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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 February, 2024.


This page will provide short articles on new updates to the NMS wiki that may prove useful to wiki editors and readers. These may include new infobox parameters, new reference pages, updates on page standards, etc. etc. If you have suggestions or comments, leave a note on the talk page. Entries will stay on this page for three months.

Revised Cargo Census (6 January 2024)

Civilizations using the Cargo-based base census can now decide for themselves when to renew their census. Before, the census always reset on January 1st. This is still the default state. However, there is now also the possibility to either never reset, or to decide for yourself when you want to reset, by giving your census a revision number.

In detail, this works as follows:

On your civ's census page, there should be the {{Base Census}} template. If that doesn't exist, then you are not using the base census.

That template now accepts a second parameter, which decides how the census reset is handled:

  • {{Base Census|CivName}}: If completely omitted, the census will reset automatically at the end of the year, and base pages need to be updated to the new current year.
  • {{Base Census|CivName|}}: If left empty, the census will never reset and will display all members who were ever on the cargo census.
  • {{Base Census|CivName|2023}}: If a specific revision is given, the census will only display bases with this revision in the "censusrenewal" base infobox parameter. If you want to reset the census, change the second parameter of this template.

Currently, no census pages have that second parameter, so they all will reset at the end of the year, as they did in the past years.

Base pages now also accept a comma separated list in their "censusrenewal" parameter. So you could for example have "censusrenewal = 2023, 2024". By doing this, you can archive older census versions. To do this, simply create a duplicate of your census page and specify the version you want to have listed in the Base Census template.

If you have any questions about this change or need help with the setup, don't hesitate to contact the wiki admin team!

Introducing Community Discussions (28 June 2023)

To make the internal wiki processes more transparent, a new system is introduced to allow wiki editors to give their opinions on major decisions regarding the wiki and propose changes for discussion. For a detailed explanation of the discussion system, see No Mans Sky Wiki:Explained - Community Decision Making.

Civilization Banners on Wiki Discovery Pages (19 May 2023)

Compared to a few years ago, the volume of discovery pages (star systems, planets, bases, creatures, etc) has grown considerably. The number of civilizations and companies has also grown dramatically. In recent years, more civilizations and companies have been using civilization banners on the top of their wiki pages.

The admin team today is announcing a new set of formal rules over who can create these, and where they can be used. For more detailed information look on the community portal and read these rules at No Mans Sky Wiki:Explained - Civilized Space Banners and Usage.

Sentinel Interceptors (20 April 2023)

With the Interceptor release, new ships have been introduced. These ships feature a Greek letter in their name, making the page creation process more difficult. We still want to follow the game with its naming, that means putting these Greek letters into the page title and on the page itself.

To help with that, adjustments have been made to the editing window and the preload template selection. The editor now features the Greek letters below the save button. Click a letter to insert it at your cursor's position. If it isn't shown for you, click the "Show Special Characters" button below the save button. The template selection also displays all letters. You can hover over them to see their full name. For the people on mobile, there is a link which shows all letters and their full name in a table.

To keep the pages searchable, there will be redirects to the greek letter pagename. Let's say the name of the ship is β-Hope. This is the Greek letter "Beta". We will therefore create a redirect from Beta-Hope to the real page β-Hope. Please remember to create that redirect after creating the page.