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Close up of the M-Field Engine 9/X57-B13

There are multiple game-release versions of the Multitool Catalogue - Experimental page.


This page is a list of various Experimental multi-tools discovered during the Frontiers through current eras.

Experimental Multi-tools start off with good damage and scanner bonuses. They are a rare and expensive specialization, but they can have up to 24 slots.

Type bonus (+%):

Class Damage Mining Scan
min max min max min max
C Class 0 5 5 10 40 50
B Class 5 10 10 20 60 70
A Class 10 15 20 25 80 90
S Class 15 25 25 30 100

Class S[]

This is the best class of multi-tool (and most expensive).

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Euclid Art of Thought 10 Frontiers
Euclid Gravity Tuner Mark XI 10 Frontiers
Euclid Ion Needler Mark VI 10 Frontiers
Euclid Theory of the Night 24 Frontiers
Euclid Touch of the Dance 24 SentinelUp

Class A[]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Calypso Dazzling Navliaiu Entangler 24 Frontiers
Eissentam Legacy of Solemnity (Seskazom XIII) 10 Frontiers
Eissentam Ohmic Tukih Capacitor 9 Frontiers
Eissentam Sleep of Hutark-X 9 Frontiers
Euclid Imperfect Quantum Auditor 9 Frontiers
Euclid Legacy of Harmony Q93/O11/J 10 SentinelUp
Euclid Loop Inverter Mark XVII 22 Frontiers
Euclid Mass Engine N35/41D 24 SentinelUp
Euclid Mass Generator Y84-XE3/YN6 10 Frontiers
Euclid Ohmic Quantum Capacitor 10 Frontiers
Euclid Unstable Raycast Beam 9 Frontiers
Euclid Yutiia's Impulse Blaster 24 Outlaws
Hansolmien Unprotected Loop Auditor 23 SentinelUp

Class B[]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Eissentam Improvised Chrono Clarifier 23 Frontiers
Eissentam Quantum Analyser Mark XI 21 SentinelUp
Euclid Kesse's Impulse Scoop 20 SentinelUp
Euclid Light Balancer Mark VII 22 Frontiers
Euclid Molecule Needler Mark IV 8 SentinelUp
Euclid Pillar of Logdan-X 21 SentinelUp
Euclid Retuned Isotope Obstructor 8 SentinelUp
Euclid Shadow of the Ancients (Refattom XII) 20 Frontiers
Euclid Sleep of the Anomaly A64/72H-U16 8 Frontiers
Euclid Sleep of Tongues 7 Frontiers
Euclid Structural Evetlug Beam 21 Frontiers
Euclid Waveform Generator Mark XI 21 Frontiers
Hilbert Dimension Unprotected Loop Charger 22 Frontiers
Kimycuristh Arc Elevator Mark V 21 Outlaws
Kimycuristh Gift of the Dance 9 Outlaws

Class C[]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Calypso Return of Vustvovay-V 20 Frontiers
Calypso Shadow of Thought 66I-Q12-6 17 Frontiers
Eissentam Dazzling Polygon Injector 6 Frontiers
Eissentam Return of Ninyimda-IV 18 Frontiers
Eissentam Trace of Peace N7-F/20Z 5 Frontiers
Euclid Chrono Clarifier H/GG3/SI4 6 Frontiers
Euclid Chrono Elevator Mark VI 5 Frontiers
Euclid Defiance of Silence 18 Frontiers
Euclid Destroyer of the Nexus (Rowland-Desk) 18 Outlaws
Euclid Loop of the Wind RC3-KU6-Z 17 Frontiers
Euclid Memories of Suplication (RSS Horizonte Metalico) 6 Endurance
Euclid Parallel Kazhetsii Auditor 5 Frontiers
Euclid Prayer of Peace 18 Frontiers
Euclid Sleep of Siiskov-VI 17 SentinelUp
Euclid Song of the Horizon 65X/87R-64E 6 Endurance
Euclid Stasis Driver CK0/72N-12A 7 Endurance
Euclid Yuzrant's Loop Silencer 6 Frontiers
Hilbert Dimension Inertial Charger 4U-AW2-51E 18 Frontiers
Meykinunukur Shadow of Zeal 5 Outlaws
Venessika Ohmic Laksa Auditor 7 Outlaws


The four specialisations of multi-tool are:

  • Pistol (mining bonus)
  • Rifle (damage bonus)
  • Experimental (scanning bonus)
  • Royal (scanning bonus)
  • Alien (mixed)

Each specialisation can be subdivided into four classes, with S being the most powerful (and the most expensive), followed by A, B, and C.

(For a list of all multi-tool types, refer to the Multi-tool Catalogue)