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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
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N. Liverukkea
N. Liverukkea
Galaxy Ekwathore
Region Ehnkent Adjunct
Star system Zadushv XVII
Planet Yorus
Gender Radical
Behaviour Far-sighted
Diet Cave marrow
Height 3.0 m
Weight 141.1 kg
Genus Anomalous
Notes Highly fertile
Mode Normal
Territory InExCor
Discovered by Peacebomb
Discovery platform PC
Updated Visions

N. Liverukkea is a creature.


N. Liverukkea is a creature in No Man's Sky.

It is a member of the Anomalous genus.


It can be found on the planet Yorus in the Zadushv XVII star system.

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