Portals create connections between worlds. Visit a Monolith to learn the location of a planets Portal. This will require a trade commodity matching the alien of the planet the portal is on.

Portals require glyphs to be powered before they can be used. Interact with the Portal terminal to power the glyphs using the basic elements.

Once active, you can choose to reveal the Glyph sequence of your planet or enter a sequence of your choice allowing you to travel any where in the galaxy.

The ability to input a Glyph must be earned. To obtain 1 of the 16 glyphs speak with a travelers that randomly spawn on space stations and then bribe them with 100 nanites to reveal the location of a grave. Then extract the knowledge of glyphs from their logs.

Travellers Grave
Travelers may risk entering random Glyph Sequences into a Portal, but the accuracy of such unattuned transport is not guaranteed.
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