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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Nhogillon Prime
Nhogillon Prime
Galaxy Euclid
Region Dijowendiin Mass
Star system AGT Gera Balus
Moon of Nhogillon Balus
Biome Frozen - Frozen Moon
Weather Snowy
Resources Co, Al, Ni, Hr
Sentinels Average
Flora Ordinary
Fauna Abundant
Claimed by Alliance of Galactic Travellers
Discovered by TalinWind
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated Pathfinder

Nhogillon Prime is a moon.


Nhogillon Prime is a moon of Nhogillon Balus in the star system AGT Gera Balus on the PC Version of No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[]


Moon type[]

Frozen Moon
-20 °C / 0.0 Rad / 0.0 Tox
Cold damage


  • Aevas Woodland
  • Bujoro Forest
  • Dioth Woods
  • Dirog Flats
  • Denoain Valley
  • Doshi Valley
  • Edqueno Forest
  • Elgan Forest
  • Eudonnus Glacier
  • Eyzhan Woodland
  • Faceaumei Lowlands
  • Gopurn Moor
  • Gwrig Flats
  • Hupagoesm Plains
  • Itwor Glacier
  • Koyanthe Crossing
  • Masdenisga Valley
  • Okyamija Glacier
  • Plains of Kersi
  • Plains of Lutamuye
  • Plains of Ughmanann
  • Plains of Vivia
  • Plains of Wepan
  • Plains of Zutlossma
  • Refor Dale
  • Rofogl Woodland
  • Rurussev Crossing
  • Sifielota Plains
  • Ximicia Valley
  • Yukpel Plains

Notable Locations[]

Ashes of the Euendoxu Korvax Monolith
The Monolith stands silent on the planet's surface. It does not belong here. Neither do I. There is a shimmer, and then the vision of the red orb returns. The Atlas. It speaks to me again. Again I feel the half-elation, half-terror that I have met my creator. The Atlas offers me guidance, purpose, meaning. Significance in an uncaring galaxy. All I must do is follow its path, and its orders. Ashes of the Euendoxu.jpg
Ashes of the Ukhidebia-Medi Korvax Monolith
Tiny floating tetrahedrons emerge from the planet's surface and surround me. I try to wave them away with my multi-tool, but each time they swarm closer to it - as if attracted to it somehow. I raise my multi-tool, and they shimmer blue as they dart this way and that. Closer and closer. They are within touching distance of my multi-tool. They make one final surge... Ashes of the Ukhidebia-Medi.jpg
Ashes of the Vailigor-Xiti Korvax Plaque
The Atlas Interfaces await the arrival of the Travellers, those who would seek the ends of the universe though its very core. Within the infinity of time their arrival is probable. Their potential could know no bounds. One dimension in billions will receive them. Ashes of the Vailigor-Xiti.jpg
Legacy of Ahybapta-Umfi Korvax Plaque
The Sentinels forbid all destruction. The sentinels forbid Entity disconnection through violence. Theirs is a way of peace and fulfillment, of logic and probability. They teach us that each life's value, from the smallest to that which gives life to all others, is equal. Legacy of Ahybapta-Umfi.jpg
Legacy of Atchesom-Adau Korvax Monolith
I see a strange vision. Blue light pours from the monolith as if a curtain has been dropped within. I hear a gentle hubbub of voices, and catch a familiar smell on the breeze. I cannot remember my home, but I know that this is a doorway leads there. I ache for a past I cannot remember. Every inch of my soul wants to make the leap back. I look to the skies, and the infinity beyond. Can I truly abandon my journey, when it's only just begun? Legacy of Atchesom-Adau.jpg
The Ophullul-Ehag Fragment Korvax Plaque
For countless generations the entities of the Korvax disconnected and passed on into the Echoes naturally. Each disconnection added to the knowledge and soul of the Convergence. Our home was Korvax Prime. Within its foundations we stored the memories of our race, an ever evolving equation that defines us. The Ophullul-Ehag Fragment.jpg
Remnants of Rophyisdru Korvax Plaque
We are the Korvax Echoes, ever enduring Entities of the Convergence. We live on through the logic and wisdom passed through our metal skins. Each generation is greater than the last. Remnants of Rophyisdru.jpg
The Untiaress-Quer Fragment Korvax Plaque
Eheu. Before the Dark Times the entities of the Korvax worshipped the Sentinels. Though them the Convergence found the formula of enlightenment. Now we calculate our own path, seeking to further enhance the mind of all that is one towards an understanding of the Atlas. The Untiaress-Quer Fragment.jpg



All fauna discovered by Talin.wind on the PC platform unless otherwise indicated (9/11)

Name Environment Gender Temperament Diet Height Weight Genus
Zaetualii Powenni Ground Exotic, Radical Stalking Insect-eater 1.40 95 Tetraceris
Mutilite Liumvenim Ground Symmetric, Radical Skittish Absorbed nutrients 0.87 72.62 Theroma
Adnuopech Liumvenim Ground Symmetric, None Fearful Grazing creature 0.69 50.81 Theroma
Zikono Israenap Ground Female, Unknown Amenable Absorbed nutrients 6 275 Ungulatis
Bisire Livoruss Air Asymptotic Bold Absorbed nutrients 0.90 75 Agnelis
Bioniarenica Anbotris Ground Asymmetric, Radical Timid Grazing creature 1.60 75 Reococcyx
Syrosoldium Liumvenim Ground Asymptotic, Male Skittish Vegetation 0.69 34.41 Conokinis
Hugiar Anbotris Ground Female, Unknown Shy Herbivore 1.40 101 Felidae
Folchiria Israenap Ground Female Amenable Grazing creature 6 290 Theroma



under construction

SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon C Substance.neutral.common1.png Copper Cu SUBSTANCE.PLANT.CAVE.png Antrium An
SUBSTANCE.FUEL.2.png Thamium9 Th Substance.neutral.common2.png Nickel Ni SUBSTANCE.PLANT.HOT.png Fervidium Fr
Substance.fuel.rare1.png Plutonium Pu Substance.neutral.common3.png Iridium Ir SUBSTANCE.SUBSNOW.png Coryzagen Co
Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron Fe Substance.neutral.uncommon1.png Aluminium Al NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum De
Substance.commodity.uncommon1.png Zinc Zn Substance.neutral.uncommon2.png Gold Au
Substance.commodity.rare1.png Titanium Ti Substance.neutral.rare1.png Emeril Em Heridium Hr Platinum Pt Chrysonite Ch



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