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PanGalactic StarCabs
PanGalactic StarCabs
Galaxy Zavainlani
Quadrant Beta
Region Lekmesi Nebula
HQ System PanGalactic StarCab Headquarters
Headquarters PanGalactic StarCab Headquarters
Founded by debert58 and X--Wings--X
Type NpC PSC
Branches Five
Specialisation Transportation
Services A ride to any System/Galaxy
All Platforms
All 5 modes
Federation member No
Platform All
Updated Outlaws

PanGalactic StarCabs is a company.


PanGalactic StarCabs is a Non-Profit Personal Services company in No Man's Sky.

It is based in the Lekmesi Nebula region of the Zavainlani galaxy.


Our mission here at PGSC is to:

  • Establish bases in a gateway system at the core of every Galaxy in the NMS universe
  • Provide anyone free access to any galaxy in the NMS Universe.
  • Develop techniques and train others interested in expanding PGSC Services to all available platforms and modes
  • Promote the expansion of Civilized Space to the entirety of the NMS universe

Corporate Locations[]

PanGalactic StarCabs PS4 Division Locations
PS4 Galaxy Region System Planet
Headquarters Zavainl Lekmesi Nebula PanGalactic StarCab Headquarters PanGalactic StarCAB Headquarters
Region 1 HQ Teyaypilny Maxwels Nebula PanGalactic StarCab Region 1 HQ PanGalactic StarCAB Region 1 HQ
Region 2 HQ Akvasanta Etrepo Conflux PanGalactic StarCab Region 2 HQ PanGalactic StarCAB Region 2 HQ
Region 3 HQ Drundemiso Kugasegn Expanse PanGalactic StarCab Region 3 HQ PanGalactic StarCAB Region 3 HQ
Region 4 HQ Nepitzaspru Irossosoto Quadrant PanGalactic StarCab Region 4 HQ PanGalactic StarCAB Region 4 HQ
StarCab Stations Usually found in Gateway Systems at the core of each Galaxy

Documented systems[]

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
PanGalactic StarCab Region 2 HQ Etrepo Conflux Yellow Mathematical Gek 3 1 PS4 SentinelUp
PanGalactic StarCab Region 4 HQ Irossosoto Quadrant Yellow Fuel Generation Vy'keen 6 0 PS4 SentinelUp
PanGalactic StarCab Region 3 HQ Kugasegn Expanse Yellow Trading Korvax 5 1 PS4 SentinelUp
PanGalactic StarCab Headquarters Lekmesi Nebula Green Construction Korvax 6 0 PS4 SentinelUp
PanGalactic StarCab Region 1 HQ Maxwels Nebula Blue Technology Korvax 6 0 PS4 SentinelUp


No Portals, Portals without interference, Portals with interference.

The Living Ship update brought the ability for players in a group, but not in a mission, to choose to exit the anomaly into the current system, or enter the system of a groupmate via "Anomaly Flight Control". This allowed two players working together to portal anywhere in a galaxy, totally eliminating "Portal Interference".

This technique, along with reloading after coring a galaxy allowed for the efficient basing in a Gateway System of the 256 galaxies of the NMS Universe. To this end, PanGalactic StarCabs was founded by deber58 (Admiral at BHS) and X--Wings--X (Founder of Hilbert Dimension Core Faction (HSDF)) on 5 April 2020.

Pan Galactic Star Cabs Travel Plaza[]

Welcome to the Pan Galactic Star Cabs Travel Plaza. Take a rest, lay down, and have a drink. We welcome all travelers here. Maybe you will find new friends. Are you coming for the big pyramid? Did you discover all the secrets hidden here already? We have everything you could ever want, from free carbon to NipNip. Now a new dance floor complete with a Gek bartender and two Vy'keen bouncers, letting in only VIP travelers of course! Come visit us, take your time, and relax!





Located in Nepitzaspru the 250th Galaxy.

Thank you to Asrox for building this inviting travel plaza for all to see!

Partnerships and Alliances[]

Other Companies and civilizations that share a preferred partnership:

Organization Logo Notes
CELAB Galactic Industries CGI-01.png Exploration partner


Organization Logo Notes
Galactic Voyager Initiative Galactic Voyager Initiative.jpg


If you wish to join our company, you should submit your application at our Discord


Member Name Platform Role
Debert PSN Executive Director
Netherworld12 PC Board Of Directors
Cosmic Dragon PSN Board Of Directors
Taken Paladin PC Public Relations / Assistant Director
Coris PC Human Resources
Brewer5700 PC Tech Support

PGSC Cabbies[]

Cabbie Rank
debert Ultimate
Cosmic Dragon Ultimate
Nether Legendary
Coris Legendary
Auryn-The_Gem Elite
Sappho Elite
Asrox Elite
ANAN Cool jude👁👄👁👌 Grand
Brewer5700 Master
Hosym Master
EarthyMadness Master
PLUS several newer joiners