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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

The subject of this article is from a previous version of No Man's Sky and is now considered obsolete.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorised.
Type Neutral
Rarity Uncommon
Blueprint Value 138.0 Units.png
Symbol Ni
Updated Atlas Rises

Nickel is a resource.


Nickel (Ni) is a resource, and a member of the Neutral elements class.

Game description[]

A silvery-white metal used in many industrial processes.

Regularly bought, sold, and bargained for on the Galactic Trade Network.

Can be combined with other elements to create valuable alloys if formula is available.


Nickel nodule

  • Found floating among the asteroids in space, and uncommonly on planets.
  • Some Space Fleets cargo holds carry Nickel in their cargo pods.
  • Mined from large asteroids in some cases.


Mine using the starship's Photon Cannon or the Multi-tool's Mining Beam option


Nickel is an obsolete resource and no longer has a purpose in the game.

Additional information[]

Release history[]

  • Release - original game element
  • NEXT - removed from the game