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The subject of this article is from the initial release.
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Naming rights is part of the discovery process.


Creatures, and plants have a scientific name pre-assigned to them. When an item is first discovered, it can be given a common name that will appear whenever it is encountered by other players. This also applies to Star systems, planets, moons, and starships, although the original name is not considered a scientific name per se.

Why naming?[]

Sean Murray said in an interview with Chris Schilling of EDGE magazine, "Some people will take great pride in playing just to explore, and it's lovely to then be able to put some sort of stamp on it. We've found that people like playing it 'properly' and trying to think of nice names, and it would be a shame for people not to have that ability." [1]

Name retention[]

The original scientific name will be retained in The Atlas when an object is renamed,[2] as it was kept as well when Anthony renamed one creature.


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