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Gamma Root, one of the Neutral/Exotic family

Neutral/Exotic elements are a cross between two of the five divisions of the periodic table in No Man's Sky


Neutral/Exotic elements show as a member of the Neutral family when displaying the information panel, but as an Exotic when harvesting.

Elements in this crossover group have an icon with a green or blue background when shown in the player's inventory.


These elements can be found in plants, storage depots, and rock deposits.


Known members of the family are as follows:

Icon Element Abbrev Rarity Description Base value  units
SUBSTANCE.PLANT.CAVE.png Marrow Bulb Mb Rare A chemical present in the luminous leaves of the glowing plants found in caves. 41.3
NmsResource Armadium Icon.png Armadium Ar Rare A chemical found only in storage depots 27.5
NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum De Rare A chemical found on many planets. Must be located with an Exocraft scanner and harvested with an Exocraft Mining Laser 27.5
SUBSTANCE.SUBRADIOACTIVE.png Gamma Root Gr Rare A chemical found in the roots of trees that live in radioactive biomes. Requires Haz-Mat Gauntlet for proper handling. 171.9

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