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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for New Hub Order, a Civilized Space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

New Hub Order
New Hub Order
Galaxy Budullangr
Quadrant Delta
Region Xukarsav Boundary
Port system Valhalla
Port coordinates 0804:0079:07FC:018E
Portal Glyphs 218EFAFFD005
Size Standard-E
Type Documentation, Construction, Profit
Founded by RagnarTheBat
Federation member Atlas Rises
Platform PS4/PC
Release Atlas Rises

New Hub Order is a Civilized space community.


Our main communication portal, Reddit: NMS_NewHubOrder

Located at the Budullangr Core on the border of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants; this organization is dedicated to Documenting and Exploring the depths of the 7th Galaxy. Our goal is to help fellow Travellers and Players alike.


Works in Progress[]


With the 1.3 update, the regeneration brought us all to a new insight: this world is no longer the one we knew. The Purge brought us into the most ancient of known Galaxies...

No Man's Sky 20171220005802.png

We were born from the lonely dark clouds on the outer rim and became whole as we neared the Green Core. Our Vy'keen Blooded founder RagnarTheBat called from the core and the New Hub Order was born. Valhalla was born.


  • Locate desirable ships, Multi-tools, Freighters, and Technology; Find and share fascinating flora and fauna; useful resources and anything you find fun, exciting, or fascinating
  • Building Hub Farms - allowing players easy access to valuable and/or useful resources. Catalog Farms, and mark resource hot spots. Move beyond money.
  • The Shared Hut - We want to share with all people of Budullangr, this space is for anyone passing through or looking for a new home.
  • Trade Route Development - Building Better Routes to, from, and around the Budullangr Core.

Getting to Valhalla[]

Let Us know You're Here!

  • When you get to the Core please sign our New Hub Order Census page; even if you are just passing thru a new Player is always welcome.

Get to the Core from anywhere in Budullangr!

Naming Convention[]

We are a voluntary collective, but naming conventions can help set us apart from the other Barbarians in the area. In honor of our founder RagnarTheBat any system that wishes to be officially included should add NHO or New Hub Order in the System name. Other collaborations and diplomatic ventures are welcome.

The Treasures of Budullangr[]

All Citizens are encouraged to add anything found to the appropriate NHO pages. Thank you!

Found by PauloRZRZ in the NHO-PXL Ezovets System

70 System Documented Galactic Path, rich with Adventure, Resources and Tech.
Where can I buy Antimatter?
All known Budullangr Multi-tools here. Out far and Near the Core, everythign we have gathered about Multitools.
A Catalog of Blueprint Technology throughout the Core regions.

You never know what might show up!

Location of Exotic ships, Capital Freighters, and Crashed ships
All found and documented Travellers go here.
All marked Manufacturing and Observation locations are cataloged here.
A Guide to Harvesting The beginnings of a great harvest based income starts now. We encourage everyone to learn the art of crafting. With a little work up front Billionaires are born.
Exciting and Inspiring Budullangr Systems to Live in

Budullangr Database[]

A great Farm resource

Regions Occupied[]

Main Regions, with the Xukarsav Boundary at Center.

New Hub Order space occupies several regions near the border of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants.

Players and Collaborations[]

Sanctuary System[]

We are all in this together

  • NHO Sanctuary Systems - This is a list of Systems owned and operated by the NHO, the odds and ends of the Core Systems. These are for everyone, enjoy the beauty of the Core.

Featured Player Bases[]

Core Resident Directory[]

A destination and a farm which produces 2 Liquid Explosives, 4 Living Glass, 2 Circuit Boards. Portal is only advised to create a Galactic Waypoint (portal travel might be rough as it the Farm is very far away from the portal), system is about 1400ly from Valhalla. Built and maintained by astronauntbread
  • Pier PVT Ltd - PS4 player IlContePier, our wonderful neighbor from the Alpha Quad and Galactic Resident of the Core.
  • Thom_Kokenge Discoveries built by Thom_Kokenge - numerous systems throughout the Core areas - One of the first residents of The New Hub Order.
Thom_Kokenge Base Collection:
Current Base
CB Farm - Loki's Boundary
LG Farm - Sleipnir System.
  • PXL Discovery Collection which includes Multiple Systems, Farm and Euclid assistance. Built and maintained by PauloRZRZ.
  • (NHO) RexPrime 1632, Base on planet Supermancave build and maintained by PS4: RexWalker
  • Traveller (Reddit User) GalacticInterloper - just moved in and is currently exploring the area for a home.
  • Traveller (Reddit User) Wolfclaw4444 (PS4: ZeroPanzerAlpha)
System: Caisson Nemo (NHO), coords: 0803:0078:07FF:00A6 (Planet index=2)
Good Portal: 20A6F9000004
  • Traveller (Reddit User) Davedude635 (PS4: Davedude635) - built a base on Budullangr Hub Trail GB01.
  • Gemma V (NewHubOrder) (seed name: Lamgrentti V) built by Chuy1784 - Last Known System has Radiation Deflector Theta. Region: Mazahusb Cloud; Home base plant: Ruby Mortiferum. Approx 402ly from Valhalla. Booming/Boisterous.
    coords: 0804:0079:07FD:00B1
  • (NHO) Little Bears System - Il pianeta degli orsetti, built and abandoned by Wandering Traveller paper1974, his NHO Ruins will be traced and recorded. Thank you for your visit.
  • Traveller rapax777 - I find his discoveries all over the place, no concrete system yet
  • Water Bases of Lonestargazer created by Traveller (Reddit user) Lonestargazer - Brilliant engineering of two Water Bases, the only documented ones in the galaxy. One on the outer edge and a new one at the Core in Survival , Creative and Normal Modes.
  • ASTRoMon and A L I E N Multitool @ Comm - Traveller (Reddit User) Astromons
  • NHO-Logarina - by Traveller ZeroPanzerAlpha
  • Traveller (Reddit user) J-ALLAN: A true Vy'keen Traveller who warped to the Core the Old Fashion way, through Black Holes and sheer will. He named his discoveries after Norse mythology and are scatter through the Budullangr Galaxy!
System: Yggdrasil, Planet Jotunheim
Portal: 10BE02FF8FE


Jezmc1's Prison System


Wiki Resources[]

Gas Guide[]

A General guide on Gases is available.