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A Plaque is a type of relic.


A plaque on a desert planet.

The Plaque is one of the various Points of Interest on planets. They are one of the relics made by sentient alien species.


The plaques contain information about the species that created them (i.e. the dominant species of the current star system), and can be categorized as follows:


Each Plaque has a circular or pyramidic cavity placed in the side of the obelisk structure. Upon player interaction, a portion of the faction's lore will be revealed. Players are then given a choice between two mutually-exclusive options: "Seek help with language" or "Seek knowledge of the past".

  • Choosing to seek help with language will teach the player a word of the dominant lifeform and raise their standing with the lifeform's faction.
  • Choosing to seek knowledge of the past will reveal the location of an Ancient Ruin where the player can dig for a valuable Artifact buried underneath the surface.
    • There appears to be a bug with seeking knowledge of the past that results in "Nothing Found." In this case, the player can interact with the plaque again and seek help with language.

The lore is continuous for each species; it will continue at the point where the lifeform's last lore had been revealed.


Plaques can be found using the "Scan for Artifacts" option of a Signal Booster.

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