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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Signal scanner

Pilgrim Star Path by: pahefu

The Pilgrim Star Process is a guide about a method of navigation.


Before understanding the Pilgrim Star Process you need to understand the Pilgrim Star Path Web Application. The app was developed by pahefu and is a feature that many feel is missing from the core NMS game. The web app gives players the ability to use the ingame coordinate data string to plot a course to another location anywhere in a given galaxy. Unlike mods the Pilgrim Star Path web app simply plots your location from extracted Signal Booster data on a map and provides guidance for adjusting your height (y) and heading (x,z) to reach a selected or entered destination. The app also provides distance in light-years to your destination and estimated jumps.


The Pilgrim Star Process can be utilized by PC , PS4 and Xbox Players. The procedure adds a layer of real-world navigation when using the Free Exploration mode of NMS Galactic Map and opens the possibility of exploration on a truly galactic scale.

Signal scanner

Signal Booster Data String

  1. First you will need the coordinate string from a Signal Booster for your current planet or moon.
  2. Enter the string into the User Location box on the Pilgrim Star Path website.
  3. Press the Draw Location button. Your current location will be plotted on the map.
  4. If you press Draw B. Hole ring, the app will draw a ring of where you can expect to exit from a Black Hole warp.
  5. Below the map you will find guidance for navigating to the The Pilgrim Star and Galactic Hub Project.
    NOTE: You can change the navigational guidance at any time to any other Federation civilization.
  6. You can enter a coordinate string in the destinations box for guidance to a custom location, if desired.
  7. Note the height and compass guidance and open your Galactic Map in-game.
  8. Follow guidance to navigate to the destination of your choice.


  • If you are near (used loosely) your destination, you will want to warp at the max distance of your ship's ability in the free exploration mode of the Galactic Map.
  • The method is very much trial and error, but allows for a galactic exploratory / discovery experience that many feel adds to the gameplay.
  • If you are on PC and want to teleport to a location then consider a location manager such as No Man's Connect by: jaszhix


No Man's sky Euclid Map

AGT Outposts circling Euclid Galaxy

Release History[]

NEXT - Black Hole Roulette is no longer a navigation option.