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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.

This page fills the role of Embassy for [Oxalis]] Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Galaxy Meximicka
Quadrant Beta
Region Kitsaye
Capital system Emennoll
Capital planet Modai 38/B2
Coordinates 0804:0079:07FD:001C
Size Solo
Type Documentation
Founded by Nesdorinux Project
Platform PC
Release Prisms

This embassy page is about the current version of Oxalis. For the older versions, see Oxalis Archive.

Oxalis is a civilized space zone.


Oxalis is a civilized space zone.
It is located in the Kitsaye region of the Meximicka galaxy.

Since Frontiers, Oxalis Hotels has taken over the civilized space rights from Oxalis. Oxalis is therefore no longer an officially recognized civilization.

Sovereign Territory[]

Nesdori Spur[]

Oxalis was founded during Atlas Rises near the centre of Euclid. The Nesdori Spur region has been explored and documented since the Pathfinder update.
The Oxalis area includes 10 stars, 30 planets and 8 moons.


In the days of Living Ship, Oxalis emigrated to Meximicka.
The Kitsaye region in the 131st galaxy has been explored and documented since the Visions update.

Oxalis Hotels[]

Oxalis Hotels is a company with Hotels in various planetary systems in Euclid and other galaxies. The Hotels serve as embassies for Oxalis.


Oxalis is a solo civilization and member of the United Federation of Travelers.

Title Name Image Task
  Editor     Artifexity   Artifexity01.png  Map Maker 
   Researcher      Eizi   Eizi01.png   Founder of Oxalis  
   Ambassador      Acolatio   Acolatio01.png  Secretary  
Headquarters Base Location

Oxalis Island
Headquarters of Oxalis


Historical timeline[]

Researcher Eizi started his journey to the centre of Euclid within the constellation Dandelion. At the centre he documented Nofremy, designed the Nesdorinux Project and founded Oxalis.

12.17.2016 Discovery of Nesdorinux / Nesdori Spur
05.05.2017 Foundation of the Nesdorinux Project
05.21.2017 Member of the United Federation of Travelers
Atlas Rises
08.14.2017 Foundation of Oxalis
12.10.2017 Oxalis has has opened its own subreddit
12.29.2017 The Galactic Hub has opened an Embassy in Oxalis
07.05.2018 Acolatio has been appointed the 3rd General Moderator of the Federation
07.26.2018 Establishment of a headquarters in the star system Deningo-Hungz
09.25.2018 Opening of Hotel Budullangr
10.11.2018 Opening of Oxalis Hotel Center
11.08.2018 Opening of Hotel Samone
12.11.2018 The Oxalis Hotel Chain was registered and recognized as a Company
03.24.2019 Establishment of a headquarters in the star system Laydopp
05.11.2019 Foundation of Crash City in Meximicka
07.25.2019 Opening of Hotel 11
Living Ship
08.03.2020 Acolatio was appointed by Black Star Order to the Bishop of Desdemer Prime
22.03.2020 Emigration to Crash City in Meximicka
20.04.2020 Opening of the retreat Lake House
13.06.2020 Opening of Oxalis Embassy Hotel
16.06.2020 Opening of Oxalis Hotel Meximicka
20.06.2020 Opening of Oxalis Hotel Euclid
27.06.2020 Opening of Oxalis Hotel Eissentam
10.10.2020 Establishment of a headquarters in the star system Emennoll
15.10.2020 Opening of Oxalis Phantom Hotel
17.03.2021 Resignation as 3rd General Moderator of the Federation
11.04.2021 Opening of Oxalis Hotel D7
14.04.2021 Opening of Oxalis Hotel AGT
17.04.2021 Opening of Oxalis Archive Hotel
20.04.2021 Opening of Oxalis Qitanian Hotel
01.05.2021 Opening of Oxalis Hotel 42
20.05.2021 Return as 3rd General Moderator of the Federation
10.10.2021 Oxalis has given the civilized space rights to Oxalis Hotels


Star systems 76 Planet/Moons 262
Fauna 364 Bases 21