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Colour Magenta
Updated Expeditions
Order 256
Galaxy sequence
Previous galaxy Next galaxy
NONE Hilbert Dimension

Odyalutai is the 256th galaxy in the No Man's Sky universe.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Odyalutai cannot be reached through normal gameplay since the Atlas Rises update, the only way now to reach this galaxy is if you join a player who is already there (via Multiplayer) or visit a player base through the Nexus. It is confirmed that the next galaxy is the Hilbert Dimension.

The galactic core of Odyalutai appears to be Magenta in color.

Region categories[edit | edit source]

The Odyalutai core
PS4 1-21-2020

Regions can be categorised by the prefix or suffix added to the procedurally generated name (∗ marks its location). Names without prefix or suffix can also appear.

  1. ∗ Adjunct
  2. ∗ Void
  3. ∗ Expanse
  4. ∗ Terminus
  5. ∗ Boundary
  6. ∗ Fringe
  7. ∗ Cluster
  8. ∗ Mass
  9. ∗ Band
  10. ∗ Cloud
  11. ∗ Nebula
  12. ∗ Quadrant
  13. ∗ Sector
  14. ∗ Anomaly
  15. ∗ Conflux
  16. ∗ Instability
  17. Sea of ∗
  18. The Arm of ∗
  19. ∗ Spur
  20. ∗ Shallows

Known regions[edit | edit source]

Region Civilized Release
Bojirus Alliance of Galactic Travellers NextGen
Cucelon Nebula The Odyalutai Men Explorers Atlas Rises
Eensei Cluster Alliance of Galactic Travellers NextGen
Ekchim Instability GenBra Space Corp Synthesis
Fateian Instability Living Ship
Lilasti Shallows NextGen
Nesoldb Boundary Desolation
Ondustopp Instability GenBra Space Corp Synthesis
Otzigsc O.P.A Crossplay
Pidorduk Alliance of Galactic Travellers NextGen
Sea of Kigaibo Pan-Galactic Builders Federation Expeditions
The Arm of Foharpu Black Star Order Crossplay
Ulyask Atlas Rises
Vodyaur Anomaly Alliance of Galactic Travellers Companions
Wempdo Boundary Alliance of Galactic Travellers Companions
Yehustinra Sector GenBra Space Corp Synthesis

Specialty stars[edit source]

Black Holes[edit source]

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Atlas Interface[edit source]

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Civilized space[edit | edit source]

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