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The subject of this article is from the SentinelUp update.
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Phase Beam Upgrade
Phase Beam Upgrade
Category Starship - Weapons
Type Generated Upgrade
Stats CLASS.S.png CLASS.A.png CLASS.B.png CLASS.C.png CLASS.X.png
Updated SentinelUp

Phase Beam Upgrades are starship weapon upgrades.


Phase Beam Upgrades, contained within Phase Beam Modules, are procedurally generated upgrades granting bonuses to the starship's Phase Beam.

Upgrade properties[]

Phase Beam Upgrades grant at least one of the following bonuses:

  • Heat Dispersion
  • Damage






C Class B Class A Class S Class X Class
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
RENDER.PHASEBEAMMOD.png Phase Beam Upgrade C/B 1-2

A/S 2

X 1-2

Heat Dispersion +10% +35% +35% +55% +55% +75% +75% +95% +10% +100%
Damage +12% +15% +16% +19% +20% +23% +24% +27% +12% +31%

Up to three Phase Beam Upgrades can be installed in each inventory of the starship. Installing four or more upgrades in a given inventory will disable all upgrades of that type until the upgrade count is reduced to three or less.


Phase Beam Upgrades can only be obtained from opening Phase Beam Modules.

Phase Beam Upgrade can be repaired using the following ingredients:

Phase Beam Upgrade can be dismantled after construction, returning the following ingredients:


Upgrade modules follow a static progression. The generation seed is used for all module families at the same time. During module installations it goes up by one. The new module they change into correlates to their order of installation. If the game is reloaded, the exact same pool will be offered to the player, no matter the order they install other modules.

Example: If an S-class module had 200 ly Hyperdrive Range bonus on the third installation no matter in what order the former modules are installed or their class, if the same S-class module is used third again, it will once again be the 200 ly bonus module even if the name changes. Only if used second or fourth the module stat may change.

Discovered Upgrade Modules[]

S Class Phase Beam Upgrades
Prefix Suffix Heat Dispersion Damage Screenshot
Brilliant Beam Capacitor +95% +76% Link
Dazzling Diode Battery +85% +66% Link
Dazzling Emission Chamber +95% +77% Link
Dazzling Output Coupler +85% +77% Link
Incomparable Cooling System +80% +75% Link
Incomparable Lens Optics +90% +70% Link
Incomparable Light Filter +95% +68% Link
Incomparable Output Coupler +92% +76% Link
Incomparable Reflector Glass +95% +76% Link
Superconducting Beam Capacitor +91% +70% Link
Superconducting Emission Chamber +89% +77% Link
Superconducting Output Coupler +76% +26% Link
Supreme Light Filter +82% +77% Link
Supreme Light Filter +94% +76% Link
A Class Phase Beam Upgrades
Prefix Suffix Heat Dispersion Damage Screenshot
B Class Phase Beam Upgrades
Prefix Suffix Heat Dispersion Damage Screenshot
C Class Phase Beam Upgrades
Prefix Suffix Heat Dispersion Damage Screenshot
X Class Phase Beam Upgrades
Prefix Suffix Heat Dispersion Damage Screenshot/Procedural ID
Illegal Fine-Tuned Reflector Glass +100% +31% 77329
Smuggled Liquid Diode Battery +100% +31% 99963
Unlicensed Advanced Beam Capacitor +99% +31% 99810
Forbidden Liquid Output Coupler +99% +31% 99939
Counterfeit Overloaded Photon Mirror +97% +31% 99966
Forbidden Fine-Tuned Diode Battery +93% +31% 99850
Reverse-Engineered Liquid Cooling System +93% +31% 99969
Prohibited Advanced Diode Battery +90% +31% 99864
Prohibited Oscillating Lens Optics +36% +31% 74806

Additional information[]

  • Upgrade bonuses trigger for Phase Beam Upgrades if they are adjacent to Phase Beam, Fourier De-Limiter or each other, increasing their bonuses above listed values.
  • It is possible for the upgrades to add too much heat dispersion bonuses such that when the fire button is held too long, the laser stops firing itself and drops the heat meter even though it isn't full. As of now, the absolute hard cap for combined heat dispersion stats before the "safeguard" takes priority is +200%.

Release history[]

  • NEXT - Added as a technology.
  • Synthesis - Damage bonus of S-class modules reduced from a max of 77% to 27%.