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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Nibiran Oligarchy
Nibiran Oligarchy
Coordinates Currently Mobile
Founded by Reddit: DanteKyon

PSN: DanteKyon666

Platform PS4
Release Atlas Rises

The Nibiran Oligarchy is a civilized space community.

Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of the Nibiran Oligarchy. For the Visions version, see Nibiran Freelanders.


The Nibiran Oligarchy is a civilized space community that is heavily militarized but peaceful on most terms.

Oversimplified History[]

It's funny how many civilizations in the modern era surround themselves around grand lore and claim to be races chosen by the Atlas and united by righteous, perfect rulers. The Nibiran Oligarchy is not one of these however, the people were not chosen by a god nor are they almighty themselves. leaders are little more than casual citizens, and are far more likely to be assigned the name of "Commander" as appose to a king or emperor.

The first Nibirans were colonists from a distant world in an uncharted galaxy.] They made a colony-city simply named N1 on (NF Capitol) Nibiru, a lone world in a quiet pocket of undiscovered space in Euclid named the Dwentian Cluster located in the Delta Quadrant. For the first 100 years or so there was nothing but peace until capitalist trade corporations that were the lifeline of Nibiru fought each other over complete control.

With trade on a standby until the conflict was resolved, an uprising of increasingly starving and violent citizens erupted. Open war broke out between everybody. Comrade vs comrade, and citizens vs Banner Corps, the largest trade federation in Nibiran space. Anarchy followed for hundreds of years. During this time the common man took new evolutionary traits. Senses were heightened and emotions ran thicker with the price of halved lifespans. Tribal clans ruled the whole of the planet as it seemed civilization took a step back.

The Nibiran Federation or NF was formed to bring people together again under one global government with the help of an alien species soon to be known as the Gek. The NF soon became an imperial military force and conquered over 100 surrounding systems before the Atlas Rises Cataclysm wiped the small empire off the galaxy map. The few survivors relocated to the Empsip Nebula in the Beta Quadrant. Eventually word of the Harsh Budz War got around and the NF became interested in having a larger cause in the galaxy and joined the NMS Federation on Halloween, where it lasted 29 days before it's first larger galactic war.

November 30th 2017 the NF became involved with the First Vestrogan War

December 20th 2017 the NF officially reforms itself into the Nibiran Oligarchy and co-founds the ICC

December 30th 2017 1st Unification Day

December 31st 2017 The Nibiran Oligarchy separates from the Federation and announces the ICC

January 13th 2018 The Nibiran Oligarchy evacuates Nibiru for a probable 1.5 catastrophe and begins migration to the Eissentam Galaxy with the Solarion Imperium

June 14th 2018 Since the last entry, the trek to Eissentam never took place. Dante spoke to the Black Hand and accidentally made it disband, and the Oligarchy began building a brand new fleet. Many people claim the Oligarchy was abandoned in this timeframe because of a lack of new news or communication coming from it. This was because of a reddit IP ban.

Foreign Standings[]

Here is a short standing list with a few civilizations. All other civilizations not mentioned here are on neutral standing with the Nibiran Oligarchy. The idea of this was inherited from the Galactic Agriculture Society

Civilization Standing
Amino Hub Close Ally
Galactic Agriculture Society Close Ally
Solarion Imperium Close Ally
Arcsinx Nexus Ally
Galactic Empire of HOVA Ally
The Galactic Frontier Ally
Empire of the Sacred Star Ally
Galactic Vanguard Ally
FirstGlyph_HuB Ally
The Plamidian Remnants Ally
Solis Dominion Ally
SpyderWeb Ally
Galactic Hub Project Hostile

Documented Systems[]

To gain wiki legitimacy, on the Oligarchy's trek to the Eissentam galaxy, five random systems near the core of the Hilbert Dimension galaxy were catalogued.

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
NF Haumea 4 0 PS4 Pathfinder
(NF Capitol) Nibiru Dwentian Cluster Sustainable Vy'keen 3 PS4 Visions
(NO) Delta Vega Odomisi Boundary Blue None Uncharted 3 0 PS4 NEXT
(NO) Frisky Odomisi Boundary Yellow Prospecting Vy'keen 2 1 PS4 NEXT
(NO) Hypnotize Odomisi Boundary Yellow Fuel Generation Korvax 3 0 PS4 NEXT
(NO) Mimban Odomisi Boundary Yellow Technology Korvax 6 0 PS4 NEXT
(NO) New Pirimu Odomisi Boundary Yellow Industrial Gek 5 0 PS4 NEXT
(NO) Turn Off the Radio Odomisi Boundary Yellow Engineering Gek 4 0 PS4 NEXT
(NO) Vandal Odomisi Boundary Yellow Mining Korvax 2 1 PS4 NEXT
(NO) Viganu Odomisi Boundary Blue Engineering Gek 6 0 PS4 NEXT
Danoya IX Slanomin Adjunct Yellow Mathematical Vy'keen 1 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Emuragaw Slanomin Adjunct Yellow Experimental Vy'keen 4 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Eokamoga Slanomin Adjunct Yellow Construction Gek 1 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Minamano XVII Slanomin Adjunct Yellow Metal Processing Korvax 1 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
Unokub XIX Slanomin Adjunct Yellow Experimental Vy'keen 4 2 PS4 Atlas Rises

Previous Emblems and NF items[]

Here is the emblem for the Nibiran Federation, that was used until its rebirth one day after Unification Day 2017 into the Nibiran Oligarchy. This is not an important part of this page, just a treat I guess.