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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.
Disambig.png This article is about the current version of the Portal Catalogue. For the Pathfinder version, see Portal Catalogue (Pathfinder).

Bedisologii Portal.jpeg

Portals are a method of intra-galactic transportation from one planet to another using a version of teleportation.


Portals are a feature in No Man's Sky and can be found on select planets. The following is a list of discovered locations.

Known locations[]

Players are encouraged to enter their findings to the list below. Remember to mark portals with a comm station so other players can locate it, too. Save Beacons are not visible by other players! (unless they are built within your base)

All portals are in the Euclid galaxy unless indicated otherwise.

Portal Address Information (PC)[]


System Planet Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Adachi-Mach Lilusti Uzent 1047F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0047
Planet Coords: 39.6, -95.43
Vy'keen Atusl-Ocyo's Destination
Adachi-Mach Natic 2047F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0047
Planet Coords: -34.62, 32.89
Vy'keen Pillars of Acola
Adachi-Mach Akrosb III 3047F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0047
Planet Coords: -55.04, 167.97
Vy'keen Ihabe-Rotsi Landmark
Adachi-Mach Sorvill Gamma 4047F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0047
Planet Coords: -31.39, -8.26
Vy'keen Ruins of Poter-Xenn
Aggnilo-Zigon Tipto IV COOP:0188:007E:053D:0030 Korvax 4 Planet system, 1 moon.
Ahdzan-Tinio Kushep B36 1079FF495555
Aibaopi Sofi XIII Orque 103A01439569 0D68:0080:0C38:003A
Planet Coords: 9.48, 7.73
Gek Ruins of Mikros
Aibaopi Sofi XIII Taygest XVII 203A01439569 0D68:0080:0C38:003A
Planet Coords: 9.62, -68.55
Gek Ruins of Paymentu
Aibaopi Sofi XIII Ezbetter I18 303A01439569 0D68:0080:0C38:003A
Planet Coords: -80.17, -13.4
Gek Ohiboril-Bugo Fragment
Aibaopi Sofi XIII Eami 403A01439569 0D68:0080:0C38:003A
Planet Coords: -7.23, 34.66
Gek Memories of Raegiu
Aibaopi Sofi XIII New Hazeleth 503A01439569 0D68:0080:0C38:003A
Planet Coords: -36.7, -29.8
Gek Legacy of Locyonor
Akutsk Kuts 19/02 20B500A0F352 GUPA:0B51:007F:020E:00B5 Gek Temperate Manufacturing/Wealthy,

Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb, Silver, Paraffinium, Copper

Allasove Culah Beta 107AFC23168F 0E8E:007B:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 66.68, 61.03
Gek Pillars of Aszei-Iphu
Allasove Esaki 66/U4 207AFC23168F 0E8E:007B:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 49.48, 107.96
Gek Remants of Chseculu-Kret
Allasove Yastbo Minor 307AFC23168F 0E8E:007B:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -20.17, -44.14
Gek Ruins of Caymec
Allasove Adushde 407AFC23168F 0E8E:007B:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -20.24, 159.75
Gek Dreams of Cedumnus
Allasove Muro 15/Q6 507AFC23168F 0E8E:007B:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 20.99, 179.45
Gek Visitation of Nosceola-Ascu
Amadano-Oklar Ruvushi Delta 1046FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0046
Planet Coords: 6.09, 56.46
Vy'keen Sophi-Sigre's Restless Sleep
Amadano-Oklar Hiwa 94/M7 2046FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0046
Planet Coords: -71.13, -153.26
Vy'keen Tribute to Usithi
Amadano-Oklar New Zazele 3046FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0046
Planet Coords: 23.61, 28.8
Vy'keen Ruins of Eatori
Amadano-Oklar Taeang Busu 4046FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0046
Planet Coords: -10.06, -33.61
Vy'keen Legacy of Novolouk-Vabi
Amadano-Oklar Didcott E31 5046FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0046
Planet Coords: 3.32, 168.77
Vy'keen Remnants of Thostrax
Amuraz-Val Sicansf 104F02204994 0193:0081:0A03:004F
Planet Coords: 15.91, 3.61
Vy'keen Tribute to Nonesea-Axar
Amuraz-Val Maib 39/B3 204F02204994 0193:0081:0A03:004F
Planet Coords: 22.69, -30.45
Vy'keen Vabili’s Destination
Amuraz-Val Windigo Baraz 304F02204994 0193:0081:0A03:004F
Planet Coords: -16.45, -169.62
Vy'keen Pillars of Ulumni-Fogr
Amuraz-Val Idahome Tachi 404F02204994 0193:0081:0A03:004F
Planet Coords: 62.69, -69.35
Vy'keen Ruins of Judio-Doco
Angote Iggl Omega 1066F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0066
Planet Coords: 10.4, -40.95
Korvax Visitation of Enedal-Logat
Angote Tocoll 2066F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0066
Planet Coords: -24.97, 69.98
Korvax Ninatha Fragment
Angote Noburgha 3066F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0066
Planet Coords: 37.67, -114.14
Korvax Visitation of Emuri
Ankoku-Kamr Nesforn 1021F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0021
Planet Coords: 16.87, -159.5
Gek Ruins of Pugato
Ankoku-Kamr Reykjav VI 2021F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0021
Planet Coords: 11.59, -131.01
Gek Legacy of Orumtax-isha
Ankoku-Kamr Wecester 3021F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0021
Planet Coords: ,
Gek Ruins of Ekanac
Ankoku-Kamr Beved Prime 4021F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0021
Planet Coords: -25.58, -127.37
Gek Ruins of Ekanac
Aojiay Nacorvi Uyam 104FFD609D05 0504:007C:0E08:004F
Planet Coords: -56.93, 7.17
Korvax Visitation of Mipast-Deod
Aojiay Setag 23/Z4 204FFD609D05 0504:007C:0E08:004F
Planet Coords: -24.73, 121.24
Korvax Dreams of Logeoco
Aojiay Iginara F7 304FFD609D05 0504:007C:0E08:004F
Planet Coords: 3.66, 165.56
Korvax Tribute to Issosc
Aojiay Fenry Prime 404FFD609D05 0504:007C:0E08:004F
Planet Coords: 69.26, -138.14
Korvax Emineu Landmark
Aojiay Naseanshei Madan 504FFD609D05 0504:007C:0E08:004F
Planet Coords: 28.63, -99.38
Korvax Dreams of Desecu-Moph
Areyama-Hin XIII Erfor 1065FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0065
Planet Coords: 7.12, -129.51
Korvax Ruins of Utruth/Tribute to Luveri
Areyama-Hin XIII Gwen 2065FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0065
Planet Coords: 1.32, 38.72
Korvax Dreams of Tepet
Areyama-Hin XIII Gualayto Etaga 3065FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0065
Planet Coords: -0.74, 117
Korvax Tribute to Wisco-Rato
Areyama-Hin XIII Nirak 35/M2 4065FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0065
Planet Coords: 40.31, -176.96
Korvax Inruo’s Destination
Areyama-Hin XIII Xebridger N37 5065FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0065
Planet Coords: 5.8, -22.67
Korvax Remnants of Doarg
Arodny-Lei Kujavia O7 100D006302AD 0AAC:007F:0E2F:000D
Planet Coords: -45.1, 11.81
Korvax Memories of Uthra-Oval
Arodny-Lei Edmo Beta 200D006302AD 0AAC:007F:0E2F:000D
Planet Coords: 14.5, 78.62
Korvax Pillars of Enbera
Arodny-Lei Yavaleign Minor 300D006302AD 0AAC:007F:0E2F:000D
Planet Coords: -34.06, -1.7
Korvax Pillars of Cochaic-Ensa
Arodny-Lei Erylash Beta 400D006302AD 0AAC:007F:0E2F:000D
Planet Coords: -57.05, -34.4
Korvax Ruins of Ridorri-nari
Arodny-Lei Birc XIX 500D006302AD 0AAC:007F:0E2F:000D
Planet Coords: 45.55, 26.85
Korvax Aergromi Fragment
Auraya-Uijin Chethi Amag 5148FB943E56 EVEJ:0655:007A:0142:0148 Vy'keen Ashes of the Osequi-Logg
Bashiya XVIII Orylass II 104EF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:004E
Planet Coords: -64.63, -82.91
Gek Cohib Fragment
Bashiya XVIII Chyot IX 204EF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:004E
Planet Coords: 19.53, 140.97
Gek Pillars of Savigar
Bashiya XVIII Awarett Major 304EF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:004E
Planet Coords: 21.75, 92.1
Gek Memories of Obstum
Bibari-Rison Nifleens 1073FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0073
Planet Coords: 32.95, 100.98
Korvax Remnants of Geckushiy
Bibari-Rison Kroni 2073FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0073
Planet Coords: -68.53, -54.53
Korvax Visitation of Yoncubo
Bibari-Rison Kukih 3073FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0073
Planet Coords: 50.06, -140.32
Korvax Remnants of Rahicu-Eive
Bibari-Rison Kipto 4073FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0073
Planet Coords: -62.68, -35.74
Korvax Memories of Hosecu
Bibari-Rison Tarqeqch 5073FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0073
Planet Coords: 7.78, -42.23
Korvax Tribute to Xafredit-Dicu
Bibari-Rison Oran 6073FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0073
Planet Coords: 14.44, 10.72
Korvax Visitation of Uliamac-Dier
Crontbij-Oli XVI Miharakata Sett
(seed name)
(Address was checked on PS4 6-21-2018)
0767:0083:0EF1:01D5 POSSIBLE DEATH
Portal is partially under water, You Spawn under water! be prepared to swim! Weather is EXTREME Boiling Monsoons.
Region Oyajie Adjunct, added by TimSC1
Decent: Underground 2Alpha Dunkelza's Vacation Paradise 2A 21BBF95FACA9 Mild, Typ-Sent, Base nearby. System Sci_Sust, Trivial
Diazof-Ogray V Hawnaquerq Ueda 107AF7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -78.03, -165.97
Korvax Tribute to Nusoid-Egai
Diazof-Ogray V Needhab 207AF7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -66.54, -176.07
Korvax Ashes of the Nedoria
Diazof-Ogray V Igatesfi Nasu 307AF7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -23.14, 165.56
Korvax Peirou-Tiga Landmark
Diazof-Ogray V Auric 407AF7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -53, -38.65
Korvax Neatei-Neus Fragment
Dithali V Earth III 11DCF9942EBC Korvax Southern Hemmisphere
Donkers Icangsa Aogour (Planet 1 Raging Snowstorms) Planet 1 010C046F0F68 0767:0083:0EEF:010C added by TimSC1
Donkers Kostelmarkiv-Adi (planet 2) Planet 2 210C046F0F68 0767:0083:0EEF:010C Gek Planet 2: Decaying radioactive planet. Many resources.

Esarte region. added by TimSC1

Drespek-Amuud IV Rygianethe Ranon 107AFA231692 0E91:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 13.34, -26.25
Gek Budalud-Linag Landmark
Drogra Dece 1205FB23268F Planet Coords: -23.79, -143.17 Korvax Ruins of Lotunar-Keph
Efremi XV Sebasdus Prime 2086FCC185C9 0DC8:007B:0417:0086 Gek Prosperous/At war. Copper. Extreme Sentinel planet. Gravitino balls everywhere. found by pinheadbrigade
Egezhe-Utur Kasayamagu Ehri 010101010101 0900:0080:080F:0101 Many communication stations around the portal.
Egurak-Niteve Axasaum XIX 1148F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0148
Planet Coords: -16.77, 72.49
Korvax Abundiza's Destination
Entsuna XVII Muscathi Omega 107AF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: 45.64, 60.84
Gek Pillars of Aysianne
Entsuna XVII Ismian Tau 207AF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -55.08, 9.21
Gek Legacy of Arque-Uell
Entsuna XVII Otistin Amba 307AF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -45.82, -167.58
Gek Legacy of Ietegu
Entsuna XVII Refurfol Sojai 407AF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: 15.62, 163.75
Gek Remnants of Auward-Elut
Erdmad-Kaava IV Iouxfalo Minor 107AFB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 17.61, 47.16
Gek Memories of Feagrad-Ximi
Fridninar VI Mirad 87/T5 104FFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:004F
Planet Coords: 27.54, 112.5
Vy'keen Visitation of eppuma
Fridninar VI Oregorl Gamma 204FFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:004F
Planet Coords: 54.18, -75.23
Vy'keen memories of Abulume-Diza
Fridninar VI Okeha 304FFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:004F
Planet Coords: 23.8, 0.44
Vy'keen Sagarre-Loyma’s Restless Sleep
Fridninar VI Anjot 43/V7 404FFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:004F
Planet Coords: -1.95, -111.76
Vy'keen Dreams of Idotullu-Ripus
FR3 0015 FR3 0015-01 101F01BCEA98 Korvax Humid Planet - Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb, Silver, Paraffinium, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

FR3 0024 FR3 0024-03 HUGG:0297:0080:03CF:005F Gek Humid Planet - Fungal Mould, Sodium, Ammonia, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

FR3 0039 FR3 0039-01 11B3FE95B132 ISOY:0931:007D:015A:01B3 Vy'keen Icy Planet - Frost Crystal, Sodium, Dioxite, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

Fuefuku Tatanet Minor 1007F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0007
Planet Coords: -27.54, 86.73
Vy’keen Ruins of Gutamun
Fuefuku Gulav Major 2007F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0007
Planet Coords: 16.65, -120.85
Vy’keen Tribute to Recnop
Fuefuku Usete Delta 3007F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0007
Planet Coords: -30.71, 21.43
Vy’keen Remnants of Taras-pasur
Fuefuku Omsg IV 4007F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0007
Planet Coords: -11.3, 157.7
Vy’keen Maylasi landmark
Fuefuku Amaymo XVIII 5007F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0007
Planet Coords: -61.55, 63.65
Vy’keen Visitation of Hurene -Apet
Fuefuku Ateba 76/W7 6007F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0007
Planet Coords: -34.96, 23
Vy’keen Glonar-Bebo’s Restless Sleep
Fujinoha Nuwans K25 1071FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0071
Planet Coords: -0.54, -18.28
Gek Ciatun_Pagi
Fujinoha Okubo 2071FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0071
Planet Coords: -47.03, 98.07
Gek Ranti Landmark
Fujinoha Noisein Prime 3071FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0071
Planet Coords: 6.74, 18.28
Gek Pillars of Manaret
Fujinoha Chuo 4071FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0071
Planet Coords: -33.38, -22.4
Gek Visitation of Ebeodi
Fujinoha Jiking 5071FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0071
Planet Coords: 79.27, 26.7
Gek Visitation of Uuebon
Fukaya XIV Adetrus X 107AFA231691 0E90:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -52.81, 112.73
Vy’keen Dreams of Janne-Vabi
Fukaya XIV Abas 17/O5 207AFA231691 0E90:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -40.28, -39.64
Vy’keen Eignum-Laod’s Restless Sleep
Fukaya XIV Rilleywo Beta 307AFA231691 0E90:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 3.21, 155.53
Vy’keen Remants of Tangua
Fukaya XIV Ryuga 32/A5 407AFA231691 0E90:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -42.56, 14.43
Vy’keen Dreams of Otmelt-Gold
Fukaya XIV Nevernan XVIII 507AFA231691 0E90:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -4.38, 162.14
Vy’keen Ruins of Cilam-Apsu
Futuris Maximus Kalkesha 01AAFE1CC6C3 0EC2:007D:09CB:01AA
Futtsusa Udanymitat Josefer 2001010E66F8 Vy'keen Irradiated winds.
Gezheji Higarabir Rytah 302701979D65 Korvax High security. Added by MajorMarcin
Gruppun-Roy VII Ruseus Sigma 107AF8E5396A 0169:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -4.08, -118.55
Vy’Keen Memories of Xemplo
Gruppun-Roy VII Nuhealp Delta 207AF8E5396A 0169:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -19.29, -76.89
Vy’Keen Pillars of Lemarci-Aysi
Gruppun-Roy VII Tomera XV 307AF8E5396A 0169:0077:0652:007A
Planet Coords: -14.18, -80.84
Vy’Keen Visitation of Combur
Gezheji Higarabir Rytah 302701979D65 Korvax
Gamisar-Livi Diocle Omega 1059F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0059
Planet Coords: 40.37, 73.47
Vy'keen 0
Gamisar-Livi Nebra Gamma 2059F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0059
Planet Coords: -35.37, -2.12
Vy'keen Visitation of Orsuff-leyrh
Gamisar-Livi Dougelis Alpha 3059F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0059
Planet Coords: -15.33, -58.25
Vy'keen Yuciar Fragment
Gamisar-Livi Kudam 99/H3 4059F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0059
Planet Coords: -40.32, 104.17
Vy'keen Visitation of Ravess Epid
Gamisar-Livi Iceannox X 5059F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0059
Planet Coords: -44.85, 46.18
Vy'keen Tribute to Yatilab
Gamisar-Livi Mibayevi XV 6059F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0059
Planet Coords: -40.4, 28.53
Vy'keen Najece Vare Fragement
Goyodat-Geqen X Popolils Ioki 112FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:012F
Planet Coords: 41.99, 82.28
Vy’keen Tribute to Jovib-Udas
Goyodat-Geqen X Gebouls Omega 212FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:012F
Planet Coords: 45.55, -158.35
Vy’keen Memories of Defae-Vame
Goyodat-Geqen X Thda 312FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:012F
Planet Coords: -7.53, 119.9
Vy’keen Tribute to Jesaret-Iubo
Goyodat-Geqen X Umonaciu Sesa 412FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:012F
Planet Coords: 41.11, 15.35
Vy’keen Irriusmo-Soli’s Restless Sleep
Goyodat-Geqen X New Bostin 512FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:012F
Planet Coords: -22.56, 148.74
Vy’keen Ruins of Tasoffrei-Widia
Gideqen-Ply III Reeto V 107AFA231690 0E8F:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -64.57, -62.63
Vy’keen Visitation of Cliblac-Arhu
Gideqen-Ply III Howden 207AFA231690 0E8F:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -29.52, 55.73
Vy’keen Uirif-Cupi’s Restless Sleep
Gideqen-Ply III Yorki Alpha 307AFA231690 0E8F:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -54.87, 136.88
Vy’keen Visitation of Yosship
Gideqen-Ply III Ooka 16/Y8 407AFA231690 0E8F:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -27.65, 65.48
Vy’keen Dreams of Gistr
Gideqen-Ply III Cotiusar Delta 507AFA231690 0E8F:0079:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 10.12, 130.69
Vy’keen Remants of Werum
Hekino XVIII Pihlust XIII 107AFB23268E 0E8D:007A:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 75.38, -54.77
Korvax Bamber-Uwar Landmark
Hekino XVIII Idhurc Sigma 207AFB23268E 0E8D:007A:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: -52.85, 143.86
Korvax Tribute to Axeris
Hekino XVIII Axing 307AFB23268E 0E8D:007A:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 56.66, -108.21
Korvax Tribute to Isgradu
Hekino XVIII Oodb D43 407AFB23268E 0E8D:007A:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 57.74, 0.43
Korvax Ruins of Dibreg-Vive
Hikash IX Puyxisr XI 1078F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0078
Planet Coords: -1.49, -28.9
Korvax Tribute to Shaffo
Hikash IX Eguro 28/R5 2078F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0078
Planet Coords: 31, -52.61
Korvax Ashes of the Retracu
Hikash IX Cathma Q26 3078F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0078
Planet Coords: 20.15, -124.85
Korvax Bogatum-Ovus Landmark
Hikash IX Holiusi Ayos 4078F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0078
Planet Coords: 30.28, 74.7
Korvax Ketta-Dunui’s Destination
Hikash IX Oddo VI 5078F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0078
Planet Coords: 5.44, -82.88
Korvax Remnants of Tepin-Cito
Hikash IX Gifun 39/F9 6078F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0078
Planet Coords: -52, 100.75
Korvax Legacy of Gavemc-docir
Hunamizum Kishi 29/E2 107AFC23268F 0E8E:007B:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 2.38, -72.15
Gek Rumili’s Destination
Ihiraki VIII Riberi Beta 1120F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0120
Planet Coords: 16.57, -64.13
Korvax Memories of Hybae-Sebo
Ihiraki VIII Ieda 22/M2 2120F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0120
Planet Coords: -35.65, -78.19
Korvax Remnants of Ilgen-Gabu
Ihiraki VIII Milworki Alpha 3120F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0120
Planet Coords: -23.8, -0.42
Korvax Nipoat-Aoun Landmark
Ihiraki VIII Siaxusca VI 4120F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0120
Planet Coords: -46.95, -132.89
Korvax Ruins of Tidesso
Ihiraki VIII Icuset Alpha 5120F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0120
Planet Coords: -41, -83.32
Korvax Ruins of Xeletta
Ihiraki VIII Iltonhal 6120F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0120
Planet Coords: -40.04, 119.86
Korvax Amuneal Fragment
Iobayama XVII Tioche 1019FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0019
Planet Coords: 43.1, -25.15
Vy'keen 0
Iobayama XVII Gigeshnu 2019FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0019
Planet Coords: -33.19, -10.21
Vy'keen Mophida-yiblo's Restless Sleep
Iobayama XVII Erpest Gamma 3019FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0019
Planet Coords: -67.95, -122.91
Vy'keen Memories of ecculare
Irumio-Gat Ukkall D49 1108F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0108
Planet Coords: 49.02, -161.29
Vy'keen Remnants of Obdomun
Iskiti IV Ilsewalphoco-Iham 1168046F2F69 0768:0083:0EF1:0168 Boiling Planet, plenty of resources and buildings. Asonju Cluster Add by TimSC1
Isehar Elwoynnasma 1012FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0012
Planet Coords: 58, 63.6
Korvax Memories of IiLiussi-Nodfa
Isehar Bletoneh 2012FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0012
Planet Coords: -25.51, -158
Korvax Ugmarel Fragment
Isehar Ewhala 3012FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0012
Planet Coords: 23.88, 20.49
Korvax 0
Isehar Belesha 4012FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0012
Planet Coords: -14.09, 103.4
Korvax Memories of Simit
Isehar Villl 5012FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0012
Planet Coords: 49.53, -85.08
Korvax Rotsib-Nokto landmark
Ivplan Thwellus J117 1001FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0001
Planet Coords: 18.09, -77.14
Gek Legacy of Ahybulas
Ivplan Liami Sigma 2001FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0001
Planet Coords: -2.19, -101.77
Gek Ukett-Zost's Destinaion
Ivplan Simo 3001FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0001
Planet Coords: -30.12, 122
Gek Vatica-Nusca's Restless Sleep
Ivplan Minur Minor 4001FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0001
Planet Coords: -32.85, -30.22
Gek Ashes of the Nogenar
Ivplan Lothiu L6 5001FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0001
Planet Coords: -35.14, -29.11
Gek Ruins of Eskip-Ilud
Ivplan Imeira Noma 6001FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0001
Planet Coords: 1.67, 81.4
Gek Pillars of Sratan Alta
Joth Eden Norpos 301C07B91ACA 02C9:0086:0390:001C

Planet Coords: -23.07, +24.62

Vy’keen Visitation of Uabigu
Juohek IV New Abyz 106C01157949 0148:0080:0956:006C
Planet Coords: 10.04, -67.62
Korvax Ceclenu Fragment
Juohek IV Jinning 206C01157949 0148:0080:0956:006C
Planet Coords: 36.07, 173.73
Korvax Ruins of Hogarut-Efic
Juohek IV Nara 87/I4 306C01157949 0148:0080:0956:006C
Planet Coords: 48.32, 17.73
Korvax Ruins of Buseu
Juohek IV Aotonym 406C01157949 0148:0080:0956:006C
Planet Coords: 32.12, 110.02
Korvax Eimmar’s Destination
Kadnoy-Niny Ayleron 107AFC23268E 0E8D:007B:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 29.89, -11.42
Korvax Baycus-Dalu Landmark
Kitino-Lik Vadu Gamma 212F02A453D4 0BD3:0081:0244:012F

Planet Coords: -65.13, -179.04

Gek Tribute to Ainopt
Kodatey-Otra III Iladuz XI 102FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:002F
Planet Coords: 82.65, -34.6
Vy’keen Visitation of Busens-Flum
Kodatey-Otra III Cifern XVI 202FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:002F
Planet Coords: -32.23, -174.14
Vy’keen Memories of Thnai-Rupt
Kodatey-Otra III Tuylisso Alpha 302FF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:002F
Planet Coords: 25.43, -11.99
Vy’keen Memories of Anec-Levi/Icyon’s Destination
Kubunkyo Plefka Prime 1205FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0205
Planet Coords: -16.58, 41.47
Gek Memories of Subanet
Kubunkyo Tilaud Z48 2205FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0205
Planet Coords: 82.25, 87.93
Gek Ruins of Egniuro-Negio
Kubunkyo Nader 3205FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0205
Planet Coords: 24.33, 128.6
Gek Remnants of Umbat
Kuminskyv Space Australia 1014F8488AF5 idk:idk:idk:idk
Planet Coords: +26.84, -10.80
Vykeen I live here
Kuminskyv Uiselko 2014F8488AF5 idk:idk:idk:idk
Planet Coords: idk, idk
Vykeen Fire planet I spawned on. Next door to my home planet (Space Australia)
Lamninga XIII Akotaia IV 107AFA232691 0E90:0079:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 44.38, 40.24
Vy’keen Ruins of Ruglandi-Xospe
Lamninga XIII Hypetusa VIII 207AFA232691 0E90:0079:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: 31.98, -15.56
Vy’keen Visitation of Fresb-biat
Layana-Ping Ninok 11A8F825A9A5 Gek Extreme Weather planet, abundant Storm Crystals, Hostile drones
Lutlagi-Aezak XII Aidenem Puporo 1079F7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:0079
Planet Coords: 43.83, -24.95
Korvax Ruins of Reuial-Eaff
Lutlagi-Aezak XII New Kekeya 2079F7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:0079
Planet Coords: 34.64, 96.87
Korvax Sudeo-Acco Fragment
Lutlagi-Aezak XII Caythe 3079F7E5396B 016A:0076:0652:0079
Planet Coords: -41.46, 166.43
Korvax Euneus-Seve’s Destination
mamiro XIV mamiro Kanney 117302D8A96D 016C:0081:0589:0173 Gek NSEC Headquarters; lush planet
Martamys Nois IV 10830767E1E7 LEYGO:09E6:0086:0E7D:0083 Korvax. Nuclidic Atmosphere. Resources: Gamma Root, Salt, Uranium, Copper.
Meporth-Yoda New Jirakiy 107AFA232690 0E8F:0079:0A31:007A
Planet Coords: -20.64, 103.9
Korvax Memories of Sedari
Midori Heraii 1020F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0020
Planet Coords: 10.69, -103.93
Vy'keen Dreams of Vatavoni
Midori Oloss XIX 2020F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0020
Planet Coords: 36, 129.63
Vy'keen Visitation of Duplako-Evus
Midori Gaaponica Rikaw 3020F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0020
Planet Coords: 61.54, 113.68
Vy'keen Visitation of Ueiza
Midori Lususiss VI 4020F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0020
Planet Coords: 19.26, -55.31
Vy'keen Dreams of Roriana
Midori Ikongto Beta 5020F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0020
Planet Coords: -42.21, -91.73
Vy'keen Remnants of Nioruht
Midori Dagew Tau 6020F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0020
Planet Coords: 60.21, 114.29
Vy'keen Newari-Skha’s Destitation
Mukoneo Hunis 107AF7E5196C 016B:0076:0650:007A
Planet Coords: -35.82, -52.29
Korvax Ruins of Pallon
Nadaish-Nuflut Mibos 1072FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0072
Planet Coords: 75.61, -157.84
Vy'keen Ruins of Bopedie-Nihi
Nadaish-Nuflut Wetenet Beta 2072FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0072
Planet Coords: 76.77, 111.75
Vy'keen Absta's Restless Sleep
Nadaish-Nuflut New Nekriss 3072FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0072
Planet Coords: 0.26, 160.73
Vy'keen Memories of Ohibe
Nadaish-Nuflut Upusca 4072FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0072
Planet Coords: -33.08, -107.1
Vy'keen Ruins of Ukraki
Nadaish-Nuflut Teya 5072FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0072
Planet Coords: 38, 117.18
Vy'keen Ashes of the Yumansi-Arka
Nadaish-Nuflut Hyongar Minor 6072FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0072
Planet Coords: -43.95, -68.61
Vy'keen Visitation of Skious Uous
Naverha-Oro XI Naveykind Gajor 11970662B30F Gex Pillars of Maxia-Nofli
Niihin VI Avros U49 107AFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:007A
Planet Coords: -46.83, -16.81
Gek Tribute to Obgruus
Niihin VI Ewisvi Nodaw 207AFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:007A
Planet Coords: 15.22, -128.85
Gek Ruins of Obory-Posyc
Niihin VI Libiori XII 307AFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:007A
Planet Coords: 29.21, -17.95
Gek Remnants of Nihitr
Niihin VI Kufortin 407AFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:007A
Planet Coords: 67.72, -13.67
Gek Legacy of Posour-Nafud
Numasukih Miganyambp Atsu 114BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:014B
Planet Coords: 42.8, -167.66
Korvax Legacy of Sakosi
Numasukih Bigko VI 214BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:014B
Planet Coords: -34.96, 40.34
Korvax Dreams of Bobotest
Numasukih Defordan 314BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:014B
Planet Coords: 33.45, 24.87
Korvax Remnants of Sibur
Oduppi II Ichurs O19 112CF7E5296C 016B:0076:0651:012C
Planet Coords: -81.41, -118.97
Gek Avehol Landmark
Oduppi II Yoningl Ayama 212CF7E5296C 016B:0076:0651:012C
Planet Coords: -45.47, 29.07
Gek Relen Landmark
Oduppi II Gazazel P14 312CF7E5296C 016B:0076:0651:012C
Planet Coords: 18.12, 98.35
Gek Pillars of Olmalmot-Gigia
Oduppi II Pasycorp Minor 412CF7E5296C 016B:0076:0651:012C
Planet Coords: -24.54, -143.51
Gek Pillars of Ferut-Afto
Oduppi II Azzavitu Hagiu 512CF7E5296C 016B:0076:0651:012C
Planet Coords: 58.81, -36.78
Gek Dreams of Yutreveo
Oduppi II Chula 612CF7E5296C 016B:0076:0651:012C
Planet Coords: 31.07, 37.17
Gek Memories of Loycal
Okawajim onfield IV 11E9FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:01E9
Planet Coords: 8.89, 18.24
Vy'keen Rebatens-Nasor's Destination
Okawajim Xian 21E9FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:01E9
Planet Coords: -53.09, 71.82
Vy'keen Dreams of Yatriva-Ivor
Okawajim Yuzan Sigma 31E9FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:01E9
Planet Coords: -34.79, 106.88
Vy'keen Alatas's Destination
Okawajim Holosan VIII 41E9FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:01E9
Planet Coords: 76.31, -60.14
Vy'keen Legacy of Tairatu
Okawajim Rasississ 51E9FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:01E9
Planet Coords: 13.45, -135.01
Vy'keen Noctu's Restless Sleep
Omonov Rencanap Otak 107AF7E5196B 016A:0076:0650:007A
Planet Coords: -20.22, -19.92
Korax Dreams of Rambriks
Omonov Anopei Beta 207AF7E5196B 016A:0076:0650:007A
Planet Coords: 15.31, -145.19
Korax Alchevis’s Destination
Omonov Bachett Mitah 307AF7E5196B 016A:0076:0650:007A
Planet Coords: -15.78, 60.21
Korax Pillars of Kiath-Moup
Oomots-Uba Daymed 1045FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045
Planet Coords: -18.99, 78.21
Korvax 0
Oomots-Uba Ires Omega 2045FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045
Planet Coords: -67.51, 144.16
Korvax Ashes of the Otumae-uysc
Oomots-Uba Kikaic 3045FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045
Planet Coords: -27.39, -148.85
Korvax Ekkola's Destination
Oomots-Uba Lillomaci-Gose 4045FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045
Planet Coords: -10.55, -159.51
Korvax Ashes of the Rigina
Oomots-Uba Iraik 5045FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045
Planet Coords: 29.2, -66.55
Korvax Ruins of Quiam
Oomots-Uba Riffie Sigma 6045FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045
Planet Coords: 23.35, -92.78
Korvax Bajul Landmark
Orkhor III Rukingdone Esend 018EF736A5CA ESGU:0DC9:0076:0B69:018E Gek green System, Trade, 5 Planet
Ormani XII Ilmanni-Habe Cabop 11B602658149 Extreme cold planet with blizzards. Lifeless, minimal buildings. Source of Radnox, Aluminium, Sulphurine. Add by TimSC1
Orxungni Descent1 2193FA5F4CAC Hot. Base nearby.
Osineui Moon of Irkbymo VI 30C309646266 Extreme Cold with blizzards; frost crystals, activated cadmium, dioxite, silver
Oyabust-Frust Mydanuriona 3056F702A6C8 Chuck
Ozawat-Yeon Suant 10080B439569 0D68:008A:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: 3.33, 99.58
Vy'keen Pillars of Dflixu-rorab
Ozawat-Yeon Astric XVII 20080B439569 0D68:008A:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -34.64, 12.85
Vy'keen Legacy of Akrile
Ozawat-Yeon Nisco V10 30080B439569 0D68:008A:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: 15.81, 171.43
Vy'keen Legacy of Rosolyv
Ozawat-Yeon Ommy 40080B439569 0D68:008A:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -23.11, 87.23
Vy'keen Pillars of Ollisim Bino
Ozawat-Yeon New Ciksoph 50080B439569 0D68:008A:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -41.36, -73.28
Vy'keen Dreams of Delanx
Ozawat-Yeon Spatric 60080B439569 0D68:008A:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: 12, 111.47
Vy'keen Memories of Ottik
Penkiolikta Zeme 206CF9D799A4 ARMI:01A3:0078:0578:006C Vy'keen Lush Type, Calm Weather.

Local Elements: Star bulb, Gold, Iridium, Heridium

Rautas V Jimmerai XII 11AEFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:01AE
Planet Coords: 41.67, 116.3
Korvax Remnants of Ritas Iapr
Rautas V Jupi W17 21AEFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:01AE
Planet Coords: -8.7, 130.47
Korvax Visitation of Cocati
Rautas V Kavacl 31AEFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:01AE
Planet Coords: -17.93, -103.68
Korvax Multo-Aehe Fragment
Rautas V Pock 41AEFDA55C5E 045D:007C:0254:01AE
Planet Coords: -8.47, -101.95
Korvax Remnants of Aithy-Daur
Renjose Doresot XVI 105301F10936 0135:0080:070F:0053
Planet Coords: -33.18, 167.52
Korvax Dreams of Uccaph
Renjose Usalva 205301F10936 0135:0080:070F:0053 Korvax
Renjose Rajevol IX 305301F10936 0135:0080:070F:0053
Planet Coords: -12.15, -22.16
Korvax Memories of Ryuntha
Renjose Samak 93/I7 405301F10936 0135:0080:070F:0053 Korvax
Roborga Thdadolfn Ieda OWTY:0188:007E:053D:0052 Cold planet, five planet system
Ribetsu-Egans Iare E3 1040F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0040
Planet Coords: -54.31, 138
Gek Seolum Landmark
Ribetsu-Egans Piusin 2040F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0040
Planet Coords: 18.8, -1.27
Gek Memories of Rehimina-Irca
Ribetsu-Egans Baythati XIII 3040F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0040
Planet Coords: -40.27, 95.26
Gek Arnagia-Icna Fragment
Ribetsu-Egans Etausut 4040F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0040
Planet Coords: 40.61, 99.18
Gek Tribute to Ibili
Ronhoven-Yarj Levettani Atkalo 405001F22917 Gek
Ronhoven-Yarj Levettani Atkalo 405001F22917 Gek Add by MajorMarcin
Satott Huanrov III 1192FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0192
Planet Coords: -42.29, 140.18
Vy’keen Remnants of Ganer
Satott Yonsham Yufus 2192FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0192
Planet Coords: -57.41, 172.76
Vy’keen Remnants of Efasce-Ovar
Satott Molous Okoh 3192FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0192
Planet Coords: -23.12, 113.59
Vy’keen Herinse-Rejan’s Restless Sleep
Satott Okin 71/S2 4192FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0192
Planet Coords: 4.72, -141.01
Vy’keen Pillars of Galdu-Opsi
Sinstys Ilfarbyof 107AFB231690 0E8F:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 63.88, -29.04
Korvax Ruins of Ratrodum-Vome
Sinstys Curyde Delta 207AFB231690 0E8F:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 31.86, 173.31
Sinstys Bahootle Tau 307AFB231690 0E8F:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: ,
Sinstys Ursl XIV 407AFB231690 0E8F:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 30.18, -16.76
Korvax Ashes of the Deume
Splanding Meskirks 1044FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0044
Planet Coords: 65.86, 129.71
Vy'keen Hodal Fragment
Splanding Umoi 2044FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0044
Planet Coords: 29.92, 44.43
Vy'keen Ashes of the Uttar
Splanding Ureesbo XV 3044FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0044
Planet Coords: 52.22, -114.25
Vy'keen Tribute to Kekarula
Splanding Uprinci Major 4044FB23268F 0E8E:007A:0A31:0044
Planet Coords: -63.95, 83
Vy'keen Tribute to Sulariu
Shkalskope Makar Lonaryaze 2003FC125922 0121:007B:0924:0003 Irradiated.
Suzawa-Alu Jimin 70/R6 1079F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0079
Planet Coords: -52.58, -103.84
Vy’keen Memories of Iapriuss-Xaeq
Suzawa-Alu Otonesfi Sigma 2079F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0079
Planet Coords: 23.38, 146.38
Vy’keen Pillars of Mileth
Suzawa-Alu Etsu 93/H3 3079F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0079
Planet Coords: -51.6, 24.67
Vy’keen Pillars of Dearen
Suzawa-Alu Irman Minor 4079F8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:0079
Planet Coords: 18.66, 158.06
Vy’keen Dreams fo Revocodi-Hisa
Tahagiu XI Atur A14 110BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:010B
Planet Coords: -16.94, 119.89
Gek Memories of Somis-Liki
Tahagiu XI Innathf Jiman 210BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:010B
Planet Coords: 72.68, 29.59
Gek Dreams of Inostry-Futam
Tahagiu XI Iris 75/D8 310BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:010B
Planet Coords: -19.57, -81.88
Gek Dreams of Orolonm
Tahagiu XI Viuquann 410BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:010B
Planet Coords: -17.69, 99.17
Gek Charen landmark
Tahagiu XI Obeach II 510BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:010B
Planet Coords: 1.96, 159.83
Gek memories of Shipreau Poli
Taitoy Sleinne 104FF123168F 0E8E:0070:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: 10.17, -71.48
Korvax Meyantia's Destination
Taitoy Yupori XVII 204FF123168F 0E8E:0070:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: -3.56, -113.36
Korvax Pillars of Krotu-Neymp
Taitoy Salvianna Odaw 304FF123168F 0E8E:0070:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: 24.7, 20.93
Korvax Ruins of Cocind
Taitoy Garysot XIII 404FF123168F 0E8E:0070:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: 15.14, 135.21
Korvax Usqui-Bigli's Restless Sleep
Tequesi Sphere Racourpor Nakyo 100801439569 0D68:0080:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -58.74, -88.19
Vy'keen Legacy of Nosius Salu
Tequesi Sphere Rygianu 200801439569 0D68:0080:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: 73.76, -91.9
Vy'keen Pillars of Ustal
Tequesi Sphere Mulum 300801439569 0D68:0080:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -65.86, 157.02
Vy'keen Visitation of Kotosae
Tequesi Sphere Enworth Gamma 400801439569 0D68:0080:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: 65.43, -115.1
Vy'keen Ruins of Gopuls-Puhys
Tequesi Sphere Fussa 13/N4 500801439569 0D68:0080:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -46.38, -149.44
Vy'keen Flores-Umhe Fragment
Tequesi Sphere Deanshep 600801439569 0D68:0080:0C38:0008
Planet Coords: -49.07, -157.59
Vy'keen Xiusmo Fragment
Totaka-Aluk Saraelu XIX 107AF7E5296B 016A:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: 28.02, 8.75
Gek Ubnurek Fragment
Totaka-Aluk Haylas 207AF7E5296B 016A:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: 33.56, -169.83
Gek Ashes of Conotio-Atiu
Totaka-Aluk Mecki XIX 307AF7E5296B 016A:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -79.08, 52.07
Gek Visitation of Inoakemp-Lopos
u Aguchirish Utrios 30270396916D
Lots of Space Goats (High security sentinels)
Uennin Asukhov 4171FA5F3CAD UIQU:04AC:0079:0DF2:0171 Mild (Lt Tox Rain), 3-4 Bases nearby. Opulent economy. Albumen pearls.
Udseycian Didym Alpha 1053FE4AC504 0D03:007D:0CAB:0053
Planet Coords: 65.9, 122.04
Vy’keen Remnants of Rapacc
Udseycian Fuch 23/W8 2053FE4AC504 0D03:007D:0CAB:0053
Planet Coords: -37.62, 104.02
Vy’keen Remnants of Nidusta-Radiu
Udseycian Heusi N17 3053FE4AC504 0D03:007D:0CAB:0053
Planet Coords: 68.28, 154.85
Vy’keen Memories of Laybeat
Udseycian Ogusti Boso 4053FE4AC504 0D03:007D:0CAB:0053
Planet Coords: 21.96, -106
Vy’keen Fossit Landmark
Udseycian Uxbri Y5 5053FE4AC504 0D03:007D:0CAB:0053
Planet Coords: 4.4, -51
Vy’keen Kurob’s Restless Sleep
Udseycian Lugradn XII 6053FE4AC504 0D03:007D:0CAB:0053
Planet Coords: -12.98, 18.46
Vy’keen Tribute to Nanmoto-Rewe
Urqenze Yumacain Livit 406201979D65 Gek MajorMarcin base.
Unjianin II Piusingt 1057FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0057
Planet Coords: 8.02, -14.43
Vy'keen Tribute to Laked
Unjianin II Enkril 2057FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0057
Planet Coords: 7.17, -31.4
Vy'keen Guysc Landmark
Unjianin II Eucus XII 3057FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0057
Planet Coords: -47.85, 35.94
Vy'keen Caclai-Migr's Restless Sleep
Uyamad-Tiver XIX Dogefin Minor 107AFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -3.21, -74.79
Gek Visitation of Egrut
Uyamad-Tiver XIX Sella Minor 207AFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 43.45, -170.84
Gek Visitation of Konosus
Uyamad-Tiver XIX Koji 68/E7 307AFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: -9.22, 130.27
Gek Tribute to Imcom-Hoir
Uyamad-Tiver XIX Amworti 407AFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 37.86, 148.71
Gek Visitation of Rachesop
Uyamad-Tiver XIX Tehfleeneb 507AFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:007A
Planet Coords: 19.11, -19
Gek Dosonu’s Restless Sleep
Uyamak-Urmu Yele Gamma 115BF8E5396B 016A:0077:0652:015B
Planet Coords: 18.83, -89.38
Korvax Remnants of gablatr
Vozdushva Rutant Tau 107A0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:007A
Planet Coords: 44.38, -13.75
Korvax Remants of Thberel Nica
Vozdushva Thurst R13 207A0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:007A
Planet Coords: 2.4, -144.79
Korvax Pillars of Eetusson-Noseq
Vozdushva Bigwo Major 307A0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:007A
Planet Coords: 2.8, -15.99
Korvax Legacy of Jecto
Vozdushva Naiad 407A0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:007A
Planet Coords: -35.22, 155.39
Korvax Ashes of Anarium-Iace
Vozdushva Aylas Y14 507A0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:007A
Planet Coords: 40.42, -110.24
Korvax Memories of Relinmom
Vushiv-Rosmap VI Etsofay XII 107AF8E5296B 016A:0077:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -21.4, 91.67
Gek Remants of Posup
Vushiv-Rosmap VI Grusal XVII 207AF8E5296B 016A:0077:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -17.8, -74.8
Gek Ukiatu’s Restless Sleep
Vushiv-Rosmap VI Eapoteus B46 307AF8E5296B 016A:0077:0651:007A
Planet Coords: 59.96, -161.69
Gek Ashes of the Enber-Ukse
Vykiss Planet F 41A8FF2D19BB
Wazawa VIII Lerini 104FFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: 65.63, 143.87
Vy'keen Ruins of Suosuspe-Bivas
Wazawa VIII Amase XV 204FFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: -25.33, 124.9
Vy'keen Memories of Adripar-Olap
Wazawa VIII Bithic Omega 304FFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: -21.05, -36.05
Vy'keen Legacy of Sakosin-Inla
Wazawa VIII Ouns 404FFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: 63.61, 22.58
Vy'keen Remnants of Ocyon
Wazawa VIII Mutbouth Tau 504FFB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:004F
Planet Coords: -28.22, 131.89
Vy'keen Ruins of Aycia-Guypt
Wuganna-Tuneve Eyagaio Aeguror 20B0046F1F68 0767:0083:0EF0:00B0 Vy'keen Lush planet with High security sentinels. Gaedungai Cloud
Xangqia-Guxo XIX Yarmand 502E059F0C9D 049C:0084:01EF:002E Gek Econ: Research//Fledgling - Conflict Level: Dangerous. (Irradiated/Passive Sents/High Flora/Typical Fauna - Gamma Root, Silver, Uranium, and Copper.)
Yablun-Odr XII Bagyarasanhe 107A01979D65
Yablun-Odr XII Bagyarasanhe 107A01979D65 Frequent Toxic storms, Atlas Add by MajorMarcin
Yalymis Fanymuss W12 107AF7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -32.78, 92.75
Korvax Dreams of Weyketo
Yalymis Nasylevadal Tonda 207AF7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -6.9, 100.21
Korvax Tribute to Elcommu-Numb
Yalymis Claydian XIII 307AF7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -0.84, 175.83
Korvax Legacy of Igitt-Says
Yalymis Roezeziu 407AF7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -67.91, 149.05
Korvax Laucip’s Restless Sleep
Yalymis Valampu Major 507AF7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -14.06, -131.25
Korvax Ruins of Gugreac
Yasuket Vegae 3021F9C1F5A0 0D9F:0078:041E:0021 Korvax Albumen Pearl, Star Bulb, Salt, Paraffinium, Copper
Yevkara Beaum VII 105B0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:005B
Planet Coords: 16.68, -133.05
Korvax Remnants of Ueboss-Ront
Yevkara Rettene Delta 205B0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:005B
Planet Coords: 55.3, 41.77
Korvax Ozopos-Urdo’s Destination
Yevkara Konel A34 305B0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:005B
Planet Coords: -58.87, -72.38
Korvax Pillars of Aximerk
Yevkara Kabu Alpha 405B0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:005B
Planet Coords: 43.16, -130.93
Korvax Tribute to Nivoci
Yevkara Amfor Beta 505B0234FA23 0222:0081:0B4E:005B
Planet Coords: 33.52, 57.4
Korvax Memories of Liussh
Yoperic-Vest Slietten 107AF8E5296A 0169:0077:0651:007A
Planet Coords: -20.91, 65.03
Korvax Enham Fragment
Yukumi Futi V 1092FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0092
Planet Coords: -60.5, -138.69
Gek Memories of Codylu-Monus
Yukumi Udle Beta 2092FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0092
Planet Coords: 42.89, 19.42
Gek Flexum’s Restless Sleep
Yukumi Potic 3092FB23168F 0E8E:007A:0A30:0092
Planet Coords: -32.36, 114.84
Gek Visitation of Aufessu
Zanodoi XIII Depen IV 1049F7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:0049
Planet Coords: -11.71, 24.84
Vy'keen Nehuni’s Restless Sleep
Zanodoi XIII Ofuna 65/G8 2049F7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:0049
Planet Coords: 33.21, -40.35
Vy'keen Pillars of Ifabul
Zanodoi XIII Ineh XIII 3049F7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:0049
Planet Coords: -3.54, -47.29
Vy'keen Xecura Fragment
Zanodoi XIII Chagittl 4049F7E5296A 0169:0076:0651:0049
Planet Coords: -47.58, -23.38
Vy'keen Ruins of Koloi
New Rugan 108A029942CF Vy'keen Manufacturing, Toxic, Many Structures/ POIs, only 5 Fauna, no water.
Tolichinsky Odet 2079010FF98B Extreme radioactive weather with frequent storms, many predators. Standard sentinels. Exocraft recommended. Add by TimSC1
Namogliedep 20940165814A Icy planet, fairly safe with passive sentinels, plenty of buildings. Added by TimSC1
Rastafalli Icyonke U41 11F0FE2F99BE 01BD:007D:0AF8:01F0

Planet Coords: +16.97, +118.78

Korvax - HomeWorld

- Paradise planet Amsworth, Capital of HomeWorld [HW]

Hakonez-Sust Decars Tau 11A9090586BA

1 1 A 9

0EB9:0088:0857:01A9 Korvax

Hesperius Dimension[]

System Planet Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Avuoda-Teba Akyotaw Kolyub 3663050C1663 0E62:0081:08C0:1663
Avuoda-Teba Nucischaftinche-Nepon 1663050C1663 0E62:0081:08C0:1663
Diyzhen XIII Lucutiiqilag 2131F70EB95D 015C:0076:08EA:0131 friendly water planet. (UPDATE - This is not a water planet)
Yanisop-Agbai Amniu VI 30D4040E5915 PC, *Game Mode: Normal, +Biome: Lush, Base, Farm, Galactic Terminal, Group E, Language: German, Racetrack, Tourism, Version: Visions


System Planet Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
FR4 0051 FR4 0051-02 207BFD539FE1 ICTO:07E0:007C:0D38:007B Korvax Gamma Root, Cobalt, Uranium, Copper

Found by FormlessOne.

Zuokaiwa-Tuy Igeravironi-Arh 307903DD854F RUMAN:0D4E:0082:05D7:0079 High toxicity moon. Lots of Calium , Closed system NO Teleport or Base Build.


System Planet Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Amuras Nugkaxusanta-Ejjar 604207EEB946 Gene R's base.
Dazakirishi Jensso IV 11ABFFB1EB07 HAMIA:0306:007E:031D:01AB Local resources: Star Bulb, Aluminium, Nickel, Heridium. S-Class ships spawn at trading posts. Warp Reactor Tau and Theta in Space Station.
Enhuiyu XI Tome 1049005DBD43 0542:007F:0DDA:0049

Planet Coords: +25.94, +38.98

Gek 4 Planets | 2 Moons | VIridescent Planet | Start Bulb | Copper | Paraffinium | Salt | High Sentinel Activity
Ermaplex Gizamplox Mefonterp Sendaroo 218F016BCE7F 067E:0080:0EBB:018F Korvax 6 Planets | Humid | Low Sentinels | High Flora | Occasional Fauna | Mathematical

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Catorzex Zamploid: Light Fissure

Ersibo Flamorf Cindark Glarpopl 208D03C41ADC 02DB:0082:0440:008D Vy'keen 5 Planets | Beautiful Weather | Limited Sentinels | Abundant Flora | Common Fauna | High Ore Processing

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet: Skarnazle Dizmark: Hexplate Bush

Funzari Banzibus Pluram Zawalarpu Arpos 3045006B9E80 067F:007F:0EB8:0045 Gek 6 Planets | Wandering Hot Spots | Typical Sentinels | Freqent Flora | Rich Fauna | Developing Alchemical

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet Ootari Canthor: Cable Pod

Ilhund-Syego New Rurin 403B016C2E7E AJAU:067D:0080:0EC1:003B Korvax 3 Planets; 1 Moon | Beautiful Weather | Abundant Flora | Occasional Fauna | Low Sentinel | Mining Economy |


Kinens Lela 501FFFA81461 0C60:007E:0280:001F Korvax 5 Planets | 1 Moon | Anomalous | Hostile | Ample Flora | Full Fauna
Kormazerp Zermaploo Bixelblam Arpoo 201D016BDE80 067F:0080:0eBC:001D Gek 5 Planets | Temperate | Limited Sentinels | Copious Flora | Occasional Fauna | Medium Metal Processing

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Oomot Zandor: Bubble Cluster

Meeigwo-Opi Enbayo 114DFE6B1E82 0681:007D:0EB0:014D Korvax 5 Planets | Freezing Night Winds | Frenzied Sentinels | Abundant Fauna | Full Fauna | Medium Shipping

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Staripidae Major: Ossified Star

Malomaloo Vaz Calimagoo Sherper 11B802C4F2F6 0AF5:0081:044E:01B8 Korvax 2 Planets | 3 Moons | Temperate | Regular Sentinel | Generous Flora | High Fauna | Prosperous Mercantile

BUILD MODE items in System: Moon Flammel Magu: Cable Pod

Netelmik XIX Naxossi 31FB005EAD38 SICYT:0537:007F:0DE9:01FB Vy'keen 4 Planets | Abandoned Planet | Cactus Flesh | Copper | Pyrite | Silver | High Sentinel Activity

Alchemical // Developing | Gentle

Umxukoheq XIV Henniel VI 103A016C2E7E RALA:067D:0080:0EC1:003A Korvax 6 Planets | Light Showers | Standard Sentinels | High Flora | Moderate Fauna | Sustainable Ore Processing |

BASE ON TOP OF NEARBY PLATEAU (10 peaks left of portal)

Oobaimanu Ganesh Anjo 80/B1 114703C49AE3 02E2:0082:0448:0147 Korvax 3 Planets | Toxic Outbreaks | Regular Sentinels | Frequent Flora | Abundant Fauna | Prosperous Mercantile


Ootari Ruze Geni Sigma 109D02C5C2EC 0AEB:0081:045B:009D Korvax 5 Planets | 1 Moon | Dust Storms | Regular Sentinel | High Flora | Rich Fauna | Booming Nano-Construction

BUILD MODE items in System: S-Class Explorer (38/12 slot) | Planet Fizzarp Glampow: Bubble Cluster

Ottoriy-Vonok Vexibalor Verblomp 212402CB0B6F 036E:0081:04AF:0124 Vy'keen 3 Planets | Refreshing Breeze | Low Security | Abundant Flora | Typical Fauna | Booming Ore Processing

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet Mupenuvania: Capilliary Shell & Kulinumae Flernarpin: Calcishroom

Rutisha Fiznam Limlala 211B02C6C2E1 0AE0:0081:046B:011B Korvax 2 Planets | Radiation Outbursts | Passive Sentinel | Frequent Flora | Abundant Fauna | Flourishing Construct,

BUILD MODE items in System: Planet Pugadoo Splinerp: Glitching Separator

Uwamadoo Flamorp Vega 2095016BCE80 067F:0080:0eBB:0095 Vy'keen 6 Planets | Scalding Rainstorms | Typical Sentinels | Abundant Flora | Generous Fauna | Sustainable Math.

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Linlala Banala: Electric Cube Planet Binarizorp Tizarp: Terbium Growth

Yilgaglorb Yamow Uroto 18/Q6 303C016C2E7E 067D:0080:0EC1:003C Korvax 3 Planets | 1 Moon | Mostly Calm | Threatening Sentinels |Bountiful Flora | Abundant Fauna | Dec. Alchemical

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Xercibex: Glitching Separator

Yilgamor Splendazipan Hidaglorn Biznerple 2133006E1E7E 067D:007F:0EE0:013 Vy'keen 6 Planets | Boiling Puddles | Reg Sentinels | High Flora | Bountiful Fauna | Booming Fuel Generation

BUILD MODE items in system: Planet Bamazoip Gardvik: Calcishroom & Ersonfloop Mindaevin: Ossified Star


System Planet Portal Address Coords Data Faction Comments
Sobek L Deimos Maximus 31D700F48931 0130:007F:0747:01D7 Normal mode base. Capital of the Sobek Colonial Confederation

Portal Address Information (PS4)[]

System Planet Portal Address Coords Data Comments
Dodewog-Koto V Oz:2 10E305693DCD
Laganga II Qewaynagiume 119B039331B7 Mining // Comfortable Economy. High Conflict.

1-planet (Wintery) system. Vy'keen-controlled.

Meyama V Tiang Omega 2015009E3379 0B78:007F:01E2:0015 Added By SuikodenGrey 7/9/18
Nuhetsf Yokhvalas-Flhe Kiyeri 3229FCA271D1 Found by PapiiGascoigne

29 December 2017

Ozavil Mimatotang Tinsuga 104300B234F9 712349 LY from Galaxy Centre.
Sialno-Niy Smuliary Nagber 2080FE21B6AE 0EAD:007D:0A1A:0080

Humanoid Supremacist's

Perfect Cultural Diversity Ratio 307AFBC625AB 0DAA:007A:0461:007A Portal found 12/21/17 by PSN user FatCam1
Urdijkerl | Zebuhrmannage 602B05693DCD
[HUB8-!-1F4] N1MMERS4TT Rises  Moony Meadows 21F403556C4C 044B:0082:0D55:01F4 Small farm (faraway).

High security sentinels.

Gavievinsky 40E305693DCD

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