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NipNip - Hybrid Strains is a flora page.


NipNip - Hybrid Strains is a flora research page.

No Man's High Hub is a leading NipNip research community making ground breaking discoveries for the betterment of the citizens of Euclid and beyond. Delta-9 researcher Dedparot learned that two or more plants could be grown within the same spot and wondered what would happen if NipNip was grown with another plant. This led to fantastic results and the creation of a large variety of new hybrid NipNip strains; all of which were more potent and offered greater health benefits than the regular strains of NipNip.


Image Name Feelings Side Effects Helps With
Origin Story
NMH NipNip Strain GrandaddyGek 2.jpg Grandaddy Gek Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy Stress, Pain, Anxiety
Bred by combining the DNA of Mordite Root with NipNip. From the blood-soaked hills of Aplebo XVIII, where the jeweled land crustaceans and raptors assert bloody dominance over the dwindling species of prey left alive. The constant infusion of Mordite leeching into the ground from half-eaten carcasses at the base of mega nip nip trees has given rise to Grandaddy Gek. A strain that respects the memories of all who died. With reverent adherence to the smoothest, most-relaxed high that shares in the happiness of all those souls as they embrace the echoes and move into the beyond. Said to bring a final weariness and yearning to sleep at the end of a high, those who partake awaken later feeling rested and almost resurrected.
NMH NipNip Strain GravitonEmitter 2.jpg Graviton Emitter Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy Lack of Appetite, Stress, Anxiety
Bred by combining the DNA of Gravitino Host with NipNip. This highly specialized strain is the culmination of years of extremely dangerous labor by a small group of intrepid travelers. These travelers banded together to create the most potent hybrid strain of NipNip in the Euclid galaxy. They embarked on dozens of excursions to extreme worlds, and fought off hordes of sentinels that chased them to the edges of each solar system, to find the perfect specimen of Gravitino Host. Aboard their research freighter, they worked tirelessly with the immensely volatile Gravatino Host to splice its DNA with that of a highly potent form of pure NipNip. The travelers were assaulted by sentinels every time they stopped in a solar system to resupply. They learned that they needed to remain in deep space to conduct their research. After years of experimentation in the vastness of open space, the band of travelers returned to civilized systems. The finished product was a strain of NipNip without equal, but it carried a heavy price. The travelers themselves came back just as altered as their precious Graviton Emitter. Their physical forms had been twisted and they no longer perceived reality as they had before. Because of the dangers associated with cultivating Graviton Emitter, most grow ops are located on freighters and other large ships with rotating crews. These operations are rare and carry high profit margins for successful growers. Still, many unfortunate cultivators are destroyed by sentinel fleets. Their remains can be found strewn across countless worlds.
NMH NipNip Strain GekberryKush 2.jpg Gekberry Kush Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy Stress, Pain, Anxiety
Bred by combining the DNA of Venom Urchin with NipNip. Developed in the aftermath of the Korvax Uprising that destroyed the First Spawn Empire, Gekberry Kush was engineered by a team of Gek resource analysts in the remains of an old NipNip laboratory. There was such agony and remorse felt by the Gek that they needed an escape. Knowing that even a minimal amount of Sac Venom could paralyze the largest of fauna, they decided to introduce Venom Urchin DNA into that of the NipNip plant. The resulting Gekberry Kush deadened the pain and allowed the Gek to sleep soundly and painlessly. The researchers awoke to find themselves feeling refreshed and unburdened by their history. After its advent, Gekberry Kush spread throughout the new Gek Trade Empire with incredible speed. It allowed highborn and lowborn Gek alike to purge the torturous history from their minds, and refocus on trade expansion. Now used by all species throughout the galaxy to help ease the pain of continued existence in a harsh and dangerous universe.
NMH NipNip Strain HyperboreanHash 2.jpg Hyperborean Hash Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy Lack of Appetite, Stress, Anxiety
Bred by combining the dna of Frostwort with NipNip.
NMH NipNip Strain SandstormOG 2.jpg Sandstorm OG Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoid Stress, Anxiety, Pain
Bred by combining the dna of Echinocactus with NipNip.
NMH NipNip Strain FireballsOG 2.jpg Fireballs OG Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Bred by combining the dna of Solar Vine with NipNip.
NMH NipNip Strain FruityPearls 2.jpg Fruity Pearls Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Anxious Stress, Anxiety, Pain
The Fruity Pearls hybrid nip-nip strain is one of the oldest on record. Dating back to the time just before the fall of the First Spawn, Fruity Pearl was first researched by a collaborative team of low-Gek and Korvax scientists. While the ruthless leaders of the Gek were solely focused on expanding and fortifying their dominion, the lower members of the race were stuck with the harsh day to day realities of war.

It was from this pain that the Fruity Pearl was birthed. Medical wards were turning out injured soldiers constantly. The miracles they were able to perform saved thousands of these soldiers from painful, bloody deaths. However, the maladies of the mind were not so easily understood. Many soldiers, while healthy and strong on the outside, were still dealing with post traumatic stress from war. With a small donation from private sources, Task Force Albumen was formed, and after months of research their final product had far exceeded the team’s expectations. The new hybrid melted away stress, eased anxiety, and eased pain all with minimal lethargy.

Sadly this miracle plant cure never made it mainstream, and whether or not bureaucracy, funding, or naive leadership was at fault. It just never made it very far. Luckily the plant was not completely lost to the ages. Friends and families of that original study are still using it today. So if you’re in NMH space and see an Albumen Pearl Orb, make sure to take a peek inside. You never know what kind of goodies you may find.

NMH NipNip Strain BrambleBerryDream 2.jpg Bramble Berry Dream Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dixxy Stress, Pain, Depression
Bramble Berry Dreams is yet another Hybrid strain with its origins in NMH space. A story of an unlikely bonding in more ways than one. While traveling through the Lahanhar Conflux on a pilgrimage to the dankest place in space, the stonedest Gek you had ever met came across a Vy’keen who had been badly injured after a fight with pirates just inside the orbit of the planet Red Dragon. The Vy’keen, naturally, was ready to die from the wounds sustained in battle, and was proud to do so. This particular Gek was a bit more stubborn than most when it came to helping those in need (no matter the race.) However, nothing he said could get the Vy’keen to see reason.

The Gek decided to step away and try to think outside the box. While pondering his predicament and walking through the beautiful red grasses of their island the Gek stumbled across a curious thicket. While he expected to see Star Bramble, as well as NipNip. He never would have guessed that the two could naturally merge the way the way they had. Upon further inspection he noticed that the 2 plants hadn’t just grown adjacently. But that their entire root and stem system had actually merged to make one single plant. A cross between Star Bramble and Nip-Nip. Amazed, the Gek carefully harvested a few buds to sample. For Science…. What he found was incredible. He was euphoric, uplifted, and the nagging pain in his joints seemed to vanish, almost instantly.

Upon returning to their makeshift camp, he immediately stoked the fire with several of the buds. This semed to have the same type of effect on the Vy’keen, who became much more open to the idea of survival. Then, after several days was talkative, and almost friendly. After several more days the Vy’keen seemed to be all better, but for some reason he stayed. He began to partake in a more consenting manner, and even began accompanying the Gek on his outings to research the Bramble Berry Dream, and collect other Fauna and Flora data. Before long, the Gek considered this Vy’keen a friend. He was also beginning to suspect the Vy’keen saw him the same way. Generations of bad blood, problematic heritage, and self-righteousness had melted away in the isolation and much like the Nip Nip and the Star Bramble. An unlikely bond had been formed.

One morning the Gek awoke to find the Vy’keen had gone. No note. No word. Had the Vy’keen’s hunger for battle finally become too much? Had the isolation that the Gek had so enjoyed with his friend been more than the Vy’keen could handle? Or perhaps the Vy’keen had ventured off to share with the galaxy the possibilities of camaraderie amongst so much hatred? This, the Gek did not know, but true to his nature, he held on to hope.

The Vy’keen never returned to Red Dragon, and the Gek never heard from him again. He spent the rest of his life farming and living on their island. Always holding on to the hope that the next starship he saw would be his friend. There is a statue dedicated the Gek’s memory on Red Tides. Shining siilver, and pointing towards the Sea. Conventional belief holds that the Gek is pointing towards the original patch he found all those years ago. The Gek that tend this island today know that he is gesturing towards the stars, always keeping a heavy lidded eye out for his Vy’keen brother.

NMH NipNip Strain SkunkNo16 2.jpg Skunk No. 16 16 16 Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Paranoid Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Bred by combining the dna of Gutrot Flower with NipNip.
NMH NipNip Strain Kushroom 2.jpg Kushroom Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy Stress, Pain, Depression
Bred by combining the dna of Fungal Cluster with NipNip.
NMH NipNip Strain NukaNip 2.jpg NukaNip Uplifted, Energetic, Euphoric Dizzy, Dry Eyes, Paranoid Depression, Pain, Lack of Appetite
Bred by combining the DNA of Gamma Weed with NipNip. During the later years of the First Spawn conquest of the Euclid galaxy, the Gek supply ship, FS Enlil, was travelling through the Gobori system carrying a payload of the finest NipNip, and crashed on what would become NukaNip Prime. The high radiation and swirling winds quickly introduced the NipNip DNA into the local Gamma Weed population. After only a short time, a recovery crew arrived and discovered that the hybrid NukaNip had spread widely over the planet's surface. The ToilGek that found it was hesitant at first to smoke it, but that fear instantly vanished as it was hit by euphoric waves and a swell of energy. NukaNip was immediately brought to the First Spawn warriors that quickly adopted it as a combat aid. It allowed them to remain calm and composed in even the most savage conflict. Sadly, NukaNip was lost after the fall of the First Spawn, but rumors have been circulating about its recent return. There are even whispers about modern First Spawn that may have discovered the origin of this highly prized strain.

Plant Your Own[]

There are a few methods for planting your own hybrid NipNip strains. The most popular and easiest method is by 'overplanting' in a Bio-Dome. There are 16 spots to plant crops in a bio-dome. When a Door or Straight Corridor is attached to the bio-dome, it removes three spots to plant. These three spots are where you will plant your hybrid NipNip strains. You do so by following these steps:

  1. Plant NipNip in the 3 spots where plants would be removed by adding a door or corridor
  2. Add a door or corridor to your biodome, regardless of the NipNip you have just planted
  3. Delete the door or corridor without deleting the NipNip plants
  4. You should now be able to plant the modifier crop in the same spot as the NipNip.

Once the plants reach maturity, you can harvest both manually or by using the 'harvest all' feature present in bio-domes. The door or corridor effectively 'resets' the planting boundary and allows you to plant anything in the same spot again. For more information, please refer to this youtube video by Jason Plays.

The other method is wire/pill light glitch building. This will take a bit more finesse and a bit more button timing, but it will allow you to plant hybrid NipNip in places other than the bio-dome. For more information on wire/pill light glitching, please refer to this youtube video by BeebleBum.

Additional information[]