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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

The Moon Ring Society
The Moon Ring Society
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Wiynodhruti Shallows
Capital planet Apiaeve
Coordinates 0582:0077:0E44:0034
Portal Glyphs 1034F8645D83
Size Rural-R
Founded by Riellewell
Platform PS4
Release Desolation

The Moon Ring Society is a civilized space community.


The Moon Ring Society is a scientific and spiritual society found scattered across Civilized space.

It was founded in the Moon Ring's Nebula region of the Euclid galaxy and its Capital System is the Fanqiu-Zohma system.


The Moon Ring Society, also known as the cult of the Moon Ring, is a spiritual and scientific community that emerged in the Euclid galaxy in Year 2020 of the Living Ship.

The Moon Ring[]

Moon Ring practitioners believe in a mysterious entity known as The Moon Ring who appears in the form of a giant ring to travelers alone and lost in the universe and offers them a path to ascension. Moon Ring spiritual texts states that The Moon Ring provides Ascension from this reality raising the traveler to a higher plane of existence. However, because no traveler taken by the moon has returned there is much debate as to what happens when one is taken by The Moon Ring. Some argue that the Moon Ring society is following a false god, while others believe that the Moon Ring is connected to the Atlas, or representing a reality beyond that of the atlas.


There are two factions within the Moon Ring community: the scientific Gala(Mystery) and the spiritual Hala(Truth).

The Gala(Mystery)[]

The Gala take a scientific approach to uncovering the truth of The Moon Ring and the taken travelers. They were founded by the first scientist to discover evidence of The Moon Ring when they came upon the convergence cube of the first missing traveler, Ka. Their organization explores space and searches for new evidence of The Moon Ring. They research and catalog evidence left behind by taken travelers. They also set up scientific equipment to study the strange energy that resides at sites of taken travelers. They maintain that the truth and motivation of The Moon is still a mystery and make up the majority of the seats of the Halagala Leadership council.

In their search for further evidence of the Moon Ring, The Gala have generated good will in the region by rescuing crashed pilots and repairing their ships in exchange the Pilots story of why they crashed. This practice resulted in many new adherents to The Moon Ring Society and has so far uncovered evidence of the fourth recorded Ascension, Navio.

The Hala(Truth)[]

The Hala follow the Moon Ring Hala religious texts and believe they contain the truth of The Moon Ring's motivation. The texts were found in the crashed vessel of a second traveler taken by The Moon Ring. That traveler, Fash, had written the sacred Hala texts before disappearing through the Moon Ring. The Hala construct temples and declare holy sites at locations where a traveler was taken by The Moon Ring. Pilgrims will journey to holy sites and hope to one day meet the Moon Ring and receive ascension. Controversy is generated when Hala followers purposely lose themselves in the universe and crash their ship on a distant planet, with the hopes that they will be taken by The Moon Ring. This practice has been outlawed due to no recorded instance of a purposely crashed Hala follower reaching ascension. However, there are still Hala followers in the universe who have become hermits at their crashed site, hoping to receive ascension if they follow the path of Ka.

Foundation Saints

The first five entities known to have ascended were canonized as the Foundation saints. This period lasted from Year 1 - Year 13.

  • Ka (Korvax Priest) - The first Ascension
  • Fash (Vy'keen Flag Bearer) - The second Ascension
  • Masa (Gek Captain) - The third Ascension
  • Navio (Korvax Pilgrim) - The fourth Ascension
  • Shalatar (Gek Merchant) - The fifth Ascension

Expansive Saints

All saints following the first five are known as the Expansive Saints. This period of Ascension began in year 29.

  • Aloa (Engineering) - The Sixth Ascension



Year 1- First Contact with the Moon Ring

  • Ka was a Korvax Priest traveling through the Fanqiu-Zohma system when their ship was hit by debris and they crash landed upon the planet, Apiaeve. For reasons unknown, Ka abandoned his crashed ship and journeyed to the top of nearby Mount Gala. Ka stood at the top of Mount Gala and stared into the sky for a year without moving. In time a ring materialized above Ka and the Korvax was lifted off the ground and passed through the ring. The entity known as Ka was never found again but Ka's Korvax Casing and Korvax Convergence Cube were found at the peak of Mount Gala.

Year 3 - Foundation of The Gala, first of the Moon Ring Society

In Year 3 of the Living Ship, an exploratory team of Korvax Analyst Entities were searching through the debris of a crashed ship and discovered the first evidence of a Korvax named Ka being taken by The Moon Ring.

  • This story became legend amongst the Korvax and many began to research the site to discover the mysteries of the ring. These researchers called themselves The Gala (meaning mystery). The Gala community would evolve into the Moon Ring Society that we know today.

Year 4 - A second Ascension and the Book of Hala

  • A group of Gala Korvax scientists were searching crash sites, looking for more evidence of The Moon Ring. After many searched sites, they came across a crashed site with no evidence of a pilot. In the ship, they found a written text with the title Hala, strangely it seemed to be written by a Vy'keen Flag bearer named Fash and the pages outlined the will of the Moon Ring and the path to Ascension. Those Korvax would then go on to found The Hala, the spiritual sect of the Moon Ring society.

Year 5 - Construction of the First Temple

  • The Hala built a small temple at the site of Fash's crashed ship and decided to return to the site of the first ascension, Ka with their new spiritual knowledge.
Moonhala Temple

Year of 6 - Creation of the Moon Ring Society

  • The Hala returned to Apiaeve, and shared the Hala holy texts with the larger Gala scientific community. This spiritual take on the Moon Ring's motivations resulted in a great debate amongst followers of the Moon Ring that continues to this day. Luckily, before a true chasm could occur between the two factions, the leaders of the Hala and Gala came together to form the Moon Ring Society. The Halagala council would oversea leadership efforts for both groups, with unified efforts to work towards supporting galactic interest and understanding of The Moon Ring.

Year 7 - Construction of the Moonhala Temple Complex

  • The newly created Moon Ring Society, renamed the peak that Ka ascended, Mt. Gala. They then build a massive Temple atop the peak called Moonhala Temple Complex to represent the center of Moon Ring Society. Tourism to the site funds The Gala's scientific studies and The Hala's temple constructions.
IMG 8281.jpeg

Year 9 - A third ascension was discovered on the planet Pillars of the Gods, in the system Tri Alignment.

  • A Gek merchant ship was searching the Pillar of the Gods for resources to trade. They landed on the top of a large pillar and began to explore an ancient Vy'keen temple structure for artifacts. Their captain, Masa, became distant and stood at the edge of the Pillar staring into the sky. As night fell they asked the captain to return to the ship but he would not respond. They returned to the ship and slept. When they awoke the captain was gone, a pile of clothes and bronzed coins left scattered nearby where he stood. Reviewing footage of the ships log showed a giant ring appearing above the captain and the captain floating up only to disappear through the ring.

Year 10 - Construction of the third temple, The bronzed Pillar was finished at the site of the third ascension on the Pillars of the Gods.

Year 11 - A fourth Ascension was documented, of a Hala pilgrim, Korvax entity Navio.

  • Navio was on a pilgrimage to the Moonhala Temple Complex when they crashed upon a small planet. Feeling this a sign of the Moon Ring's will, they did not try and repair their ship and instead stood and meditated at many spots across the plane. All of this was recorded by their helmet and saved to their ship. 24 days after their crash, the Moon Ring appeared and they ascended.
  • Because of Navio's story, many Pilgrims have tried to recreate Navio's path, but no other recorded case of ascension has been found using this method. Many pilgrims consider Navio the patron saint of Pilgrims.

Year 13 - The fifth ascension occurred in a system nearby Moonhala Temple Complex.

  • A Gek Merchant abruptly abandoned their store on the nearby space station and flew to the surface of a paradise planet. According to his ship's AI, he ascended within minutes of leaving his ship.
  • This fifth recorded Ascension created a great debate about whether the Moon Ring was choosing individuals or whether the calling was entirely random.

Year 15 - The Moon Ring Nebula and Intergalactic Relations Established

  • The Moon Ring society quickly grew in followers and became the leading organization in what would be known as the Moon Ring Nebula.
  • The Halagala council began to establish leadership organization for Trade, Technology, and Resources.
  • In an effort to learn more of the Moon Ring's efforts in the wider Galaxy, the Halagala council established diplomatic relations with The Black Star Order and created the Black Star Order Temple as Pilgrimage and Embassy site for the order.

Year 23 - The first Exodus

  • A long period of time passed with no other sighting of the Moon Ring. Some followers lost interest but many believed that the Moon Ring must be active in other parts of Euclid.
  • An Exodus began as some Moon Ring Society followers left behind the Moon Ring Nebula of civilized space and journeyed into the stars to look for more answers to the mystery of the Moon Ring.

Year 26 - Unconfirmed Reports of Ascension

  • During this period of Exodus many rumors of unconfirmed ascensions were floated by those who traveled the stars. Due to the distance, many of these rumors could not be confirmed by the HalaGala Council. The Gala Scientific teams develop systems for tracking and validating these claims. Development of a ring array began which can detect a unique energy field found only at sites of the five ascended entities. Gala scientist hope to use this to confirm these undocumented ascension reports, however due to the current size of Ring Arrays, it has been difficult to take it across the stars.

Year 30 - Galactic Hub Embassy Established

  • Many of the larger Moon Ring Society expeditions landed in Galactic Hub space and in Year 30 of Desolation ,the Halagala council created the Moon Ring Society Embassy to promote the study of Moon Ring in Hub space.

Year 31 - The Expansive Saints and the sixth ascension confirmed

  • The Gala faction from the Moon Ring Society Hub Embassy confirmed the first Moon Ring Ascension in 18 years. Gala Analysts were able to piece together the ascension and use recently developed Ring Arrays to confirm the site as a true ascension.
  • In year 29, a freighter named MS Aichi's Pride came across a temporal anomaly and passed through. The crew were drawn to it like bugs to light. In the distance they could see 16 stars and sent their freighter towards the stars. The systems began to fail, the ship was torn apart and crashed on a planet called Oasis, located in a system close the New Lennon Hub system. Massive casualties occurred on the freighter but a destress beacon was activated and the remaining survivors were able to be rescued. A lone engineer hid from the rescue attempts and stayed behind at the crashed freighter site. Once alone at the crash site the engineer journeyed to higher elevation on a stone overhang. In the same manner as the other ascensions, the engineer stood still, staring into the sky and waited for Moon Ring to appear and rise up for ascension.

Naming Guidelines[]

Followers of the Moon Ring should name systems: Moon Ring's _____. They are encouraged to find inspiration in the systems and use that for the third word.

Planets and moons can be named anything. However, popular names often include the word Hala or Gala based upon their Faction allegiance as well as one of the first five ascension's names. Ka, Fash, Masa, Navio and Shalatar.

Some Planet and Moon examples:

  • Hala Novio
  • Gala Moon Ring
  • Fash's Tomb
  • Novio's Ascension
  • Shalatar's Hala
  • Novio and Fash
  • Moon's Alps
  • Ka Mala
  • Path of Ka
  • Mala's Bronze Coins


If you want to join the Moon Ring Society, travel to Moonhala Temple using the coordinates and leave a message at the top of Mt. Gala. You can also add yourself to the Members list.


Member name PC/PS/Xbox Homeplanet
Riellewell PS4 ---
globalgem PC ---

Systems Discovered[]

Capital System - Fanqiu-Zohma - Korvax - 5 Planets - 1 Moon

Intergalactic Relations[]

The Moonring Society has established diplomatic relations with:



The current rule is to familiarize yourself with the History and knowledge of the Moon Ring Society.