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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Peaceful Pepperbase
Peaceful Pepperbase
Galaxy Euclid
Region Kogii'ithip
Star system HUB7-G-214 Einhander
Planet Pepper Dusk
Builder Syn1334
Builder platform PS4
Game mode Normal
Updated Pathfinder
Farm Geobay
Indoor Nomad
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack
Yes Yes

Peaceful Pepperbase is a player base.

Pathfinder Era - Summary & Map[]

On the lush, delightfully warm planet of Pepper Dusk in the HUB7-G-214 Einhander system, not far north of the equator, travelers can find the quiet retreat of Peaceful Pepperbase, the home base of player Syn1334 (PS4). Two main buildings and the primary base module, separated by a wide courtyard with paved paths—and featuring a clever facsimile of the No Man's Sky iconic octahedron—make up the campus of the base. To the southeast, a "Visitor's Cave" contains more than a dozen Comm Stations with messages from Hub interlopers.

Though the growing and selling of NipNip in the Einhander system hasn't yet reached full legal status, the local Gek government has declared Peaceful Pepperbase a "legal medical dispensary."

Base Map[]

Map of Peaceful Pepperbase

On the western side of the base is the Pepper Dusk Wellness Center (1), which houses the Architect's station and two Spadonium cacti, with two biodomes reachable through glass corridors. The northern biodome (2) hosts 6 NipNip Buds and a wide variety of other plants; the southern dome (3) holds two more Buds and a table for two with a stunning view of the surrounding area. The starting point for the base's racetrack (4) is on the south side of the base. The Specialist Building (5) on the east end is where the rest of the Specialist stations, 4 Fervidium stalks, 4 extra NipNip Buds, and the Galactic Trade Terminal can be found. The primary base module (6), topped by a biodome containing 16 more NipNip buds, lies on the north side of the base, next to a Nomad Geobay (7). All of this surrounds the central courtyard (8) with the NMS statue.

Farmable Resources[]

Belying its name, Peaceful Pepperbase doesn't actually grow any pepper at all. It's primary crop is NipNip, leaving little room left over for a few Fervidium stalks, two Spadonium cacti, and a gaggle of single-quantity plants in the northern biodome of the Wellness Center.

NipNip 27 Biodomes (2,3,6)/Specialist Building
Fervidium 4 Specialist Building
Spadonium 2 Wellness Center
Albumen Pearl 1 Biodome (2)
Gravitino Ball 1 Biodome (2)
Coprite 1 Biodome (2)
Sac Venom 1 Biodome (2)
Coryzagen 1 Biodome (2)
Candensium 1 Biodome (2)
Mordite 1 Biodome (2)


Watch for giant diplos!

The Pepper Dusk racetrack, Sgt. Pepper's Circuit, covers several miles of landscape, first heading east, then south a bit, before returning west to circle the base and finish at the starting Geobay. The planet supports four species of large fauna, some of which may interfere with a straight run of the course (particularly in the western areas further from the base). Near the end, the course also passes through the Visitor's Cave, where the numerous Comm Stations make a quick passage difficult to manage.

If, upon finishing, the computer offers you a triumphant "Track Record Beaten" announcement, don't get too excited—a glitch in the system announces every racer as having beaten the current record. See the "Sgt. Pepper's Circuit" section of the Galactic Hub Cup for "leaderboards."

Atlas Rises Era - Summary[]

The universal regeneration which formed part of the Atlas Rises update had the following effects:

  • Pepper Dusk is now registered as Biorinerth ML518, discovered by player NMS-archaeology.
  • The biome has changed from lush to toxic.
  • Minor changes to topography have occurred.
  • Peaceful Pepperbase build site has relocated to a functional base site approximately 12 hours (on foot) from the original site. It is speculated that this relocation occurred by accident during an archeological expedition to the site.
  • Floating 'bullet' markers suspended in a line at the relocated base site. These are believed to be markers for the original build's exocraft racing course.
  • Communication balls remain en-masse at the original base site.

Heritage Status[]

This location has been recognised as an official Galactic Heritage Site by the Galactic Heritage Archive due to its significance as the home system of Interloper Syn1334, the co-creator of the Galactic Hub Project


Archeogaming article "The Cave of Forgotten Comm Stations: Excavating an Abandoned Base in No Man's Sky" April 2018

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