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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.
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Uewamoisow Euclid

Negative Galaxies are galaxy clones.


Negative galaxies are presumed galaxies that precede Euclid (Galaxy 1). While No Man's Sky will generate names for an apparently infinite number of negative galaxy designations, these are all really just different names for the same place; all galaxy names and numbers below Euclid point to Galaxy 256, Odyalutai. For example, if you tell the game you are in Galaxy 0, it will tell you that you are in Pequibanu, as seen on the right, though you are actually in Odyalutai.


There is no legitimate way known to reach any galaxies outside the range of 0 to 255; however, they can be reached using mods or save game edits.


Below is a list of known names for negative galaxy numbers and the galaxy that the galactic map will say you are in:

While in Galaxy 256 via one of the negative designations, the galactic map is useless; it will display the galaxy name and all the associated data of a galaxy in the 1 to 255 range. Some examples are shown in the table below.

Galaxy Number Galaxy Name Galactic Map Number Galactic Map Name
0 Pequibanu 1 Euclid
-1 Uewamoisow 255 Iousongola
-2 Hiteshamij 254 Tuhgrespod
-3 Usgraikik 253 Uliciawai
-4 Helqvishap 252 Haffneyrin
-5 Enyokudohkiw 251 Chcehoemig
-6 Loqvishess 250 Nepitzaspru
-9 Exantjobac 247 Neuxoisan
-256 Ehtonovgo 1 Euclid
-260 Pohiophalu 252 Haffneyrin
-261 Hiksvadin 251 Chcehoemig
-262 Dadoxuiaro 250 Nepitzaspru
-263 Fowliudore 249 Rukwatsuku
-264 Utiiqunyuk 248 Ilmenhorn
-265 Esdamquikep 247 Neuxoisan
-266 Enwarwadip 246 Dugnowarilda
-267 Ceslegest 245 Zicniijnis
-517 Liiatnikhil 251 Chcehoemig
-9998 Rejka'auisa 242 Rinjanagrbo
-9999 Iwodavgi'igg 241 Reponudrle
-99999 Trodesatsh 97 Smoduraykl

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