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Neural Assembly
Neural Assembly
Used during initial takeoff and landings
Category Propulsion - Enhancement
Type Vertical Take-off System
Recharged with Oxygen, Mordite or Condensed Carbon
Updated Endurance

Neural Assembly is a starship technology.


Neural Assembly is a Living starship technology that is required for the starship's landing and lift-off.

Neural Assembly consumes fuel each time the starship launched from the surface of a planet or moon, which must eventually be recharged using Oxygen (1%/unit) or Mordite (0.5%/unit).

There will be no fuel cost when Landing Pads or designated landing spots (indicated in flight by concentric blue rings which turn green when the starship gets close enough to land on the spot) are used.

The base launch cost is 25% in Normal mode.

If Neural Assembly is damaged by rough handling or enemy fire, the starship will be unable to lift-off until it is repaired.

Game description[]

An array of distributed neurons, fused to a board of metallic strands. Complex patterns of electrical impulses weave their way across the surface, knotting each ship system together.


Neural Assembly can be repaired using the following ingredients:

Neural Assembly cannot be dismantled.


  • Neural Assembly Node - Potential improvements include Launch Cost (see info in gallery below).
  • Neural Assembly Node can evolve for NANITES.png: C to B - 210 NANITES.png, B to A - 310 NANITES.png, A to S - 430 NANITES.png.
  • The total number of nanites required to evolve a Neural Assembly Node from C to S is 950 NANITES.png.

Additional Information[]

  • Summoning a starship via the Quick Menu deducts one launch's worth of fuel regardless of its previous location. If there is less than one launch's worth of thruster fuel in that starship, the player will not be able to summon it in this manner until it is refueled.
  • Neural Assembly can be refueled remotely if the starship's inventory contains the required fuel items.
  • Upgrade Nodes can be obtained by shooting Void Eggs in Space Encounters. They are more common in uncharted and abandoned systems.

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