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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

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There are multiple game-release versions of the Multitool Catalogue - Alien page.


This page is a list of various Alien multi-tools discovered during the Visions, Abyss, and NEXT eras.

Alien Multi-tools have a high damage bonus, a medium mining bonus, and a medium scanner bonus. They are a rare and expensive specialisation, but they can have up to 24 slots.

Class S[]

This is the best class of multi-tool (and most expensive). They typically have bonuses of 40% or above.

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Agnusopwit Nano Elevator Mark X Claw 10 Visions
Budullangr Shadow of Solemnity Crystal Nose 16 NEXT
Eajerandal Herald of Storms (Eajerandal) Crown 24 Visions
Eissentam Arc Puncher Mark IV Crown 24 Visions
Eissentam Defiance of Storms 77C-V/X65 Crown 24 Visions
Eissentam Unprotected Dorornoe Driver Crown 24 Visions
Euclid Harbinger of Peace Compact 16 Visions
Euclid Kotrostro's Gravity Beam Crown 24 NEXT
Euclid Mass Puncher Mark V Crown 24 Visions
Euclid Mathematical Quantum Irradiator Crystal Nose 16 Visions
Ontiniangp Eykov's Molecular Clarifier Compact 16 Visions
Urastrykle Waveform Beam W/6K/U Compact 16 Visions
Yeberhahne Heavy Pastvies Harmoniser Compact 16 Visions

Class A[]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Budullangr Aspect of Zerzh-XIX Crystal Nose 16 NEXT
Budullangr Hidden Emantuk Silencer (NEXT) Crystal Nose 15/16 NEXT
Budullangr Ohmic Raycast Reflector Claw 9 Visions
Ekwathore Dreams of the Sky A7-GZ4-Y Crown 23 Visions
Euclid Pavlov's Ion Charger Compact 16 Visions
Euclid Shadow of Certainty Compact 16 Visions
Euclid The End of Bones Z/0 Crystal Nose 22 Visions
Hyades Nano Hunter Mark XVII Claw 9 Visions
Isdoraijung Unprotected Unyak Scoop Compact 15 Visions
Ontiniangp Force Silencer Mark XVIII Crown 23 Visions

Class B[]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Budullangr Bane of Fire Compact 15 Visions
Budullangr Surge of Storms O-R41 Crack 15 NEXT
Eissentam Hunter Impact Mark X 8 NEXT
Ethiophodhe Berdo's Quantum Harmoniser Compact 14 Visions
Euclid Naniko's Shock Charger Crown 22 Visions
Euclid Poem of Silence Crown 24 NEXT
Loychazinq Silhouette of War K60-S Claw 8 Visions
Muhacksonto Legacy of Lutok Compact 13 Visions
Muhacksonto Messenger of Fire Crown 20 Visions
Muhacksonto Theoretical Quantum Translator Crown 21 Visions
Sudzerbal Parallel Impulse Silencer Crown 23 Visions
Twerbetek Optimised Baykovk Compressor Compact 14 Visions
Urastrykle M-Field Auditor K27-39K Compact 14 Visions

Class C[]

Galaxy Multitool Category Slots Release
Song of Tusuhch-IV Crystal Nose 11 NEXT
Budullangr Return of Peace Crystal Nose 12 NEXT
Eajerandal Heavy Gravity Engine Compact 13 Visions
Ethiophodhe Unprotected Molecule Silencer Claw 6 Visions
Euclid Destroyer of the Stars Claw 5 Visions
Euclid Hand-made Waveform Reflector Claw 6 Visions
Ogtialabi Return of Sight Claw 6 Visions


The four specialisations of multi-tool are:

Each specialisation can be subdivided into four classes, with S being the most powerful (and the most expensive), followed by A, B, and C.

(For a list of all multitool types, refer to the Multi-tool Catalogue)