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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Noya Centauri II
Noya Centauri II
Galaxy Euclid
Region Agutissye Quadrant
Star system Noya Centauri
Terrain Pangean
Biome Barren - Wind swept
Weather Intermittent Wind blasting
Resources Cc, Na, Py, Cu
Sentinels Low
Flora Copious
Fauna Ample
Claimed by CELAB Galactic Industries
Discovered by celab99
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated Visions

Noya Centauri II is a planet in No Man's Sky.


Noya Centauri II is a planet in the star system Noya Centauri on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[]

PC Current: Noya Centauri II

Planet type[]

This planet is a desert. The planet features waterless/pangean terrain.

The planet was explored during the period of Nov 2018-April 2019 by CELAB Galactic Industries.

Environment Conditions[]

The planet has frequent storm weather conditions.

Scenario Temp Radiation Toxicity Notes
Daytime 32.3°C 1.5 Rad 15.4 Tox
Night time XX°C 1.5 Rad 15.4 Tox
Storm Daytime 114.8°C 1.5 Rad 15.4 Tox Frequent
Storm Night time xx°C 1.5 Rad 15.4 Tox Frequent


There are no moons.

Notable Locations[]

Sequence Latitude Longitude POI Type Area Name Notes
01 + 5.46 +110.25 Monolith A TBD See gallery.
02 +51.02 +113.35 Trading Post A TBD Marked with a white Save Beacon. See gallery.
03 +30.53 -27.68 Portal Seillu-Ouda Landmark Marked with Communications Station, purple beacon, and Exocraft Summoning Station. See gallery.
04 +31.04 -27.68 Holographic Comms Tower A TBD See gallery.
05 +30.70 -27.67 Drop Pod A TBD Marked with greeen beacon. See gallery.



Eleven (11) species of fauna are known to exist. The following table identifies those catalogued:

Name Genus Height Weight DiscoveredOn Game release
M. Ovinewesdae Procavya 1.6 70.7 Visions
N. Wingtevum Procavya 2.6 129.1 Visions
P. Witichwulpae Tetraceris 0.7 81.4 Visions
Q. Raphtoae Agnelis 1.3 59.2 Visions
R. Yewnoburera Felidae 0.9 59.0 Visions
U. Magnetoociae Procavya 2.7 143.8 Visions
X. Coldoppis Ungulatis 3.0 138.8 Visions

Note: Fauna prior to Origins era are extinct.


Sentinel activity is low.


The following resources can be found on this planet.


Planet Information[]

Notable locations[]

CELAB Galactic Industries[]

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