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Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version of Olenwag. For the Atlas Rises version, see Olenwag (Atlas).

The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Vedulay Cloud
Color Black Hole
Spectral class G6f
Distance to centre 1157911 light‑years
Planet(s) 4
Moon(s) 2
Faction Korvax
Economy Resource
E-Sell 58.7%
E-Buy -26.6%
Wealth Balanced (2)
Conflict level Medium (2)
Claimed by Forgotten Colonies
Discovered by Thamalandis
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated NEXT

Olenwag is a star system.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Olenwag is one of the rare double star systems in No Man's Sky. Its partnerstar is Houdat at 1 ly distance. It is not to be confused with a binary star system!

It is a mining star system on the Alpha meridian at the end of the Alpha Spiral in the Euclid galaxy. Its distance to Alpha Polaris is 286ly! The system's hyper black hole is connected to Gulang, 81992 ly towards the center and 120401 ly away.

The Vedulay Cloud hyper wormhole is under control of a Korvax Convergence with focus on capitalism. They have monetised their wormhole. The main consciousness and supervisior of the system is Technitian Entity Spiysk and its partner Technitian Entity Kizilyub. The Vy'keen Enemy Slayer Chimo takes care of local security, to establish a basis for the Korvax' profits. Security is NORMAL!

Aboard the space station the Korvax offer honored visitors access to their workshop.

History[edit | edit source]

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

In the past the local Korvax corporation of Olenwag had economical ties to the Gek trade guilds. While these ties have been severed, most likely due to a breakdown of negotiations, the Vy'keen remain as their mercenaries. With the stabilised nature of the wormholes, the Korvax shut down their massive server networks used to calculate save passages before.

Planets & Moons[edit | edit source]

  • Iwan, the former Olenwag 1, was a lifeless rock. Since the anomaly it has regained an atmosphere, turning it into a giant pangean ice world.
    • -51.9°C at day.
    • -54.8°C at night.
    • -94.8°C during nighttime blizzards.
    • Olenwag Prime, the former Rascholo, was an arctic moon. Today it has warmed up and has become a pangean gaia moon.
      • Subtropical Climate (over 30°C), 32.5°C already around 6:00.
      • 20.4°C at night.
      • ??.?°C during heatwaves.
  • Olenwag 2, the former Olenwag Prime, was a gentle oceanic gaia world and the system's main trade hub. Today it has lost its water and atmosphere, turning it into a dead world.
  • Olne, the former Olenwag 3, was a dead world. The anomaly has revived it as a calm continental gaia ringworld with a beautiful climate and relaxed sentinels. It is truly a marvel of the universe. The local wraith species is marvelous against the dusk.
    • Temperate Climate (~15°C in the evening around the 20's during the day).
    • The waters are 7°C colder than the atmosphere at day.
  • Roton, the former Hokla, was an oceanic gaia world. Sometime after the anomaly a greenhouse effect started which at this point culminated into the slow evaporation of its former oceans. While the process is ongoing it already lost its oceanic property. Today it is a continental scorched world.
    • 62-64.1°C during the day (4:00-19:30)
    • 56.1°C during the night.
    • The water is 40°C cooler than the atmosphere during the day and 39°C during the night! (safe)
    • 99°C during nighttime firestorms.
    • ??°C during daytime firestorms.
    • Olenwag 4A was an extremely dangerous scorched moon. Its daily temperature alone was 106.7°C. Now it has lost its atmosphere and has cooled out. It has become a dead moon.

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]


Starships[edit | edit source]

  • Overall: 7 Shuttles, 3 Fighter, 7 Explorer, 3 Hauler, 1 Exotic, 3 Freighter, 1 Capital Freighter
  • Left: 7 Shuttles, 3 Fighter, 7 Explorer, 3 Hauler, 1 Freighter, 1 Capital Freighter

Space Station




Technology[edit | edit source]

Reroll Option:

Exosuit[edit | edit source]

MultiTool[edit | edit source]

  • Legacy of Abinkar-XVI (A-Class 23 Slot 14/0/11)

Starship[edit | edit source]

Trade[edit | edit source]

General: Sell 58.7% / Buy -26.6%

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