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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

Macros are a method of data presentation.

Summary[edit source]

The No Man's Sky wiki has a variety of formatting macros that are used to provide a standard look-and-feel for specific types of information. Editors are encouraged to use them on their pages as appropriate.

Some of the macros are optional, others are more-or-less required as they are an important part of general wiki appearance. A short description of the more common macros follows. For information on how to use them, select the link.

Links[edit source]

Acodex[edit source]

creates an AtlasCodex link


Discord[edit source]

creates a Discord link


Imgur[edit source]

creates an imgur link

E. Dasyatmoe

Link[edit source]

Gives a link that provides a popup if hovered over. Mainly used on index pages for bases and starships.

Auragi Sector XVII Overlook

Profile[edit source]

Creates a link to the UserProfile page of the indicated user.


Creates a link to the UserProfile page of the indicated user, but displays an alias.


Reddit[edit source]

creates a user reddit link


creates a subreddit reddit link but displays an alias


RedditR[edit source]

creates a subreddit reddit link


WP[edit source]

creates a Wikipedia link


Macros[edit source]

Alias[edit source]

Used mainly on star and planet pages to provide a history of both the original name used for the system as well as any additional names. It also provides a link between pages when the same system has been documented on more than one gaming platform.

PS4 Current: HUB3-59 Rio Alpha Two

There is also an Aliaslegacy version used for occasions where systems documented on multiple platforms have been merged under the Expeditions release.

PS4 Legacy HUB3-59 Rio Alpha Two

bettership[edit source]

Used on starship pages to provide standard descriptions for items such as efficient thrusters or phase beams.
        Explained - Macros is equipped with a phase beam to streamline resource gathering in addition to the basic loadout.It is also equipped with efficient thrusters to further improve its fuel consumption and enhance exploration.

Biome[edit source]

Takes a variable and builds the related biome page link as an alias.


Bug[edit source]

Displays the release number and a custom message referencing a noticed bug, and provides a link to where it can be reported.

Bug (3.00): 'Custom message' Please report this bug here.

Construction[edit source]

Shows that a particular section is being actively worked on.

Buildable.pavingtall.png  Note: This section is under development.

Coords[edit source]

Displays system coordinates in a standard fashion


Currencies[edit source]

  • Nanites displays a graphical version of the nanites currency: NANITES.png
  • Unit displays a graphical version of the Units currency: Units.png
  • Quicksilver displays a graphical version of the Quicksilver currency: QUICKSILVER.png

Dangerbeast[edit source]

Shows that a creature is dangerous and will attack on sight.

If the '/Icon' tag is added, it will only display the red icon:. DANGEROUS CREATURE.png

DANGEROUS CREATURE.png  Warning! This creature is dangerous and will attack on sight.

Deconstruction[edit source]

Shows that a particular base has been disassembled and no longer exists.

If the 'customised' parm contains a value, it will be displayed after the standard phrase.

Deconstruction.png  This base has been deleted and no longer exists. But you can rebuild it if you wish.

Delete[edit source]

Adds a tag asking that the page be deleted.

If the 'customised' parm contains a value, it will be displayed after the standard phrase.

This page is a candidate for deletion.
Reason: "Reason page should be deleted"

Disambig[edit source]

used when two pages have either similar names, or cross over the boundary between game releases. It provides a link from one page to the other.

Gateway[edit source]

Creates a standard phrase indicating that the star system is a Gateway System.

This is a Gateway system, one of the last systems the player needs to travel to before having access to the Galaxy Centre.

Gl[edit source]

takes a text portal value and converts it into the graphical glyphs seen in the game. There are four flavors: the standard, InTable, Large, and Small. The last three values are called by using "Gl/" followed by the desired option.


Inactive[edit source]

Indicates that the civ or company in question no longer exists. A single input parameter allows for a customized explanation.

Abandoned.png  This organization has ceased operations, and is no longer in existence. {{{1}}}

Latlong[edit source]

Provides a standard text for indicating latitude and longitude, see the template page for more variations.

Portal is located at latitude/longitude -47.36, +131.94

NewPlanetOrigins[edit source]

Adds a standard note indicating that a particular planet was added to the system as a result of the Origins release.

NOTE: PlanetName added to this system during the Origins update.

Obsolete[edit source]

Tags a page as being from a previous version and no longer available for use.

The subject of this article is from a previous version of No Man's Sky and is now considered obsolete.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorised.

Platform[edit source]

Creates a list of the platforms available for No Man's Sky.


Releaselist[edit source]

Creates a list of the release names for No Man's Sky.

Release, Foundation, Pathfinder, AtlasRises, NEXT, Abyss, Visions, Beyond, Synthesis, Living Ship, ExoMech, Crossplay, Desolation, Origins, NextGen, Companions, Expeditions

Style_header[edit source]

Creates the standard "style" code for setting the background colour used in the Planet/Moon tables.

With no parms, it only sets the colour. If a first parm is present (use lower-case c as default), it centres the text. If a second parm is present (as a number), it sets the colspan to that value.

Version[edit source]

used at the top of each wiki article to show which major release is represented by the page.

Additional information[edit source]

If you have suggestions for improving any of these macros, or have suggestions for a new one, leave a comment on the talk page.