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The subject of this article is from the Frontiers update.
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Location Flying
Type Genus
Description Wraiths or flying snakes.
Updated Frontiers

Oxyacta is a genus.


Wraiths in the skies of Kalista Kali.

Oxyacta is a genus of fauna in No Man's Sky.

They are commonly referred to as "wraiths." This is because when they were visible in the early No Man's Sky trailers, they were seen around Portals, and came to be called "Portal wraiths." Although they are not known to be associated with Portals in the final release, the "wraith" portion stuck. They are also commonly called "flying snakes," which is the 'common name' that the game code uses, and "flying worms," due to their appearance.

Defining Characteristics[]

Oxyacta species are easily recognizable, as it is the largest flying genus in terms of size.

  • Long, snake-like bodies with no significant limbs.
  • Often segmented, as seen here, or more flexible, as seen here.
  • Usually seen in pairs or in large schools/gatherings.
  • Invincible - cannot be killed by any known means.
  • Will never attack a player or any other fauna.
  • Often appear with leechlike mouthparts.

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