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Category Base Building
Type Plantable Seed
Total Value 1 Units.png
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NipNip is a farmable agricultural product.


NipNip seeds can be acquired from a hired Farmer.

Game description[]

NipNip being farmed

This medicinal herb is known for its pungent buds, which are harvested to produce Gek Nip. NipNip thrives in dank environments, and often grows as a weed.

Suitable for hydroponic planting indoors. Needs a tropical or humid climate before planting outdoors.


NipNip can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Additional information[]

  • Growing the plant will produce 1 NipNip Buds in roughly 4 hours of real time.
  • Although it says "needs a tropical or humid climate before planting outdoors," NipNip cannot be planted outdoors, unless they are glitch-built.
  • Users have glitched multiple plants into one spot to create hybrid strains of NipNip.

Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - Added as a product.
  • Atlas Rises - Blueprint changed, formerly used GekNip and Rigogen.
  • NEXT - Blueprint changed, formerly used GekNip and Kelp Sac. Hidden changes: The blueprint cannot be acquired.
  • Abyss - Hidden changes: The Agricultural Research mission now provides a blueprint for the NipNip Buds wrongly, which cannot be crafted, instead of the NipNip plant.
  • Visions - NipNip blueprint can now be acquired from the Farmer after their mission chain is complete. Wiki note: The mission still gives the wrong recipe.
  • Visions 1.76 - Fixed an issue where the Farmer would teach the wrong NipNip recipe. Blueprint changed, formerly used GekNip.
  • Beyond - Blueprint changed, Coprite was renamed to Faecium.