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This is a general rules page for the NMS wiki.


The following is a list of general guidelines as they apply to the No Man's Sky wiki. If you have suggestions or comments, add them to the Discussion tab for this page.

You may also wish to review the Best Practices guide for this wiki.

General Wiki Etiquette[]

  • Treat all other users with respect
  • Do not engage in "edit wars"
  • Do not use slurs or hate speech

Page edits[]

  • If changing a page and the change is not a minor correction, include a description of what you changed in the Summary box at the bottom
  • Editing should be done to benefit the wiki community in general, and not to promote one organization or player over another. (see Reference Guidelines)
  • Do not change pages unnecessarily - for example, if you find a system page from the NEXT era with planets listed that are not shown as links, there is no need to create links that will always show as red.
  • When changing discovery pages (Star system / Planet / Species / Starship etc) created by another editor, check the release version. If it's the current release of NMS, and the change is not a minor correction, leave an explanatory note on the editor's profile page before making the change. Give the editor time to respond in case there is a reason that the change should not be made.

Content Guidelines[]

  • All pages should have the following at minimum, with relevant content for each.
    • Summary section
    • At least one category
    • Short intro sentence before the Summary


  • If a page has a specified type of infobox, use it with as much of the info filled out as possible
  • The Resource list in a system/planet infobox can either be spelled out, or standard abbreviations may be used. Resources on the page itself should be spelled out and linked if appropriate.
  • Editors cannot add their own parameters (also referred to as parms) to an infobox and expect them to show up. Infoboxes are locked down as they are important to the structure of the wiki and will need to be updated by the admin team.
  • When using a picture in the infobox, only use the picture name; no additional links, sizes, or comments are needed.

Civilized Space[]

  • Modifying civspace information of another player without their knowledge and agreement is discouraged
  • The CivSpace and Company pages can be changed only by the admins after discussion is completed on the talk page
  • The "Civilized Space" banner is only to be used on the home page (i.e. embassy page) for an organization that has been recognized as an official CivSpace
  • Having the same editor in charge of more than one civspace and/or company is strongly discouraged. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • A civspace will be placed on the official civspace page once five systems have been properly documented on the wiki
  • Alliances are composed of a minimum of five active civilizations, each with a minimum of five documented star systems
  • CivSpace pages represent 'political' organizations and should use the CivSpace banner. Other organizations, such as 'companies', should use the Companies banner.

Other content[]

  • Use macros if available (Alias, Gl (for portals), Query crafting, Craft, etc)
  • The FanFiction banner is to be used on pages that either contain significant or complete fan fiction (i.e. user invention)
  • Use the talk/discussion tabs on pages if you want general input on an idea or question.
  • As this is a British-published game, the British spelling for words as chosen by Hello Games should be used if different than the Americanized spelling. (aluminium, civilisation, mould, centre, armourer etc)
  • for clarity and better response time, use wiki tags such as PAGENAME with caution, and only when other alternatives do not exist