Nojuricas Gimole is a very radioactive and slightly toxic planet. It is a freezing planet, averaging at about -2.3° C. It appears to be covered in stone structures, several caves and a few signal scanners and trading posts . The only known beings that roam through the land are the Sentinels , which are extremely aggressive and attack in large forces. Gravitino-Balls can be found across the land just as much as potassium and vortex cubes are densely populated within caves.


An almost dead planet home to a few basic resources such as, plutonium , and iron . Some Titanium can be gathered from Sentinels. Mountains of Gold are scattered across the flat terrain and a few pillar like structures rise up from the ground, twist and lead back into the planet.


There are no living creatures known to be populating the planet.


The vegetation is very scarce and almost non existent. The only known resource that can be gathered from a somewhat plant- pimple-like, pulsating blob are Calium [Ca].

A few patches of Thamium9 and Zinc cover a small part of the planet (10%).

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