Illerhas 1 Beyond
Kavacl Visions
Kaylair Beyond
Keforskol-Kuni Entsun Release
Kendor Pathfinder
Kerman-Pandiza Atlas Rises
Kestrel Pathfinder
Kewentein NEXT
Kladiore-Ergund Atlas Rises
Kokia Visions
Krewoc-Leeani Atlas Rises
La'Dia Atlas Rises
Ladingd Ozawa Visions
Lanoluz Pathfinder
Larsen NEXT
Layinron-Dorin Atlas Rises
Leycom-Fedora Atlas Rises
Lionesbu Beyond


Gallery[edit | edit source]