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The subject of this article is from the ExoMech update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 10 June, 2020.
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This page contains instructions for using the default wiki templates.


This wiki contains a number of pre-built templates that make it much easier to create standard wiki pages. It will save having to type in all the headers and sections yourself.

Page types[]

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The following page types are available:

  • Base
  • Civilized Space
  • Company
  • Creature
  • Flora
  • Mineral
  • Moon
  • Multitool
  • Planet
  • Region
  • Star System
  • Starship

There are also templates for creating specific Category pages:

  • Planet Category
  • Moon Category
  • Region Category
  • Star System Category
  • Civilized Space Category
  • Civilized Space Subcategory

How to use[]

Blue link page (item 5)

If you want to use one of the templates (and we recommend you do), follow these steps. For sake of example, let's call our new page MyNewPage:

  1. in the search bar, key in the name of the page you want to create, exactly as you want it to appear, then search for the page
  2. the search results will show you pages similar to the text you searched for
  3. if the page does NOT exist, you can add the page if you wish.
  4. enter the name of the page in the "new article" box on the home page of the wiki, and click on the Create Page button
  5. this will take you to a page called Creating MyNewPage that contains a number of links, one for each of the page types mentioned above (see pic on right)
  6. click the link that matches the page type you want to create
  7. scroll down the page and you'll see a standard editing window, already populated with the proper framework.
  8. fill out the page with your information and save

NOTE: If you don't have data for a particular section, leave the section header in place. The headers provide a standard look-and-feel framework for our pages. If you want to go back later and add information, then the structure will still be there.

Infobox information[]

If you aren't sure what values to use in a page's infobox, review the appropriate documentation page. Here are links to some of the more common types:

Additional information[]

If you have questions, leave a note on the talk page.