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The subject of this article is from the NextGen update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 16 February, 2021.
Type Exocraft
Description Submersible with 28 slots
Updated NextGen

The Nautilon is a submersible exocraft.


The Nautilon is a submersible exocraft that allows underwater navigation, combat and mining – and can be summoned to any ocean on the planet, as well as docked at underwater buildings.

Depending on how the player acquires the Nautilon Chamber blueprint, they may choose an appropriate slot to install the Humboldt Drive, which requires Hydrothermal Fuel Cells to operate.

It also has two flashlights that will follow the centre of where the player is looking, brightly illuminating a small patch in the centre of the player’s vision.

It has 28 inventory slots.

Upgrading the Nautilon[]

Nautilon Technology Blueprints[]

System Class Technology / Upgrade Effect
Propulsion RENDER.SUBMARINEENGINE.png Humboldt Drive A thermally-efficient, inversion-proof reactor engine
CLASS.C.png RENDER.SUBMARINEENGINEMOD.png Osmotic Generator Fuel Efficiency +20%
Resource Collection RENDER.VEHICLE LASER.png Tethys Beam Submarine Mining Laser
Combat RENDER.SUBMARINECANNON.png Nautilon Cannon Lobs explosive projectiles
Sonar/Scanner RENDER.SHIPTELEPORT.png High Power Sonar Scans for nearby minerals and for Crashed Ships, Crashed Freighters, Sunken Buildings, and Submerged Ruins.

Nautilon Upgrade Modules[]

Module Name Stats


Module Improves CLASS.C.png CLASS.B.png CLASS.A.png CLASS.S.png
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max

CLASS.B.png 1-2

CLASS.A.png 2-3

CLASS.S.png 3

Top Speed 1 3 3 8 8 15 10 15
Fuel Usage 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20
Acceleration 10 20 20 35 35 55 55 70

CLASS.B.png/CLASS.A.png 1-2

CLASS.S.png 2

Damage 5 10 10 20 20 30 30 (13) 40 (18)
Rate Of Fire 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20

Note: Upgrade modules should be added adjacent to the core system where possible, to a maximum of three upgrades when applicable. This is best achieved by arrangements in a 2x2 box, or as a slightly lower cumulative gain as a line of 3 vertically or horizontally adjacent to the core system.


  • If one attempts to surface with the Nautilon using the forward and upwards motion the submarine will jump out of the water and attempt to bounce on it repeatedly. Like a trampoline it will slowly gain height until it goes into space. This bug can be cancelled by aiming at the sky and pressing forward upon the next contact with the water.
  • The Nautilon Cannon upgrade module stats displayed in the visual indication appear to be inconsistent with in game experience.

Additional information[]

The Dreams of the Deep mission is used to introduce the player to the Nautilon.

Release history[]

  • Abyss - introduced to the game