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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

The subject of this article is from a previous version of No Man's Sky and is now considered obsolete.
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NHO Multi-tool Catalog


NHO Multi-tool Catalog is a collection of Discovered Multitool locations during the 'Atlas Rises era'

A Collection of exceptional Multitools found throughout Budullangr. Anyone in Budullangr is encouraged to add your discoveries here.



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  • Multi-tool page: Obedient Hunter III
  • 24 Slot S-Class
  • Found in the Core Regions by PS4 Player: nathanpt2000 (Reddit Name:Astromons).
  • Coords: 07FF:0077:07FB:00AB
  • 00ABF8FFC000
  • Outpost is marked with a Comm.
  • System called: A L I E N Multitool.


Found by PauloRZRZ in the NHO-PXL Ezovets System

S-CLASS RIFLE WITH HORNS by the_elusive_buffalo[]

Posted on Reddit POST

  • System: 24 slot s class MT, on the first planet named MT. To obtain this Horned MT you must load your game from the second planet in this system, and claim it from the Outpost marked on the MT planet. Discovered by PSN: pieflavoredpie17
  • Coords: 0807:0077:07FF:0166
  • 0166F8000008

C-Class EXPERIMENTAL an ALIEN MT by intothedoor[]

IMPOSSIBLE ALIEN MT by GalacticInterloper[]

Nice A-Class but might be impossible to get

  • Unfortunately, this MT was found in the Space Anomaly, so I am not sure if this would be findable by any other player. But for historic preservation, this MT is added to the Budullangr list.
  • Found in System: Laerol; Region Giguach Expanse. Vy'keen (Affluent). It is approx. 1270Ly away from Blim's Circuit Board Hideout, and 5126Ly away from the Core. Red System.

Traditional Multitools at the Core[]

THE LEGEND COLLECTION: Budullangr Multi-tools by tron_legend81[]

Alien S-Class Obscured Purrkuna-lebo

All discovered by Reddit user: tron_legend81

S-CLASS ALIEN MULTITOOL by tron_legend81[]

  • Reddit Discovery Feb 08 2018
  • Coords: 020E:0087:04AC:0101
  • Portal: 410108CADA0F
  • Message: I've finally found an S class Alien MT in Budullangr. I've left a comm ball outside the outpost but in order to get the Alien MT, you will need to travel to a barren moon of the planet, and reload your save from there. There is a base approx a 10 min walk from the portal, so if you need to it, should be fairly easy to do the base reclaim portal/transport trick to get your ship to the system. -Reddit
  • Also, might be worth noting that there is a corrosive planet in this system with AquaSpheres

S-CLASS RIFLE by tron_legend81[]

The S-Class, Mercurial Ahreiseka-Xasca

Discovery January 2018, Reddit Post

  • Coords: 020E:0087:04AC:01B2
  • Portal 41B208CADA0F
  • Message: I've finally find an S class in Budullangr - shame it's only a Rifle. I've left a comm ball outside the shelter and the portal should be on the same planet. However, to get the rifle, you will need to activate the space station pool of MT's, by reloading the current save from within the space station. If you don't you will only find a pistol in the shelter.

Experiment 46X-26Y Rifle Reddit Post

A-CLASS EXPERIMENTAL RIFLE 24 Slot by tron_legend81[]

  • Experimental Rifle 24Slot A-Class, Experiment 46X-26Y

S-CLASS RIFLE by tron_legend81[]

  • S-Class Rifle 24slot, Vibrant Retort I


Regninak-Nalor Mark II
Alien_experimental Combo System

  • Alien Multi-tool C-Class, The Ulcayari-Ryin F500
  • Horned Experimental Rifle 19slot C-Class, Regninak-Nalor Mark II


Recoil of Dobrovsk by jonz32

I am collecting this info in honor of reddit user jonz32 (The Arms Trader of Budullangr) who was out in the middle of The Bud finding some cool things. These are far from the Core.

Recoil of Dobrovsk by jonz32[]

  • Coords: 0E25:007B:05EE:012F

Silent Gravity XIII by jonz32[]

  • Coords: 0CFE:007E:07CF:000D

Additional Info[]