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Operations Centre
Operations Centre
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An Operations Centre is a Point of Interest found on planets.


Operations Centres are planetary locations with locked steel doors. As of version 1.37, Operation Centres give the same rewards as Manufacturing Facilities, but they have a higher chance to reward technology blueprints. They can occasionally reward a blueprint for Frigate consumable upgrades.

Operations Centres can be found by using Planetary Chart (secure site) or by following "raid planetary harvester" missions from the Mission Board. These missions, however, will not give any blueprint rewards.


It is a three-block single-structure location with a parking beacon. It can be easily confused with an Observatory, which has a satellite dish on top of it. The front door of the structure is locked and will require the player to blast it open with the Plasma Launcher, Boltcaster or Scatter Blaster which will alarm sentinels.

Behind the door in the centre of the room is a terminal with which the player will have to interact to solve a randomly-generated problem. The structure will have 0-3 extensions that require an AtlasPass v2 to enter. The operations centre is guarded closely by three sentinel drones and two Sentinel Quads.



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