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Mount Loper Outpost & Racetrack (Zergling924)
Mount Loper Outpost & Racetrack (Zergling924)
Galaxy Euclid
Builder Zergling924
Builder platform PC
Galactic coords not yet released
Portal glyphs not yet released
Game mode Normal
Updated Visions
Farm Geobay
No Pilgrim / Nomad / Roamer / Colossus
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack
Yes Yes

Mount Loper Outpost & Racetrack (Zergling924) is a player base.


Mount Loper Outpost & Racetrack (Zergling924) is a player base, location to be released after final colonization of Mount Loper.


  • Braxis Bluff Raceway: Start by the base computer, and take the course up the mountain and back. Pick your exocraft of choice!
  • Cliffside climb: Take the journey up the winding passage as you make your way to the top, roadside safety rails included.
  • Rest stop: Spend a tranquil moment looking over the icy lake as you journey upwards.
  • Mountain-top outpost: With vaulted ceilings and an open, multi-balcony configuration, this mountain-top outpost lets viewers take in the sights through the multi-story floor to ceiling windows from all areas of the base.
  • Amenities: Includes Large Refiners x2, Medium Refiners x4, Save Points x2, a Trade Terminal, and a Signal Booster, along with sleeping accommodations and multiple work areas. The Sky Lounge can also be found on the top floor for interlopers looking to relax with a hot beverage, safe from the ravaging ice storms outside. A colorful Electric Cube display marks the signature of the base's designer.
  • Exocraft garage: Park your exocraft at the complementary garage, adjacent to the mountain-top outpost.
  • Underground adventure: Find your way to the blue Save Beacon and navigate the blue light arrows in the subterranean caves to uncover some of the hidden features of this base.
  • Boralis Valley Ridgeview: Take the road less traveled and follow the yellow platforms downward to Boralis Valley Ridgeview, where interlopers can perch themselves on an icy ledge to take in a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain cliffs and icy lake below. Instructions for how to get there are below.
  • Roads to connecting bases: There is currently one road that leads to the neighboring Endetta Overlook. More roads to come as more interlopers settle!

Boralis Valley Ridgeview[]

Boralis Valley Ridgeview

The unique views of Mount Loper's towering cliffs and soaring mountains can be viewed from an icy ledge on the edge of Boralis Valley. To get there, simply follow the road towards Endetta Overlook, and take the first ramp on the right down to the ground. Follow the yellow posts to the yellow stairs/platforms, which will lead you down the cliff face until you reach Boralis Valley Ridgeview.

Braxis Bluff Raceway[]

Welcome to the Braxis Bluff Raceway.

The first racetrack established on Mount Loper, the Braxis Bluff Raceway takes competitors on a scramble through the frozen tundra. Racers will negotiate tight turns, scale the sheer cliff wall of Braxis Bluff, and launch themselves off of the ramp at the top where they will land next to the racetrack's resident Frostwort forest. From there, it's a mad dash to the finish line across the unpaved and unmarked ice.

Checkpoint list:

  • Race Start by the base computer
  • Checkpoint 1: first left turn (diplo sightings common here)
  • Checkpoint 2: at the top of the first hill crest
  • Checkpoint 3: at the foot of Braxis Bluff
  • Checkpoint 4: at the peak of the cliffside road
  • Checkpoint 5: the launching ramp at the top of Braxis Bluff
  • Checkpoint 6: the Frostwort forest
  • Checkpoint 7: back towards the race starting point from the forest

Racetrack Records[]

Current Record Holders[]

The current record times for the racetrack:

Exocraft Time Interloper Date
Pilgrim 63.12 s Zergling924 3/3/19
Nomad 53.13 s Zergling924 2/16/19
Roamer 74.48 s Zergling924 3/16/19
Colossus 81.21 s Zergling924 3/16/19

Old Record Holders[]

Exocraft Time Interloper Date

Come and set a new record! I'd love nothing more than seeing someone else's name take a place in the record book. If you do set a new record, send me a screenshot of the time and a message on Reddit (Zergling924) and I'll update the list with your name!


Date of mountain-top outpost completion